Outdoor Accents Avant Collection

When expanding your home's livable space and creating a new outdoor shade structure, consider the stellar new Avant Collection of Outdoor Accents from Simpson Strong-Tie. Beautiful and eye-catching structural hardware, the Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents line will help you craft the ideal backyard living room you've always dreamed of for your family.

Molded from ZMAX® galvanized and powder-coated 12 gauge steel, the Avant Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents collection delivers both wonderful support and style to your outdoor living space all in one hardware component.

Building a pergola, pavilion, or arbor with Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents offers a new outside living room for family, guests, and friends

Simpson Avant Outdoor Accents Line

A clean timeless design that delivers phenomenal strength, the Avant Outdoor Accents line from Simpson Strong-Tie helps you complete the DIY pergola, pavilion, or arbor you want. Ideal for both nominal and rough-cut lumber sizes, Simpson Strong-Tie Avant hardware can be used to connect beams, joists, rafters, and posts together while adding decorative detail to highlight the space of your project.

Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents Avant Collection

Featuring straight edges and chamfered corners, the new Avant collection offers a clean, timeless design that complements nearly every architectural style. Attaching via connector screws, structural wood screws, and hex head washers, Avant Outdoor Accents features building code-compliant attachment strength all with a lovely design detail friends and family are sure to notice.

Create a stunning DIY pavilion or DIY pergola with the incredible strength and striking appeal of Simpson Strong-Tie Avant line of structural hardware

Outdoor Accents Avant Collection from Simpson Strong-Tie

Outdoor Accents Avant Post Base

The ideal foundation choice for outdoor projects such as pergolas, pavilions, patio covers, and more, the Avant Post Base from the Simpson Outdoor Accents line anchors a support post or column to concrete, brick, or wood surface with reliable strength.

Outdoor Accents Avant Gable Plate

A strong support component ideal for connecting a horizontal wood beam with three angled wood braces, the Outdoor Accents Avant Gable Plate help bring your DIY shade structure design to life.

Outdoor Accents Avant 90° Rafter Clip

The L-shaped Rafter Clip connector from the Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents line aims to create a more visually appealing wood to wood connection while still providing amazing structural strength.

Outdoor Accents Avant T Strap

Install the Outdoor Accents Avant T Strap to increase strength at connections where one lumber piece intersects another at 90° angle while continuing on. Perfect for connecting a post or column to the installed beams, the Avant T Strap piece helps expand the size of your outdoor structure.

Outdoor Accents Avant L Strap

The Avant L Strap is a flat beam to post connector that will provide hearty reinforcement to your 90° angle connections while providing a lovely looking hardware piece.

Outdoor Accents Avant Joist Tie

Securely fasten the wooden joists, beams, and posts of your backyard structure together with the beautiful look of the Avant Joist Tie from Simpson Strong-Tie.

Outdoor Accents Avant Flat Strap

Ideal for both nominal and rough-cut lumber sizes, the Avant Flat Tie from Simpson Strong-Tie can be used to connect two beams or joists, or is a wonderful choice as a decorative detail to highlight the space of your project.

Choose the strength and beauty of the Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents Avant Collection for your backyard build

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