Upgrade Your Porch With AFCO Aluminum Porch Columns

Upgrade Your Porch With AFCO Aluminum Porch Columns

The look of your front porch can completely transform your house’s curb appeal. That’s made porch upgrades a hot project for homeowners across the country. If you, like so many others, are looking to give your home the grand, welcoming front porch it deserves, there’s no better option than aluminum columns: a beautiful, versatile, low-maintenance outdoor upgrade you’ll enjoy for years to come.

We love aluminum porch columns for a whole bunch of reasons, and we’d love to help you plan an amazing front porch renovation. Here’s everything you need to know:

Why Choose Aluminum Columns For Your Porch

AFCO aluminum porch columns accent a wide, farmhouse-style porch

Versatility: Aluminum Columns Can Deliver Any Style

Whether you want to create a grand entryway, a welcoming porch, or a polished deck, aluminum columns can deliver on your vision.

Here are just a few examples of the beautiful aluminum porch columns you can find at DecksDirect:

Round Fluted Columns For Ultra Traditional Looks

For a Greek Revival look, check out classical fluted round columns:

Round fluted porch columns deliver rich, classical beauty

Square Columns In Any And Every Style

The Natchez Column For A Versatile Stylistic Fit

The versatile Natchez replicates a “one-by” wrap with its distinctive, wide capital and base:

Substantial Natchez columns can fit a range of home and porch stylings

The Empire Column For A Clean, Classic Look

The totally-traditional Empire style features a slimmer, box-style capital and base.

Empire porch columns are simple, classic, and elegant

The Wellington Column For Distinctive Craftsman Style

The Wellington style adds a unique banding to go with a crown-moulding style capital and a more traditional box base:

The distinctive banding of Wellington columns fits a craftsman-style architecture

The Acadian Column To Add Subtle Flair To A Traditional Porch

Get eye-catching texture with the Acadian’s recessed panels on each side of the shaft:

Acadian porch columns and their recessed panels look great combined with popular shake-style siding

Square Fluted Columns For Classic Colonial Porches

Square columns with a fluted texture add a classical look to Colonial-style porches.

Square fluted porch columns are perfect for a classic Colonial home

Color Options To Suit Your Style

With seven different color options, you can find the perfect accent for your home, like this classy textured black column finish to go with black AFCO Pro Railing and organic brown siding:

A sleek black finish makes for a classy poch column next to dark brown siding

Strength: Aluminum Porch Columns Are Load-Bearing And Structurally Sound

Sleek aluminum isn’t just for looks. Aluminum columns are sturdy and structurally sound, able to support your overhanging porch roof. Load-bearing AFCO aluminum columns are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, with the lasting strength to hold up your roof overhangs for years to come. Call our project planners to learn more about replacing or installing porch columns.

Fire Safety

As an added safety bonus, AFCO aluminum columns meet Class A requirements for flame spread and smoke development. With the growing impact of forest fires, many local building codes are adopting stricter fire safety standards. Aluminum porch columns don’t just meet rising standards - they exceed them to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Easier Install: Aluminum Columns Are Lighter-Weight Than Other Materials

Many porch columns are made from wood or fiberglass. Aluminum porch columns are far lighter than wood or fiberglass columns, making them easier to transport and install without sacrificing load-bearing strength.

Low-Maintenance: Aluminum Makes Porch Columns Durable And Easy To Maintain

There might not be a bigger perk to aluminum than its extremely low maintenance needs. Wood columns are prone to rotting, cracking and splintering in addition to water damage and insect damage. All that wear and tear requires you to regularly treat, stain and/or paint your columns to keep them structurally strong and visibly appealing.

Aluminum holds up significantly better in the outdoor elements. Powder-coated aluminum has top-notch durability, with no concerns about water damage or pesky insects. Aluminum’s natural resistance to rust makes it a brilliant choice for outdoor structures. Compared to wood, metal shows far less expansion and contraction with changing temperatures, which keeps your columns from cracking, splitting, or loosening fasteners.

Outside of basic cleaning with soap and water, your aluminum columns will hold their looks (and strength) for years with minimal maintenance.

AFCO porch columns feature an easy-to-clean powder-coated aluminum surface

Polished Looks: Columns Coordinate Perfectly With Deck Railing

For a truly finished look, every element of your porch has to be in sync. Porch columns work in tandem with porch railings to deliver a unified style. The beauty of aluminum columns is that they pair perfectly with nearly any railing style.

AFCO Aluminum Columns are a great example. Each AFCO Aluminum Column style is designed to coordinate seamlessly with AFCO’s metal railing offerings. Whether you’re installing fluted columns for a Greek revival look or smooth columns for a traditional colonial look, there’s a railing setup that pairs perfectly within your vision.

AFCO porch columns connect perfectly to metal railing systems

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