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Deck of the Month: May 2019

Jun 04, 2019 | Posted in Deck of the Month By Jamie B.

Simple and timeless, the Westbury Tuscany deck railing line can add entirely new life to your home and outdoor space


Deck of the Month Winner for May 2019

A DIY Deck Building Duo of Father and Son

DecksDirect wants to say a huge Congratulations to the father and son team of Jeff and Lou from New Jersey for giving their outdoor space a stunning renovation with the timeless look of Westbury Tuscany railing system. There's no easier way to increase your home's curb appeal and completely change the atmosphere of your outdoor living area than with a weekend-long restoration including new Composite Decking and a sleek, strong Metal Deck Railing. What an amazing way to get your home and outdoor space ready for a Father's Day celebration with a father-son project you can both be proud of.

Jeff and Lou chose to highlight their home with the modern, reliable look of Westbury Tuscany railing system in the rich, warm Textured Black powder-coat finish. They also chose to maximize their outdoor living space by installing their railing via Tuscany Fascia Posts allowing them to mount their posts on the outside perimeter of their deck. Another wonderful stylistic choice this duo made was to install the Westbury Crossover Bracket to accentuate the length and dimensions of their deck with a continuous top rail look.

From weather-worn and dated to a backyard deck that demands attention with its attractive style. With this new railing installed, this team will be saving their valuable time and money as the Westbury Tuscany system is virtually maintenance-free. No more staining, sanding, or painting your wooden railing; instead now they can focus on family gatherings and backyard BBQs.

Congratulations again, Jeff and Lou, this is truly an amazing before and after project. We're going to go ahead and send some DecksDirect shirts and swag your way!

Feeling inspired to get your deck renovation underway? Give one of our experienced Deck Designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 and we can help get your project moving so you can still show it off this summer.

Shop Westbury Tuscany Today

If you have a photo you would like to submit to our contest, simply post a photo to Instagram including the hashtag #DecksDirect OR submit a photo with a review on the appropriate product page. You can also send your project photos to By doing so, you will be entered to win great prizes from our Deck of the Month Contest!


Securely mount and attach strong wooden posts to virtually any surface with the Titan Deck Post Anchor

How to Mount Deck Post Anchors Anywhere

install the Titan Post Anchor on Concrete, Composites and More

Incredibly versatile and featuring the strength of either Galvanized powder-coated steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Titan Post Anchors and OZCO Post Base Kits can be installed on concrete, treated lumber, concrete, hardwoods, and more to create the strongest and most reliable backyard structures possible. From gorgeous multi-level decks, stunning gazebos, pergolas and pavilions, carports or mailboxes; these solid Post Anchors are perfect for nearly any project and all materials. Post anchors already include the installation hardware needed to mount your post to any type of lumber or wood decking for a smooth install.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Want to install your deck or fence post anchor on concrete? Easy! Simply switch out your standard pan-head lags with Concrete or Masonry screws. Opt for a strong concrete screw such as Caliburn XL Concrete Screws by GRK, which is specially engineered to drive into the stone-like material and strongly engage with its thread design. Pre-drill the screw openings around the base with a concrete drill bit and attach with the tougher screws.

Titan Post Anchors are on sale now for a limited time. Now is the perfect opportunity to start the project you've always wanted to build, renovate an older structure, or stock up for future builds because these deck post anchors are going fast!

How to Attach Post Anchors to Your Posts: Use a construction square or ruler to mark the center of the post with two diagonal lines. Have a lot of support posts to install? Make your job move faster with a Post Anchor Center Guide. Use a Hole Saw to drill into the center of your post. Insert the metal tube of your deck post anchor down into the center of the post as far as you can. Drive the post anchor base in with a rubber mallet or 3lb hammer. Pre-drill the screw openings in the base with a 5/16 inch drill bit and then drive in the included galvanized lag bolts to secure your post anchor in place.

It's only three easy steps to attach your wooden deck posts to your strong Titan Post Anchors

How to Install Deck Post Anchors: Set your post anchor in position on your deck, patio, or concrete surface. Doublecheck that there is enough blocking or material underneath for the bolts to drive into. Use a 5/16 inch drill bit to pre-drill the 8 screw openings along the base of the post anchor. Drive the included screws into the holes until fully in place. Polish off your installed post while adding extra security to your hardware with Post Anchor Skirt.


There are endless options for using Post Anchors around your home and yard, and we'd love to help you plan out a project! Give one of our deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 to get your idea started today!

Post Anchors on Sale Today


Memorial Day Hours - 2019

May 20, 2019 | Posted in Messages and News By Jamie B.

DecksDirect Showroom Hours for Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Have a Thoughtful Memorial Day Weekend from DecksDirect

Office & Showroom closed on Sunday, May 26th and Monday, May 27th, 2019

DecksDirect wishes everyone a warm and beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Like you, we'll also be taking this long weekend off to be with our families as well as honor and remember those that served for us and our freedom. As a reminder, DecksDirect showroom will be closed on Sunday, May 26th, and Monday, May 27th. Shipping and fulfillment times will also reflect this national holiday. We will resume regular showroom hours on Tuesday, May 28th.

Sunday, May 26th: Closed

  • No FedEx Deliveries
  • No USPS Deliveries


Monday, May 27th: Closed

  • No FedEx Deliveries
  • No USPS Deliveries


Tuesday, May 28th: Back to Building Decks! 

  • FedEx Express – Open
  • FedEx Ground – Open
  • FedEx Home – Open


Please keep these dates in mind as you make your shipping plans. Feel free to contact the DecksDirect team with any questions at or give us a call at 1-888-824-5316. 


Create a gorgeous, open view with the stainless steel strength of Feeney CableRail on your outdoor space

Create the Cable Railing Look You Want

with the versatile Feeney CableRail system

Enhance your backyard view and create a unique, breezy deck railing layout with the innovative Feeney CableRail system and CableRail Kits. Strong and corrosion resistant stainless steel cables provide a nearly invisible infill to keep your vistas clear and your family, guests, and pets safe from falls. Choose from the premium look of the Feeney DesignRail system, a powder-coated aluminum railing line, or create a singular railing style and design to fit your home with the DIY-friendly CableRail kits.

Feeney CableRail assembly kits are essentially an entire run of cable, including installation hardware, all together in one single package. These CableRail Kits are available in cable sizes of 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, or 1/4 inch widths, and are offered in increments of 5 feet long up to the maximum span of 70 feet.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Want to install Feeney CableRail on your outdoor space, but have have a distance longer than the 70 foot max? No worries! Use a Fixed Lock Toggle fitting on one end of your cable run, with an In-Line Turnbuckle fitting installed at the mid-way point, and finish it off with a corresponding Fixed Lock Toggle fitting at the end. This can increase the length of cable in your run by up to 30 feet.

When choosing to do one-of-a-kind railing designs and layouts such as this, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our deck designers to help you pick out the railing lines, styles, and hardware that match your home's style and can help create the outdoor look you want. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to get started today!


Beautiful views no matter which way you look with Feeney CableRail deck railing and the great outdoors

Shop Feeney Cable Today


Get your deck prepared for family gatherings with Graduation and Father's Day parties just around the corner

6 Ways to Get Deck-Ready for Dads & Grads

June means graduation and celebration -- get party ready

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are back tweeting away in your back yard; it's time to get your deck ready for summer. Winter was long. Spring was windy. Now it's time to get back outside and spend some time outside in the fresh, warm glow of summertime sunshine. Even better is it's almost the month of June, the perfect time to celebrate with friends and family as we celebrate graduations and the Fathers who helped make it happen. Check out these 6 crucial steps towards getting your outdoor space ready for entertaining, and get ahead of the curve with DecksDirect.


Get your deck started with a clean, smooth foundation thanks to deck cleaners, brighteners, and sealers at DecksDirect

Before you start sending out those graduation and open house invitations, let's start by giving your deck, porch, and patio spaces a thorough deep cleaning. After the long months of fallen leaves, drifts of snow and winter salt, pollen and seeds; get your deck ready for barefeet again by cleaning it with water and a mild soap, such as a dishwashing detergent. If possible, a gentle pressure or power washing can help remove stubborn dirt from your decking. Want your deck to look extra sparkling clean? Purchase a convenient Deck Cleaner and Brightener. This easy-to-use two part cleaning system helps remove dust and debris from the deck surface, and then restores the decking to it's original color and tone.


Check your deck's structural connections and brackets for corrosion or wear; replace with structural hardware such as OZCO Ties or Simpson Strong-Tie connectors

Inspect the substructure, framing, and surface of your deck for any possible hazardous areas. Be on the look out for corroded hardware, disconnected deck boards, exposed nails, and a loose ledger board. All of these issues could lead to an accident during a get-together due to the increased weight load of friends and family coming to join you. Prevent any mishaps and keep everyone safe by removing and replacing and damaged hardware or lumber immediately. Switch out corroded hardware for durable, structural hardware such as that Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents or OZCO Building Products which is crafted from powder-coated and galvanized steel for true lasting power.


Change out your old and dated wood deck boards, and replace them with long-lasting and gorgeous composite decking such as Trex, Deckorators, or DuraLife

If you're noticing loose or splintering deck boards in your outdoor space, or perhaps nails are rising from the long-ago installation time; give your deck a quick makeover by choosing to swap out your treated lumber for the low-maintenance beauty of Composite Decking. Create a unique board design to catch your guests' attention, or simply install with a Hidden Deck Fastener system to keep the deck surface smooth, clear, and barefoot-ready for decades to come. Browse through the stunning looks of Deckorators composite decking, DuraLife composite decking, and Trex composite decking to find the color palette and style that enhances your home.


Walk around your deck perimeter and inspect your existing deck railing to ensure the posts and rails are secure and immovable

Be sure to walk around your deck, patio, or porch perimeter and inspect all of your deck railing posts, hardware, railing sections. Lightly shake and move each deck post as much as you can to ensure that your lags and attachment bolts are still structurally sound and installed deep enough into the blocking beneath the post. Do you have moving post? Remove and replace your hardware with the hardened steel and Climatek coated strength of Structural Screws. Have some noisy balusters within your deck railing? Secure them in place with a dab of Waterproof Silicone Sealant to reduce noise and enhance safety.


Gain an entirely new room to spread the party out in with under deck drainage systems such as Zip-Up UnderDeck, UpSide Deck Ceiling, and Trex RainEscape

Increase the space in your home and add a whole new room to the party with an Under Deck Drainage system on your deck. Whether for entertaining, seasonal storage, or a place to keep the celebration alive even during some bad weather; Under Deck Drainage systems can help make the most of your unused space while adding a finished look to your lower level patio. Building a new deck for the summer? We recommend installing Trex RainEscape directly onto your joists for lasting structure strength. Wanting to quickly update an existing deck? We recommend installing either the Zip-Up UnderDeck system or the UpSide Deck Ceiling system. Both of which can be installed in an afternoon and provide a polished ceiling for your lower level space.


Deck lighting and outdoor lighting systems can both increase the safety of your guests while helping create a magical atmosphere for your home

Want to create a magical atmosphere to celebrate in? Adding deck and outdoor lighting to your back yard can both keep family and friends safe as the sun goes down while helping illuminate the space and creating a warm atmosphere. Choose from LED deck lighting systems or solar deck lighting fixtures; install post cap lights, recessed stair lighting, or rail lighting. Make your home a backyard destination through the glorious glow of deck and landscape lighting into the night.



If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our experienced deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at We'd love to help get your deck or backyard project ready for a summer of fun and celebration. Let's get started today!


Trex RainEscape helps your lower level patio or porch remain free of rainwater and spills all year long

How to Install Trex RainEscape

Fast, Easy, and All on Your Own

One of the hottest growing deck trends of 2019 is installing a deck drainage system on new or existing decks to create a whole new lower-level patio or space that your family can enjoy for decades. Under Deck Drainage systems such as Trex RainEscape, Zip-Up UnderDeck, or UpSide Deck Ceiling allow you and your guests to expand your usable living space outdoors and help your backyard become a neighborhood destination.

Aside from getting a warm, dry area to store seasonal toys or appliances throughout the colder or rainier months of the year, Under Deck Drainage systems help you to gain another family living room space. Outside in the open, connected with the nature of your surroundings, gain a new favorite room in the house.

One of the customer-favorite deck drainage systems is the trusted and reliable Trex RainEscape line. A system of troughs, downspouts, and rainproof Butyl Tape makes this the ideal system for new deck construction as it protects and shields joists from rain and water damage while channeling water and debris away from your home and down into an installed gutter.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: To keep installation moving smoothly and to ensure that all pieces are attached correctly the first time, simply use your cell phone to scan the QR codes found on each Trex RainEscape component. Scanning the QR code will lead you to the offical installation instruction video made specifically for that product. Watch step-by-step to make sure your job is done right the first time with Trex RainEscape.


If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at


Shop Trex RainEscape Today


How to Estimate Deck Materials

May 10, 2019 | Posted in Messages and News By Jamie B.

Feeney DesignRail Cable Kits installed on a multi-level home with pool and patio furniture displayed

How To Estimate Deck Materials Easy

Let Our Deck Estimating Tools Do It For You

Building a deck can be one of the greatest joys you can have as a homeowner. It becomes more than just your back yard, it becomes an outdoor living room. A grand grilling area. Your own private garden. Anything. You're able to create the perfect outside space for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Another thing everyone here at DecksDirect understands is that building a deck can seem intimidating at first. Most Americans only build one deck in their entire lifetime, so knowing the ins and outs of the process can seem daunting.

Luckily, our main goal at DecksDirect is to make every step of creating your perfect deck both easy and fun. That's why we've created a couple of helpful deck estimating tools to help you figure out how much material you need to get your project going.


Deckorators is an industry-leader in almost everything deck. From their gorgeous Composite Decking lines to their sleek, durable Railing Systems; Deckorators aims to be a complete deck brand. When you're shopping for Deckorators Balusters, you may feel overwhelmed by needing to know deck baluster quantities and spacing. When in doubt, simply use the handy Deckorators Baluster Calculator to find the amount of balusters, baluster connectors, and rail connectors you'll need to complete your project. Estimating made easy.


Have your heart set on a non-Deckorators brand baluster? We totally understand! With stunning deck baluster options from top brands like Fortress, Dekor, Solutions, and more; creating the outdoor space you've always is bursting with options. Enter the measurements of your deck railing layout (in feet and inches) into our convenient Baluster Calculator, along with the size of your posts, and size of the baluster you'll be mounting. From those details, our Baluster Calculator will determine how many balusters and connectors you need to complete your design, as well as determing your spacing.


Adding an Under Deck Drainage System is a genius way to update an older home, or to maximize the living space in a new build. Creating a dry, waterproof lower-level patio that allows you to keep the party outside no matter the weather, Drainage systems have really become a dream come true. But understanding how many components you'll need? That can be tough. Enter in the width and depth of your deck (in feet and inches) into the Zip-Up UnderDeck Calculator and our helpful tool will determine the number parts and pieces you need for a warm, finished deck.

Crafting the deck, patio, or pergola you've always wanted is a big, exciting process, and we're happy to be a part of it. Wanna skip the extra step of work? Give one of our talented deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at We'd love to hear about the vision you have for your outdoor space and find you the products you need to create it.


Mother's Day Gifts 2019

May 07, 2019 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Jamie B.

Celebrate the mothers and wives of the world with the best Mother's Day presents only at DecksDirect

The 5 Best Mother's Day Gifts of 2019

What to Give the Woman Who Gave You Everything

Mother's Day is a holiday that seems to sneak up on all of us this time of year. With the sun out shining, the days growing longer, and all of the Spring Cleaning that stacks up, showering Moms with presents and telling them how much we love them can get lost in the shuffle. But this year, be a Mother's Day Superstar with the coolest outdoor and deck gifts that Moms are sure to love!

Whether your Mom or wife loves to put on a big hat and garden away the days, chase the kids or grandchildren around the yard, or relax in the early evening with a glass of wine; DecksDirect has the presents covered! Help your favorite person make the most out of their home and outdoor living area with these top selling presents!

Beginning to feel that last-minute gift pressure start to sink in? No worries! DecksDirect is the nation's largest stocking retailer or premium deck products in the country! Almost every product ordered online or over the phone is in stock and ships out to you the same day. Within three days, you should be receiving your Mother's Day package right at your door, so you can look like a hero.

Hold It Mate Railing Accessories

Help your mom grow her garden, add a drink shelf, or keep her flower planters sturdily in place with the wide assortment of movable railing accessories from Hold It Mate. The Mounting Rail attaches directly to her installed deck balusters via a through-bolt which tightens around the balusters creating a solid foundation that won't chip, crack, or damage your deck railing at all. Mount the rail at whatever height she prefers, or mount several in layers to create a garden of varying heights. Change her mind, or need to make more room for incoming guests? Easy! Simply loosen the through-bolt, and reposition the Mounting Rail wherever you like!

Snap the attachments of your choice directly onto the installed Mounting Rail to create the outdoor space she's always wanted. Create a planter box holder quickly with the Adjustable Shelf Bracket Bundle, let birdfeeders or wind chimes dangle in the breeze with the impeccable Extension Hook Bundle, or help her keep the deck surface clear of spills with the Dog Bowl Bundle or Shelf Bracket Bundle.

OZCO Holder Hanger Accents

Let your queen relax in the lap of luxury thanks to the incredible strength and classic look of OZCO Hanger Accents. Beginning with the durable OZCO Post Band as a basis, this post band is as gorgeous as it is functional. While adding a detail of color and design, this piece also help keep wood posts from warping or splitting over time.

From the installed OZCO Post Band, choose the Holder Hanger Accents that will help her make the most of her time outdoors. Add illumination into the night and keep bugs away with the Wine Bottle Holder Hanger, or let the towels dry during the day with the helpful Towel Hook Hanger. Help mom settle in for the day by installing a comfortable hammock via the Shackle Hanger Accent and an easy-to-reach Wine Glass Holder or Phone/Beer Holder.

Folding Railing Table

Keep the parties and BBQs moving as smoothly as the summer breeze with the unbelievably convenient Folding Railing Table. With a weather-resistant powder-coat aluminum frame and beautiful tempered glass as a base, this table provides a stylish option for wining and dining. Keep your deck surface open and clear, while avoiding the messed of bumped-into tables thanks to the movable Folding Railing Table. Once the guests have gone and the tables have cleared, simply fold the table upwards and lock into place with the provided padlock and key to keep children and pets safe.

Metal Secondary Handrails

Safety first, no matter what! Add on a Secondary Handrail to your or your Mom's staircase to ensure there are no trips or falls throughout the year. Installing and mounting in a matter of minutes, Secondary Handrails can help make decks ADA-compliant and can also help prevent any accidents in high foot-traffic areas. Blend your handrail and deck railing style together for a seamless and complete look that everyone will thank you for.

Dekor Perfect Panels

Create a deck that will help Mom's house stand out on the block with the beautiful addition of Dekor Perfect Panels. Crafted from thick, rich powder-coated aluminum these Perfect Panels measure in at a solid 7-1/2 inches wide and a 1/2 inch thick to build a stunning look that is completely her own. Choose from the standard Dekor Perfect Panel or the alluring look of the Dekor Perfect Panel with Lights. Install these Perfect Panels alone for a unique deck railing view, or intersperse them between color-coordinating Dekor Balusters for an unforgettable look that's sure to catch attention.

Shop today for the hottest Mother's Day presents of 2019! Want to make sure that you receive your order before the big day? Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at and we'll check our inventory and ship times to give you peace of mind.


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