What's the right CAMO screw for me?

CAMO deck fasteners are one of the most popular hidden deck fastener brands available throughout the United States. A number one choice for all deck builder levels from DIY to professional deck contractors, CAMO fasteners can be used with almost all decking and deck framing materials.

Crafted from durable steel, CAMO screws are installed through the sides of deck boards and driven into the deck joist below for a solid decking attachment. With several tools available including the CAMO Marksman Pro and the CAMO Pro NB, simply clamp the tool across the board and drill the fasteners in place.

Find the Right CAMO Screw for You

The classic CAMO hidden deck fastener is available in two different material types and lengths to perfectly accommodate your decking material and DIY deck design and polish off your project!

Find the right CAMO screw for your deck boards!

A common question at DecksDirect is what's the right CAMO screw for my deck board size

CAMO ProTech-Coated Fasteners vs CAMO Stainless Steel Fasteners

One of the most common questions regarding hidden deck fasteners and deck screws is how to choose between standard ProTech-coated CAMO fasteners and stainless steel CAMO fasteners.

The answer behind the choice of coated steel and stainless steel hidden deck fasteners or deck screws is simple, the climate of your home's region.

The standard coated steel deck fasteners are ACQ-compliant and can be used with the majority of deck framing and decking materials including treated lumber. If your outdoor living space is located in-land the ProTech coated steel fasteners protect against the daily moisture and condensation for a strong hold.

If your outdoor living space is in a coastal region or an area that receives an above-average level of rain; stainless steel CAMO fasteners are the perfect choice for your deck build.

CAMO Screws in 1-7/8 Inches or 2-3/8 Inches?

- Standard 5/4 inch deck board: CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners in 1-7/8 inch length.

- Nominal 2x deck boards: CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners in 2-3/8 inch length.

For any nominal 5/4 inch wide deck boards, use 1-7/8 inches (48mm) CAMO Hidden Fasteners. Actual deck board thickness of this category is typically 1 inch (25.4mm), but can range from ¾ inches (19mm) to 1-¼ inches (32mm) depending on the manufacturer. For deck boards that exceed 1 inch in actual thickness, we recommend the 2-3/8 inches fastener.

For nominal 2x deck board product, use 2-3/8 inches (60mm) CAMO Hidden Fasteners. Actual deck board thickness for 2x decking is typically 1-½ inches (38mm). The 2-3/8 inches fastener is not recommended for the installation of deck boards that exceed 1-1/2 inches in thickness.

Learn what type and length of CAMO deck screw is the perfect choice for your home's deck project

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