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Deck Of The Month Winner - January 2019

Jan 17, 2019 | Posted in Deck of the Month By Jamie B.

Easy to install Westbury Riviera is a beautiful powder coated aluminum deck railing system

Starting the New Year Off Right

Deck of the Month Winner for January!

Congratulations to Emilio from Virginia on a beautiful job done well and for winning the first Deck of the Month contest in 2019! Emilio installed the gorgeous Westbury Riviera Railing to help this deck stand out on the block. Durable powder coated aluminum ensures a long-lasting and vibrant railing year after year, while the stylish mid-rail design catches all the neighbors' eyes.

The gorgeous Textured Black finish really pops against the lovely stone and concrete backdrop of the front opening. When installing railing and posts onto cement, stone, or masonry like Emilio; we recommend using a thick structural screw such as the Caliburn XL Concrete Screw by GRK. These screws feature a patented thread design which drives into stone material easier and are Climatek coated for high corrosion resistance.

Thanks Emilio for sharing your project photos with us; we'll be sending some DecksDirect swag your way! If you would like to enter the Deck of the Month contest, submit a photo of your project with a review on Facebook, Houzz, or Google.

Finding the perfect metal railing system to complete your home has never been easier than Westbury Aluminum Railings. A wide range of infill styles, designs, and finishes allow you endless options to complete your outdoor space. Browse through now to find the look that fits your home.

Shop Westbury Railings


Holiday Hours 2018

Dec 20, 2018 | Posted in Messages and News By Jamie B.

Happy Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

DECK THE HALLS! It's been another beautiful deck-building year, and we're excited to ring it in! Everyone here at DecksDirect would love to wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!

DecksDirect's regular hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CST. But we're going to take a day or two off to enjoy some egg nog and sugar cookies with our families. Here is our holiday schedule for our team followed by the organized schedules of our shipping partners; because we don't want anything left off your wishlist!

DecksDirect Holiday Hours:

Mon, December 24th


Tue, December 25


Wed, December 26th

7 a.m - 5:30 p.m. CST

Thur, December 27th

7 a.m - 5:30 p.m. CST

Fri, December 28th

7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CST

Mon, December 31st


Tue, January 1st


Wed, January 2

7 a.m - 5:30 p.m. CST

Thur, January 3

7 a.m - 5:30 p.m. CST

Fri, January 4

7 a.m - 5:30 p.m. CST


Shipping Schedules:


  FedEx Express FedEx Ground FedEx Home FedEx Freight USPS UPS
Sunday, December 23 Closed Closed Closed Closed Open Open
Monday, December 24 Closed Open Closed Closed Open Open
Tuesday, December 25 Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
Tuesday, December 26 Open Open Open Open Open Open


New Years

  FedEx Express FedEx Ground FedEx Home FedEx Freight USPS UPS
Saturday, December 30 Closed Closed Open Closed Open Open
Saturday, December 29th Open Closed Open Closed Open Open
Sunday, December 30th Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
Monday, December 31st Closed Open Closed Closed Open Open
Tuesday, January 1st Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed

Please keep these dates in mind as you make your ordering and shipping plans. For more information about holiday shipping times, please visit FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Feel free to contact the DecksDirect team with any questions at or give us a call at 1-888-824-5316.


Deck Of The Month Winner - December 2018

Dec 13, 2018 | Posted in Deck of the Month By Jamie B.

Slide 280
Traditional Face-Mount Balusters by Deckorators
Slide 281
Traditional Face-Mount Balusters by Deckorators
Slide 282
Traditional Face-Mount Balusters by Deckorators

Deck of the Month Winner for December!

Congratulations and kudos to Sean of Decks by Decker Home Improvments for winning the last Deck of the Month contest for 2018! He used Traditional Face-Mount Aluminum Balusters by Deckorators and some fresh stain to breathe new life into this beautiful two-level deck. Deckorators' Traditional Face-Mount Aluminum Balusters give a strong and stunning effect against that deep wood grain.

We'd recommend using a healthy Penetrating Oil or Wood Stain, such as those by Penofin or Messmer's to keep your natural wood decking and railing as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Thanks again to Sean for sharing his photos with us! You can check out more of Sean's projects online at Decks By Decker Home Improvements. If you would like to enter the Deck of the Month contest, submit a photo of your project with a review on Facebook, Houzz, or Google.

Find Your Baluster Style Now


Winter-Proofing Your Deck 2018

Dec 06, 2018 | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

a wooden deck filled with snow in the winter

Don't Let Old Man Winter Crash the Party

As the winter season quickly approaches, don't forget to give your favorite spot in the house a little extra gift wrapping with protective and preventative presents from DecksDirect! Whatever winter weather you receive, we want to make sure your deck is ready for whatever comes. From holiday gatherings and New Years celebrations, to the first budding flower of Spring, help your deck be the hot spot to be year-round. Even if it's -2°.


If just beginning to build your dream deck, make sure it's protected for the ever-changing weather. Cover and preserve your crucial deck joists with waterproof flashing tape. Stopping stagnant water from sitting and soaking into your joists will prevent water damage, rot, and decay from affecting your structure while creating a better connection surface for screws and fasteners.

Keep your joists strong and clear with Trex Protect Self Adhesive Tape Protect your joists, beams, and window frames from water damage year after year with Acrylic Flashing Tape by G-Tape

Protect newly installed joists and beams with Trex Protect. Prevent moisture from seeping into your new construction with one of the most trusted brands names in decking.


Able to withstand temperatures from -40° to 200° F, G-Tape is perfect for protecting your joists, doors, and windows from rot and water damage.



Decks age right along with us, so it's much more convenient to look for and fix issues as they come rather than face an expensive rebuild down the road. Warped, bowed, or loose deck boards can arise, affecting your deck's security and appearance. In the past this called for a complete board replacement, and with rising lumber costs, it could add up to a hefty bill. Now it's a thing of the past with the all new Deck Wedge Board Straightener. Save your old lumber and keep your deck looking uniform throughout!

Straightening and installing deck boards has never been easier with the new Deck Wedge Board Straightener The DSV Wood Screw by Simpson Strong-Tie is Quik Guard coated for corrosion-resistance.

Deck Wedge Board Straightener

A durable one-piece tool that makes correcting and installing deck boards a breeze! Able to close gaps of up to 1-1/4 inches, this wedge can fix a warped board in just 4 simple steps.


DSV Wood Screw by Simpson Strong-Tie

The most effective fastener for any wood material, the DSV Wood Screw is thick steel covered in a Quik Guard Coating to protect against corrosion and rust while securing your deck boards safely.



With your deck repaired and protected, now is the time to clean off any debris and coat it with a water-resistant sealant. This will protect your deck from mildew and the damage that leaves, snow, ice, and other debris can cause. DecksDirect offers a line of cleaners and penetrating oils for decks of any build.

Penofin Pro-Tech Complete Wood Care system cleans and restores your deck to brand new Keep your cables and hardware spic and span with the Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant by Feeney

Pro-Tech Complete Wood Care by Penofin

Use Penofin's patented three step system to clean and restore your deck to its original glory! Strip, clean, and brighten your decking to remove any graying and protect against future wear.


Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant by Feeney

Not just decking needs some attention. Keep your cable railing system in tip top shape using the trusted cleaner and protectant package to remove dirt and debris, while coating for the future.



Rejuvenate old, worn, or splintery decks with Penofin Renewall, available in six colors Give your deck a touch of luxury with Penofin Ultra Premium Exterior Red Label penetrating oil; a natural choice for maintaining your deck

Penofin RenewAll

RenewAll by Penofin is a thick elastomeric formula that covers splinters, cracks, stains, and general unevenness giving your deck a refreshed look. The two-coat system creates a finely textured surface.


Penofin Ultra Premium Exterior Red Label

Easy to apply, this high-quality penetrating oil helps maintain the beauty of your wood deck while keeping out the elements in any environment.



Prevent your posts from warping or splitting over time with the Ironwood Post Band by Ozco Make a watertight seal on your post caps, wires, and rails with 100% Rubber Silicone

Ironwood Post Band by OZCO

Over time posts can begin to warp and split, the Ironwood Post Band by OZCO helps secure your post on all four sides while adding a touch of style.


100% Rubber Silicone

Create a durable, watertight seal wherever needed with 100% Rubber Silicone Sealant. Keep post caps in place, plug up wiring holes, or ensure a rattle-free baluster install.


There are also a few things that you can do throughout the colder months to ensure that you will have a beautiful deck to enjoy for years to come. As you’re raking the fallen leaves from your yard, don’t forget to make sure to clear off your deck as well. Leaves can add harmful moisture and weight to your deck that can lead to decay and damage.

Before we know it, snow will become a daily reality for those of us in colder climates. Whether you get a dusting or a blizzard, make sure to shovel your deck. Removing snow and ice will help keep your deck dry, free from water damage, and protect its natural finish.


DecksDirect is here to help you get the products you need to complete your deck maintenance to-do list. We strive to provide an honest, accurate, and friendly service that you can rely upon. Because when your deck looks good; we all look good.

We're the nation’s largest stocking online retailer of deck accessories, you can trust that nearly all items will ship the same business day if the order is placed by 3:30pm CST, Monday-Friday (excluding special order items).

At any point in your project, feel free to give our deck specialists a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an e-mail at


Gift Guide 2018

Nov 15, 2018 | Posted in Messages and News By Jamie B.

There's snow-place like home and no better time than the holidays. Families and friends are together, mouth-watering food is everywhere, and we remember what matters to us the most. This season, get your favorite people gifts they can enjoy for years to come; the coolest new deck products and accessories ever. Buy for your practical father-in-law and daydreaming best friend all in one spot with DecksDirect, because who doesn't love a gorgeous deck? These incredible items are easy to install and even easier to love. So whether you're snowed in, or a snow-bird, this holiday season is the best time to remember our two favorite things: our loved ones, and decks.

The Best Deck Gifts of 2018


Slide 255
Slide 256
Slide 257

Hold It Mate Mounting Rails and Accessories

One of the most innovative and simple to use products of 2018, Hold It Mate has found a way to add storage and shelving without any damage to your rails! These rails attach directly to the vertical balusters to add utility without taking up floor space or damaging your railing. The perfect present for the budding gardener, master griller, or pet lovers in the family.

Shop Hold It Mate Rails



Slide 258
Slide 259

Deckorators Deck Rail Table

A wonderful gift option for anyone wanting to add a stable flat-surface to their deck without the hassle of drilling and cutting, the Deckorators Deck Rail Table. Great to use as an outdoor worktable, or simply as a way to enjoy brunch outside with friends, this table can support up to 50 lbs for a secure space. Don't want the table up every day? Simply loosen the bolt to uninstall, and store until the next time it's needed.

Shop Deckorators Deck Rail Table



Slide 260
Slide 261
Slide 262
Slide 263

OZCO Post Band and Accessories

Who doesn't love a product that is both functional and stylish? OZCO's Post Band and Accessories are ideal tools to make the most out of your outdoor space. The band supports and protects posts from warping and splitting over time; while the accessories help you to enjoy a glass of wine, a cold beer, or lounge in your own personal hammock. A superb choice for those friends who just need to relax more.

Shop OZCO Post Bands



Slide 264
Slide 265

Solar Post Caps

Add brightness and illumination to any deck without the hassle of electricity and hiding wires with Solar Post Cap lights! A brilliant way to help keep guests free from trips and falls throughout the night, while making your outdoor space look as magical as can be. A lovely gift choice for anyone who could use just a little more light.

Shop Solar Post Cap Lights



Slide 266
Slide 267

Barn Wood Accent Wall in a Box

Add an impressive touch of decoration to any wall, inside or out, using the Barn Wood Accent Wall in a Box kit! The simple way to add a modern yet rustic look to your deck, den, or kitchen. Perfect for those friends and family members who love interior design and DIY projects; help them reel in the compliments with easy-to-use kit.

Shop Barn Wood Accent Wall



Slide 268
Slide 269

Secondary Handrail

Safety is always our first priority, and the best way to prevent an accident is to add sturdy secondary handrails to your staircase railings. These secondary handrails provide an extra graspable surface to help prevent slips and falls. Perfect for homes with grandparents and grandchildren alike; help keep everyone skinned-knee free with a secondary handrail.

Shop Secondary Handrails



Slide 270
Slide 271
Slide 272

Baluster Accessories

For those who love style and setting their home apart from the rest on the block, baluster accessories are a unique touch they're sure to love. With the ability to install as many or as few as you like, the patterns and design options are endless. Perfect for friends who like to make home a place all their own.

Shop Baluster Accessories


Got a question? Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316, or send an email to, our Deck Experts would love to help you out.


Hold It Mate

Nov 06, 2018 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Jamie B.

Hold It Mate Mounting Rails

Start Deck-orating with Hold It Mate Rails

One of the major perks of working at DecksDirect is checking out the latest deck developments. Every year new products are introduced, and once in a while, a product comes out and completely blows us out of the water! One of the coolest new innovations this year is also remarkably simple, the Hold It Mate Rail system. Add planter boxes and flower baskets to your deck without covering the handrail or taking up precious floor space with the Hold It Mate Rail System.

Shop Hold It Mate


The system contains everything needed for installation and can be mounted in seconds. The Hold It Mate system connects directly to your vertical balusters, allowing you to design a space that fits your deck atmosphere while making the most of your unused space. Simply position the rail at the height you desire on your balusters, make sure the rails on the back are horizontal against the spindles, and then tighten the through bolt with the included Allen Wrench. Once mounted, snap on the accessories of your choice to put your open space to good use! Accessories can be attached on both sides of the rail to maximize your options.

What’s even cooler? After installing the pieces, hang or set your planters or flower boxes to make the rail virtually vanish behind your gorgeous blooms and plants.

Key Features

  • Easy 2-part system, no extra tools required
  • 6", 20", and 36" rail lengths available
  • Absolutely no damage done to existing railing
  • Durable steel with powder coated black finish
  • Completely customizable, mix and match the attachments you want


Attachment Styles:


Bracket Accessories

Brackets by Hold It Mate

A superb way to get the most out of your deck, Brackets By Hold It Mate allow you to showcase your blossoming planter boxes, craft a gorgeous drink table, or set up sturdy shelving that won't take up precious floor space or blow over in the wind.

Shop Bracket Attachments




Ring Accessories

Ring Accessories by Hold It Mate

Easily attach Rings by Hold It Mate to adorn your railing with floating flower baskets, a simple herb garden, or even as a water bowl holder for your four-legged friends. Add as many or few as you like to highlight your favorite areas or gain a bit more privacy in your outdoor space.

Shop Ring Attachments




Extension Hook Accessory

Extension Hook by Hold It Mate

For a brilliant way to spruce up your deck both inside and out, Extension Hooks by Hold It Mate give finishing details no matter the look. Angling up and away 15" from your deck, Extension Hooks are a great opportunity to add hanging flower baskets, bird feeders, or seasonal decor.

Shop Extension Hook Attachments





Tool Hook Accessory

Tool Hook by Hold It Mate

Keep your deck tidy and your tools together in one spot. The Tool Hook Accessory hangs your items in one secure spot to make clutter a thing of the past. Gardening tools, grilling utensils, or even late night flashlights; no more wondering where your things are with Hold It Mate.

Shop Tool Hook Attachments






Deck of the Month Winner - August 2018

Sep 14, 2018 | Posted in Deck of the Month By Jaclyn

Slide 253
Fortress AL13 Pure View Glass Panel Railing System
Slide 254
Fortress AL13 Pure View Glass Panel Railing System

Deck of the Month Winner for August!

Congratulations to Joe from All Decked Out in Cincinnati for winning our Deck of the Month contest for August! He used the Fortress Aluminum Pure View Full Glass Panel Railing System to enclose his upper level deck. This glass system uses full glass panels for a clear view. Panels are available in a wide range of sizes to accomodate any deck!

Joe used the standard Fortress AL13 Panels for the staircase. The rails all coordinate for a clean seamless look on the deck.

Thanks again to Joe for sharing his photos with us! If you would like to enter the Deck of the Month contest, submit a photo of your project with a review on Facebook, Houzz, or Google.

Shop Fortress Pure View Railing Now


Labor Day 2018 Shipping Schedule

Aug 28, 2018 | Posted in Messages and News By Jaclyn

DecksDirect Shipping Schedule for Labor Day 2018

Happy Labor Day from DecksDirect

DecksDirect will be closed Monday, September 4th, 2018 for Labor Day.

DecksDirect wishes everyone a happy and relaxing Labor Day weekend. As a reminder, DecksDirect will be closed on Monday, September 3rd, and will resume regular hours on Tuesday the 4th. Shipping times will also be affected. 

Saturday, September 1st:

  • FedEx Express – Open
  • FedEx Ground – Closed
  • FedEx Home – Open


Sunday, September 2nd:

  • No FedEx Deliveries
  • No USPS Deliveries


Monday, September 3rd: 

  • No FedEx Deliveries
  • No USPS Deliveries


Tuesday, September 4th: 

  • FedEx Express – Open
  • FedEx Ground – Open
  • FedEx Home – Closed


Please keep these dates in mind as you make your shipping plans. Feel free to contact the DecksDirect team with any questions at or give us a call at 1-888-824-5316. 


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