Vista Deck Railing Designs

Get the beauty of natural wood deck railing combined with the stunning modern appeal metal railing systems all together in one deck railing design: the Vista Wood Deck Railing! The perfect blend of rich cedar wood deck rails and powder-coated aluminum balusters, the range of Vista Wood Deck Railing designs offer a perfect look for your outdoor living space no matter the style.

Whether seeking a contemporary appeal for your backyard aesthetic or a classic feel for your family cabin, the Vista Wood Deck Railing lines provide structure and strength with style!

Vista Wood Deck Railing Designs

Available for both standard 36 inch and 42 inch railing heights, the Vista Deck Railing Kits are offered in true 6 foot lengths for a quick, deck railing renovation as well as easy ordering for new deck builds.

Different Vista Railing Kits

The three different Vista Wood Deck Railing styles are Traditional, Somerset, and Tuscany

How to Start Your Vista Wood Deck Railing Design

If your deck, porch, or patio doesn't have existing wood posts, Vista Wood Deck Posts are a fantastic start for the foundation of your Vista Railing. Deck Posts by Vista are crafted from rich Red Cedar wood material and measure a unique 3-1/8 inch by 3-1/8 inch wide.

Vista Wood Deck Posts can be mounted via post anchors, adjustable post base kits, or via the rim joist by connection of structural screws. Arriving in pristine condition, these wood deck posts can be painted or stained to fit your unique deck atmosphere; no extra sanding or stripping required.

The Vista Traditional Wood Deck Railing Kit features cedar deck rails and black-powder coated aluminum balusters

Vista Traditional Deck Railing

Featuring round, black metal balusters cut precisely to length, the Vista Traditional Railing Kit is a full railing section packaged with everything you need for a secure railing installation. The versatile wood top and bottom rails of the Vista Traditional Wood Railing Kit provide a beveled edge for easy graspability as the round black spindles virtually fade from view once installed.

Engineered for quick and easy assembly, the Vista Traditional Rail Kit includes the bottom rail, top rail, top rail cap board, balusters, and all mounting hardware together in one box.

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The Vista Somerset Wood Deck Railing Kit features cedar deck rails, deck posts, and black metal deck balusters

Vista Somerset Deck Railing

The Somerset Deck Railing Kit features a contemporary square, powder-coated aluminum baluster infill completed by the gorgeous look of rich, all-natural wood rails. Rich black square powder-coated balusters give a stately and solid appeal to the railing system, blending security and style as one while keeping the railing itself low-maintenace.

The incredibly convenient Vista Somerset rail kit includes the bottom rail, top rail, top rail cap board, square powder-coated balusters, and all mounting hardware necessary. No extra parts and pieces needed.

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The Vista Tuscany Wood Deck Railing kit boasts cedar wood deck posts and rails supporting curved black metal balusters

Vista Tuscany Deck Railing

Help your outdoor living space make a statement with the stunning mixture of rich, all-natural wood and curved powder-coated aluminum balusters found in Vista Tuscany Wood Railing Kits. Featuring a gorgeously profiled top and bottom rail, as well as a horizontal accent bar, and bowed balusters; the Vista Tuscany Rail Kits keep your views open while creating a look guests won't forget.

With factory precision, the pre-drilled Vista Tuscany Deck Railing Kit includes the bottom rail, top rail, top rail cap board, balusters, and all mounting hardware necessary for fast installation with no missing parts or pieces.

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