Century Scenic Glass Railing System

Bring your outdoor living space to life and increase the beautiful vistas of your home's backyard with the minimalistic and innovative design of the Scenic Glass Panel Railing line from Century Aluminum Railing.

Eliminating the need for view-blocking top and bottom rails, the Scenic Glass Railing line creates a nearly invisible barrier that protects your family, friends, and guests while creating a panoramic sight to showcase your entire yard.

The Century Scenic Glass Panel Railing delivers a deck railing that connects your deck with the nature beyond

Strong, Durable Railing Components

An incredibly straightforward glass panel railing system, the Century Scenic railing line only requires 4 parts to create a stunning glass deck railing design for your space.

Begin your glass railing with a solid foundation in the Century Scenic posts. Featuring an integrated glass channel within the post itself, Scenic posts allows the glass to slide securely into place without additional brackets or hardware.

Crafted from rugged aluminum and shielded with a tough powder-coat finish, the Scenic Posts are offered in four different post designs to accommodate various angles and railing layouts for an ideal railing look.

  • The End Post is used as both the first and final post in a rail design with a one-sided opening.
  • The Line Post is used in the straight or angled runs and allows for 0 to 45 ° shifts.
  • The Corner Post covers a turn in the glass railing by allowing for 90 to 135 ° angles in a run.
  • Lastly, the Wall Post is meant to be installed directly against the wall of a house and is smaller in size to keep the views as open as possible.

Wide, Open Views

Gain the luxurious feel and atmosphere that glass railing delivers right at your very own home with the inexpensive Scenic Glass Panel Railing line. With no bulky top and bottom rails stealing attention from the view beyond, only the smooth tempered edges of the glass panel stand between you and the nature of your backyard.

Take the endless appeal of the styles you see at high-end resorts, restaurants, and villas and bring it home with the undeniable look of the Scenic Glass Railing system from Century Aluminum Railing!

Mix and Match Railing Styles

One downfall for the Scenic Glass Panel Railing is that only level railing applications are covered. No worries! Mixing railing systems is easy as can be with the railing systems from Century Aluminum Railing.

Choose to complete your exterior staircases with the steadfast and stately look of the Century Picket Railing in a color-coordinating finish while the Scenic Glass Panel Railing system highlights the straight, railing sections of your main deck areas. A complete, polished look across your entire outdoor space no matter the design with Century Aluminum Deck Railing!

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