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Turn your deck, porch and patio lights with a swipe of your finger with the phone-controlled transformers and dimmers

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Control Deck Lighting From The Phone In Your Hands with LMT Mercer or Dekor Lighting.

turn deck lighting on and off as you like without leaving your seat

After a full day of family entertaining, grilling and more. you're tucked up in your bed, drifting off soundly off to sleep. All of a sudden, you remember! Nobody turned off the deck lights after cleaning up the plates and glasses! You stay in your bed for a few more minutes, dreading having to get up. Finally you shrug off your warm, inviting blanket and start trudging your way to your deck, porch or patio, all to flip a switch and turn right around. There's got to be an easier way.

DecksDirect Pro Tip:

The 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer and the EZ WiFi Dimmer by Dekor give you complete control over your outdoor lighting setup all from the phone in your hand. Timing, brightness, power and more all from your device.

The 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer allows you to turn your deck lighting on and off straight from your cell phone

From low-voltage LED Post Cap lights and illuminating LED Rail Lighting, to Recessed Stair Lighting and bright Landscape Lighting; turn the on to greet family and friends, or switch them off when everyone settles in for the night. All from the comfort of your room and the mobile device in your hand.

The 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer features a built-in photocell to automatically power your lights on at dusk and off at dawn, a remote control for adjustments from up to 15 yards away, as well as an app that allows you to control the lighting from anywhere in your home. Both Apple Iphone and Google Android compatible, the 50 Watt LED DC Transformer can help you create, design and control the outdoor lighting look you've always wanted.

We can do almost anything on our phones these days. From ordering dinner to video-chatting with friends, our cell phones allow us to connect with whatever we want instantaneously. Now, thanks to Dekor Lighting, we can even control the brightness and timing of exterior LED lighting all with a tap of your finger. The EZ WiFi Dimmer should be installed within 100 feet of your home's wifi router, then you can finetune your lights as you wish from your Apple Iphone or Ipad as well as your Google Android or tablet.

The EZ Wifi Dimmer by Dekor works with both Apple and Google products to help you control your deck lighting from anywhere in your home

Want more info on how to make your deck, patio, or porch more tech-savvy and user-friendly? Read more about setting up your indoor or outdoor LED lighting system below:
-Learn how program and set up your 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer on your cell phone here.
-Check out how simple it is to connect your cell phone to your EZ Wifi Dimmer by Dekor right here.

If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at

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Deck-orating Your Deck For Fall 2019

Oct 07, 2019 | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie

For quick and easy DIY fall decorations to make the most out of your family's favorite outdoor space, check out the ideas at DecksDirect

Fall Decoration Ideas for Your Favorite Outdoor Space

from cozy and crunchy, to spooky and scary -- find the best autumn decoration ideas at DecksDirect

HAY THERE! Whether you blossom in the summer sun or thrive in the wild winter snow, no one can resist the warm and earthy feels of fall. Between leaf-strewn yards and pumpkin pies, autumn is the ideal time to curl up in blankets and sweaters out on the deck and bask in the glowing red, orange and golden shades of the season.

Here at DecksDirect, we've put together the top fall decorating ideas of 2019 to help your favorite outdoor entertaining area look BOO-tiful for everything from trick-or-treating on a moonlit Halloween night or sitting down for a Thanksgiving feast with family and friends.


Put autumn blooms and fall flowers out into the sunshine for everyone to see with deck railing accessories from Hold It Mate

Even though things seem to be slowing down, keep your outdoor space full of life with bright dashes of color with gorgeous autumn-blooming flowers spread throughout the whole area.

    Fresh Blooms to Choose From:
  • Celosia -- Brilliant pinks and rich fuschia tones in Celosia come to life against a wheat-like texture no one can resist.
  • Mums -- Orange, yellow, and golden; Mums are a perfect addition to the everchanging foliage of fall.
  • Goldenrod -- Bright as sunshine, Goldenrod delivers the beauty of hillside wildflowers right to your home.
  • Chysanthemums -- Bold, detailed, and available in a rainbow of shades, add Chrysanthemums to your space.
  • Dianthus -- With names like 'Superstar', 'Starburst' and 'Arctic Fire', Dianthus blooms bring the outdoors to life.
  • Russian Sage -- Calm, cool, and collected, the classic look of Russian Sage is perfect for privacy on a deck or patio.

Make the most of your deck space easy-to-install and repositionable Hold It Mate deck railing accessories. The innovative way to make the most of your unused outdoor space, the Hold It Mate Mounting Rail attaches directly to your open deck railing for great seasonal decorations without spilt dirt, knocked over tables, or crowded floor space. Even better? The Hold It Mate Mounting Rail causes no damage to your deck at all and can be moved to a new spot in moments!

The Standard Bracket Bundle from Hold It Mate can help you decorate your deck area for fall

The Standard Bracket Bundle allows you to showcase your autumnal blossoms or late-blooming herb gardens along your deck railing quickly and easily. Add a few throughout your perimeter to add bursts of life or layer many to create a full wall of color!

Put up your Fall Decorations Ideas outside easily with the Ring Bundle from Hold It Mate

Mount the Ring Bundle from Hold It Mate on either the inside or outside of your deck railing to catch the attention of your neighbors and friends. No more tipped-over flower pots or tripped-on items; just a straightforward way to highlight the colors of the season.

Let Halloween decorations or dangling flower baskets fly for your fall decoration ideas of 2019

Add a decorative touch wherever you like with the Extension Hook Bundle from Hold It Mate. Extending up and away 15 inches from your railing, this bundle makes showing off flower baskets or holiday decorations a breeze.

Position Mums, Chrysanthemums, Goldenrod flowers and more out on your porch or deck for perfect 2019 fall decoration ideas


Whether your autumn style is more spooky or cute, get your home decorated for great fall fun with deck railing accessories from DecksDirect

Get your home ready for a big night of fun and fright with the best DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas of 2019! Make your front porch, deck or patio the #1 trick-or-treating stop of the neighborhood with spooky decorations and tasty treats.

The Deck Rail Table from Deckorators creates the perfect space for fall decorations or a flat surface for friends and family to gather

Create the perfect spot to rest your smiling Jack-O'-Lanterns with the secure and easy Deck Rail Table. An innovative way to gain extra space to count your candy or set down your pumpkin ale without taking up floor space or blowing over in the wind; the Deckorators Rail Table or Folding Railing Table connect directly on to your deck railing with zero damage.

Make your summer tiki torches more festive for the fall and illuminate your space with the Bottle Holder Hanger Accent from OZCO

Enhance the spooky, magical vibes while keeping bugs and insects at bay with the your own wine bottle tiki torch and the Bottle Holder Hanger Accent from OZCO. A safe and energy-efficient way to add illumination to your deck while keeping the Halloween spirit in the air!

Provide nice, cool shade for family, friends and trick-or-treaters with the Deck Umbrella Mount

The Deck Umbrella Mount is an ideal way to provide shade for family and friends in the summertime. But in cooler, fall months, the Deck Umbrella Mount becomes an ideal choice for upright scarecrows, autumn flags, or dangling mummies to keep guests on their toes.

Transform your handy Dog Bowl Bundle from Hold It Mate into a clean, convenient space to keep candy handy for neighborhood trick-or-treaters

Have plans on Halloween night? Who will hand out the candy?!
No worries, thanks to the versatile Dog Bowl Bundle from Hold It Mate. While generally used to make sure that Fido and Spot have enough water throughout the hot, sunny days of summer; simply switch out bowls for a convenient place to keep candy handy for trick-or-treaters!

From antique lanterns to floating Halloween ornaments, the Plant Holder Hanger Accent by OZCO can do it all

Light the way to keep ghosts and ghouls at bay with antique lanterns swinging from and hanging on Plant Holder Hanger Accents from OZCO. Lanterns, decorations, candy bowls; place them around your deck perimeter for a look your guests will love.

Find the best and quickest DIY Fall Decoration Ideas of 2019 here at DecksDirect


Give your deck a new breath of life while you sit down to give thanks with your family by adding Solar Deck Lighting options from DecksDirect

Get your home ready for a big night of fun and fright with the best DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas of 2019! Make your front porch, deck or patio the #1 trick-or-treating stop of the neighborhood with spooky decorations and tasty treats.

Celebrate Thanksgiving outdoors with the incredible convenience and stability of the Folding Railing Table supporting your favorite meal

Celebrate Thanksgiving the way you and your family really want to -- together out in the great outdoors with a Turkey Day feast out on the deck! The Folding Railing Table creates a beautiful outside dining room setting that won't blow over in the wind or add to the clutter. Once you're sleepy and full, simply lift up and lock the Folding Railing Table for security you can trust.

Set your sparkling cider or wine down without worry that it may be knocked over with the helpful Wine Glass Holder Accent from OZCO

Don't just eat and snooze! Spend time together, telling stories and sharing memories. What better place to enjoy your family's company than relaxing out on the back deck or front porch. The Wine Glass Holder from OZCO prevents spills and messes while keeping the room open for young ones and pets alike.

The Galaxy Solar Post Cap Light from LMT Mercer will provide a safe, warm glow to enjoy the evening outdoors comfortably

Let the games continue well into the evening with the incredible convenience of Solar Post Caps and the Galaxy Solar Post Cap Light from LMT Mercer. Simply remove from the box, let charge in the sun, and increase safety of night-time games easily with solar post cap lights along your deck perimeter.

Keep fuzzy blankets, scarves, or sweaters close at hand and up off the deck floor with the Blanket Hook Hanger from OZCO

Feeling sleepy after turkey, mashed potatoes, and oh-so-many pies? Curl up and get cozy out on the porch by keeping warm, fuzzy flannels or blankets on hand with the Towel or Blanket Hook Hanger from OZCO. The perfect way to let Grandpa get some shut-eye while watching the family football game.

Let the cousins, big and small, keep playing even after the sun goes down with the safe brightness delivered by the Solar Rail Light by Classy Caps

Don't trip or fall when the sun goes down, with the easy-to-mount Solar Rail Light. Keep staircases and walkways clear as day even when you don't get home until late at night with the simple and eco-friendly Solar Rail Lighting.

Get your favorite outdoor entertaining space ready for the upcoming holidays and hangouts with big sales on deck lighting, deck railing, and more for fall decorations for 2019


DecksDirect Pro Tip: AZEK Pavers

Sep 30, 2019 | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie

Keep your vinyl deck railing looking gorgeous year after year with these easy steps


DecksDirect Pro Tip: Versatile AZEK Pavers

create patios, rooftop terraces, driveways, courtyards, and more!

Revitalize your worn-out backyard areas in an afternoon with the incredibly strong and cost-effective AZEK Pavers. A truly unique and eye-catching way to create a solid foundation no matter the area, AZEK Pavers combines the physical strength and durability of concrete slabs or wood deck tiles, with the lightweight accessibility of modern science. Molded from up to 95% recycled materials such as tires or water bottles, AZEK Pavers are an environmentally-friendly method to breathe new life into a worn-out or stained exterior space, or help your home expand with your family.

DecksDirect Pro Tip:

AZEK Pavers can be used for standard foundation applications such as a patio or rooftop deck, however, they can also be used in low speed vehicle areas like driveways and garages, or water zones such as hot tubs and saunas!

Durable enough to be installed directly over an existing surface, or along newly laid joists, AZEK Pavers provide a beautiful floor space while still offering heightened resistance to harsh weather elements, moisture damage such as mold or mildew and fading. Pavers are generally sold in packs of 8 and can be altered to fit the space you need! Cut the AZEK Pavers to shape and size using a miter saw or jigsaw tool.

AZEK Pavers are often installed on a Paver Installation Grid to make for a quicker installation process and endless Paver pattern possibilities! Finish your AZEK Paver install up to 3 times faster than typical installation and forget using string lines or rubber mallets to complete your look; simply set your AZEK Paver in place, and you're finished. A complete Unit (8 Pavers with Installation Grid) will cover approximately 1.78 square feet and adds about 1-3/4 inches of height to the area.

As the seasons turn and change, be sure to make the most out of every inch of outdoor space you have with AZEK Pavers. Whether you're tired of staining your deck year after year, wanting to cover an ugly oil stain on your family driveway, or create a new outdoor space for the family hot tub; make the most of every area in your home with universal uses of AZEK Pavers.

AZEK Pavers resist fading, cracking and staining for years and years to come all while keep your outdoor space barefoot friendly

Find your inspiration with these easy-to-create Paver patterns!

While incredibly versatile and safe, be sure to not install AZEK Pavers for use as a fire pit or BBQ and grilling area. AZEK Pavers should also not be installed in areas with standing, above-ground water conditions.

If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at

Buy AZEK Pavers Today

Want to learn more about the possibilties of AZEK Pavers in your space? Check out the Pavers Playlist below:


Deck of the Month: September 2019

Sep 27, 2019 | Posted in Deck of the Month By Jamie

Gain the gorgeous looks of wrought iron with the powder-coated steel strength of Fortress FE26 Railing

Deck of the Month Winner for September 2019

dress up the fortress fe26 railing for a gorgeous outdoor space

As everyone rolls one month closer to the new year, everyone here at DecksDirect would like to give Tim in New Mexico a huge shout of, "Congratulations!" Tim is our September Deck of the Month winner for 2019. He did an outstanding job of making the absolute most of the Fortress FE26 Metal Railing system by adding on beautiful accessories and coordinating pieces of lumber to create a glorious outdoor space for his family and friends.

Starting with the classic wrought-iron look of the FE26 Prefabricated Level Railing Panel, Tim gave his backyard slice of paradise a feeling of safety and security on his upper-level deck. For an extra dash of detail and visual appeal, Tim added on the attractive FE26 Accent Top Panel, in the Ring Top design, to maximize the view from his space while adding architectural detail.

Taking the wonderful look of his new Fortress FE26 railing even further, Tim added on a color-coordinating deck board to the top of his FE26 Accent Top Panel via the strong yet hidden Fortress Cap Rail Clip which allows you firmly mount the top rail of your choosing. By adding a beautiful and functional flat top rail, or drink rail, to his upper-level deck, Tim has taken his deck from standard to extraordinary! We can't wait to see the family fun and gatherings of friends that are sure to happen in your stunning new space.

When we asked Tim some of his thoughts behind his deck railing decisions, he told us, "I chose the FE26 panels based on their strength and low-maintenance feel. The additional decorative top panel gave the height I was looking for to improve the deck safety and provide a unique look."

Congratulations again, Tim! You did a wonderful job of showing us all how form and function can come together to make a deck the favorite room in the whole house. We hope you and yours enjoy the start of the Autumn season out on your lovely backyard deck! Some DecksDirect shirts, can koozies, and swag is coming your way!

Feeling inspired to get your deck renovation underway? Give one of our experienced Deck Designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 and we can help get your project moving so you can still show it off this summer.

If you have a photo you would like to submit to our contest, simply post a photo to Instagram including the hashtag #DecksDirect OR submit a photo with a review on the appropriate product page. You can also send your project photos to By doing so, you will be entered to win great prizes from our Deck of the Month Contest!


Save Big at the DecksDirect Lighting Sale!

Sep 26, 2019 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Jamie B.

The gorgeous looks of the Premium Cast LED Post Cap Light, Single Basket Round Balusters with Light, and Petite LED Directional Light by Dekor

Save Money and Give Your Space a Glow

with the start of season sale on Aurora and Dekor deck lighting

As the days grow shorter and the leaves start to crunch, everyone wants to spend all their free time outside soaking up every bit they can. From apple picking to pumpkin carving, that crisp autumn air creates the perfect time for family and friends to gather outside, reminisce over the summer, and start looking forward to the cool winter months ahead. Help enhance the enchantment of your outdoor entertaining area with the magical glow of low voltage and solar deck lighting from DecksDirect!

At DecksDirect we want to help you make the most of every moment of your deck season from summer sunrises to cool, autumnal evenings. That's why we're offering 12% off all Aurora Deck Lighting and 10% off all Dekor Lighting products this week only! From now until the end of September get ready to save with crazy good deals on everything from low-voltage deck lighting, solar post cap lights, outdoor staircase lighting and more!

The Odyssey LED Strip Light, Iris LED Post Cap Light, and Saturn LED Post Cap Light by Aurora deliver a huge glow with little cost

Add LED Stair and Step Lighting to keep busy areas safe for everyone from pets to trick-or-treaters. Go green with the mighty illumination of Solar Post Cap Lights to keep your electricity bill low while keeping your deck as the star of the show. Or keep pathways, gardens and driveways clear from goblins and ghouls with the impressive look of Landscape Lighting to guide the way! All at the lowest price of the year with an extra 12% off Aurora Deck Lighting and 10% off Dekor Lighting fixtures.

Get your backyard space Halloween and Holiday party ready and start saving with the limited time sale on Aurora and Dekor lighting choices at DecksDirect. Now until the September 30th, 2019.

Rich low-voltage LED Post Cap Lights, beautiful recessed stair lighting and glorious lighted balusters help bring your backyard space to life with Dekor Lighting

Shop online to place your deck lighting order today! All of the Aurora and Dekor lighting items are in stock and ready to ship directly to you. Want to talk about your deck lighting design ideas or get some more information before purchasing; give one of our Deck Designers a call now at 1-888-824-5316 and we'll help you find the best lighting layout for your outdoor space.

Want to learn more about deck lighting design ideas and installation? Check out our DecksDirect Lighting Guide for everything you'll want to know from different style options to how to plan out and install your own deck lighting.

Save on Deck Lighting Today


The convenient Spotter Lid Guide Tool on the TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screws by FastenMaster help you install your deck boards quickly, consistently and correctly

Install Deck Boards Quicker, Easier and More Consistently

Choose TrapEase 3 Screws and Get a Free Screw Guide!

One deck screw, endless opportunities! The TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screw by FastenMaster allows you to attach composite, PVC or capstock deck boards to your deck joists securely while delivering a clean, finished look. Even better? With the TrapEase 3 Screws there's no predrilling required! Featuring a TORX® ttap Drive and a unique thread design, the FastenMaster TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screw is fabricated from durably coated steel for a connection that lasts. Also, the TrapEase 3 Deck Screws are backed by solid warranty against rust and corrosion for the entire lifetime of your backyard project.

Approved for use with leading decking brands such as AZEK PVC decking, TimberTech/AZEK decking, Trex deck boards, Fiberon decking, Deckorators decking, MoistureShield, Veranda, ChoiceDek, and more; the TrapEase 3 Screws feature color-coordinating screw heads for a blemish-free deck surface. TrapEase 3 Driver Bits are included with screw packs and boast a stability button feature delivering a wobble-free installation, solid drive, and eliminates strip out and camming.

DecksDirect Pro Tip:

Each 350 pack of TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screws has a Spotter Installation Guide right on the lid that reduces installation time and keeps your construction moving and consistent by placing the fasteners and evenly gapping the deck boards.

The TrapEase 3 Screws in the 350 pack size include a Spotter Lid Guide top that helps speed up installation process by placing the deck fasteners and consistently gapping the deck boards

Sold in packs of 75, 350 (with Spotter Lid), and 1,050 to help complete your backyard project all-in-one, TrapEase 3 Deck Screws are in stock and available to ship out to you today. Offered in 15 different Trex decking finishes, the TrapEase 3 line of screws can be used with any brand or line of synthetic deck boards. Find the perfect screw color for your project with the FastenMaster Deck Screw Color Match Chart.


Feeling inspired to get your deck renovation underway? Give one of our experienced Deck Designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 and we can help get your project moving so you can still show it off before the snow falls.

Buy FastenMaster TrapEase 3 Today


Save Big on Deckorators Decking

Sep 19, 2019 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Jamie B.

DecksDirect Office and Showroom Hours for the 4th of July Week 2019

Bucks for Boards Sale on Deckorators Decking

Earn $2 for every Deckorators Vault deck board you buy from now until November 22, 2019

Keep your receipts handy during your autumn deck building process and submit them to Deckorators to receive a Visa® gift card! All rebate submissions must be entered no later than November 22, 2019. Please allow between 6 to 8 weeks for Deckorators to process your rebate and get the gift card delivered to you.

There must be a minimum purchase of 25 Deckorators Vault deck boards to qualify with the maximum rebate limit on 500 deck boards. Multiple entries can be submitted! The maximum gift card rebate will be $1,000.

Once your composite decking purchases are made, fill out the Deckorators Rebate Information with your mailing info and invoices, and then you're ready to get back some of your hard-earned cash!

With a rustic and softly aged look, the classic Deckorators decking finish of Mesquite gives your deck a fresh feel with nostalgiac looks

Discover the warm, soothing tones of the Deckorators Vault decking line in Mesquite.

Cool, classic and timeless; the unique style of the Deckorators decking shade of Dusk helps breathe new life into an existing space

Highlight your modern style home with the timelessly cool look of Deckorators decking in Dusk.

The clean look of Deckorators decking in Hickory can help your outdoor space gain attention without overpowering your view

Keep your outdoor spaces looking open and clear with Deckorators composite decking in clean-looking Hickory finish.

Don't put off your deck renovations and updating any longer --- shop Deckorators decking today and save!
Have questions about your deck project or want help getting started? Drop one of our Deck Designers a line or give us a shout at

Shop Deckorators Decking Today


Keep your vinyl deck railing looking gorgeous year after year with these easy steps


Easy Tips on Cleaning Your Vinyl Railing System

from Durables to Illusions, keep your vinyl deck railing stunning

Vinyl and composite deck railing systems are a beautiful addition to any home and is a low-maintenance method for increasing security around your family's outdoor space and highlighting the architectural beauty of your home with timeless, traditional looks. With no need to paint or readjust your deck railing ever again, vinyl deck railing lines will last for decades and allow you more time to relax on your deck rather than working on it.

While being an incredibly effortless deck railing design to love, the occasional cleaning will help keep your vinyl deck railing system looking like the clean, pristine dream deck railing you've always wanted.

The clean lines and bright colors of the Durables Vinyl Railing line, shown in Manchester, highlights the classical beauty of most any home

1) General Splish and Splash

As with most railing and fencing, a soft general cleaning will be sufficient for the majority of decks, porches, and patios across the country. Fill an empty bucket with some room temperature water, and slowly add in some soft detergent or a mild household cleaning agent such as Dawn® dish soap. Use a soft cloth or clean rag, soak it in the soapy water, and gently scrub your vinyl railing. Watch as your surface spots and dirt melt away with ease! Avoid any residue left behind by removing any soap on your railing for more than 15 minutes and remember to rinse well with clean, non-soapy water.

2) Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can seem like a wonderful option for cleaning your vinyl railing, especially if your deck has been neglected for a year or two and has some dirt and debris built up over time. While power washing can be a fun way to get a deep clean on your vinyl deck railing, you need to make sure that you're doing it correctly! Set your pressure washer to the lowest setting possible and be sure to use a fan-tip nozzle when spraying. This will keep the water from damaging your rails or scuffing up the finish at all.

3) Pesky persistent Stains

From kids to backyard projects gone awry, a lot of odd things can end up on your deck railing from time to time! From rubber marks or tar and oil, permanent marker or nail polish remover; what's a homeowner to do? Simply use a melamine foam cleaning pad such as a Magic Eraser™ or Easy Eraser™ to wipe away those marks and stains for a beautiful outdoor area.

4) Harmless Mold and Algae

From small black dots to small swathes of green buildup, occasional mold or algae appearances can happen from time to time. This surface-issue mildew doesn't damage or affect your railing material at all, however, it can become quite an eye-sore over time. As these spots are simply resting on the exterior level of the vinyl, give your deck railing a nice, firm scrub-down using a foam cleaning pad or low-level pressure washer. Once rinsed away, prevent future occurrences with a swift wipe of white vinegar over the newly cleaned area.

5) Stronger Cleaners

You've tried a big bucket of soapy water, even ran through a box of Magic Eraser™ cleaning pads; but you still can't get rid of a pesky stain? Try a long-time favorite! Goof Off™ works extremely well at removing stuck-on elements or marks such as stickers, candle wax, tape residue, tree sap, crayon, and more. No tough scrubbing, no discolored spots, just a straightforward way to help your vinyl deck railing keep looking its best!

6) Bring Dull Spots Back to Life

After giving your vinyl railing a thorough cleaning, you may notice some spots that have a duller shine or don't look quite the same as before. No worries, this is quite common, especially with newly installed vinyl. To restore the shine, wipe the fencing down with a clean, damp cloth and watch the shine reappear in minutes. Still not quite as you want it? Dry the surface and apply a non-abrasive outdoor paste wax, such as one from Armor All® or Johnson & Johnson™. House wax, automotive wax or plastic boat polish can also help you revive the shine you want!


Now, for a few things we recommend putting away in the back of your cleaning cabinet when it comes to your vinyl deck railing:
-Never use an abrasive material to clean your railings such as Steel Wool, sandpaper, or a Scratch Pad. This can dull and damage your vinyl surface possibly beyond repair!
-Never use an abrasive cleaner such as bleach, ammonia, or Nanoscrub to polish up your vinyl fencing and railing.
-Lastly, never use any cleaners, materials, or tools that are not approved for use on vinyl.

The stunning and traditional look of the Durables Ashington Vinyl Deck Railing system is a brilliant choice for protecting any style of home

If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at

Shop Vinyl Railing Today


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