DecksDirect Offers Custom-Cut Glass

DecksDirect Now Offers Custom Glass!

Deck spaces come in all shapes and sizes - and standard-size parts don't always fit every unique deck setup.

That’s especially true of glass railings. A brilliant, showstopping addition to any deck, glass railings are often unattainable for deck owners because it’s difficult to fit standard glass panel sizes into the unique dimensions of a personalized deck space.

At DecksDirect, we think that’s a shame. So we did something about it. Now, you can create a glass railing setup to perfectly fit your space, because we’ve got some big news:

DecksDirect now offers custom-cut tempered glass panels!

We’re so excited about this news, we can’t help telling everyone how cool custom glass is - and what it can mean for your deck or outdoor space. 

Glass deck railing is the best way to get an uninterrupted view in every season

Table of Contents:

Why glass railing?

Glass railings are one of the coolest upgrades you can make on your deck. It’s a perfect intersection of form and function - a beautiful decorative addition that’s also strong and practical. Here are just a few reasons why we’re so thrilled about our ability to offer custom-cut glass to fit any railing size:

Glass Railing Blends The Best of Indoor and Outdoor Living

A deck is at its best when it unifies the greatest parts of your indoor and outdoor space. You’ve worked hard to make the inside of your home exactly the way you want it - and a glass railing extends that level of class and style into your outdoor space. Your gorgeous outdoor space offers natural beauty and real relaxation - and a glass railing invites those qualities into your deck space by softening the natural barrier between your yard and your deck.

Glass Railing Expands Your View

A glass railing provides an unobstructed view of your beautiful natural surroundings. That’s important for both recreation and safety. Whether you’re enjoying vibrant flowers, plants and trees, taking in a gorgeous sunset, or keeping an eye on kids or pets as they frolic in your yard, a glass railing provides the clearest view you can ask for.

Glass Panels Make Your Deck Look Bigger

Glass panels let in more light than traditional balusters. Interior designers have long known that inviting light is the secret to making any living space look bigger. Instead of adding a window to an interior room, a glass deck railing allows you to effectively surround your living space with windows. It’s no wonder that glass deck railings make for such jaw-dropping photographs of decks that look larger than life.

Westbury Veranda Glass Railing makes your deck a showstopping spectacle

Glass Railings Are Strong And Durable

Glass panels aren’t just for looks. Tempered glass is an extremely sturdy material, creating strong, safe railings for your deck.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is treated with heat to make it much stronger and less breakable than regular glass. The glass is heated to an extremely high temperature, then quickly cooled, strengthening the glass into a tough, hard panel that is four or more times stronger than regular glass.

In addition, if tempered glass does break, it’s designed to safely break into small, rounded-off pieces, rather than large, sharp shards.

Why do I need Custom Glass?

Tempered glass deck railings are amazing. But sizing out panels can be tricky when they’re only available in certain, pre-set dimensions that don’t fit your deck space. That’s why we’re so excited about DecksDirect’s new custom glass option. Instead of trying to source glass locally and juggle the competing demands and timelines of separate railing and glass providers, you can now unify your glass railing project with a one-stop shop for both railings and panels. 

DecksDirect’s personal service, huge selection and unmatched speed make deck projects smooth and easy. Our new custom glass option allows you to bring one more piece of your deck project under that fast, stress-free DecksDirect umbrella - and we consider that a big win for deck projects everywhere!

How do I install tempered glass railing?

Our custom glass panels are compatible with four different deck railing lines. Specific installation instructions will depend on which line you select, but all four use the same concept for keeping the glass in place.

Tempered glass panels generally attach to a railing in one of three different ways. The dado method sets the glass into grooves in the rails and posts. The clamp method uses clamps (typically made of metal) to hold the glass in place and connect it to posts and rails. A standoff system uses round cylinders that attach to the glass on one side and the railing frame on the other.

Dadoes are usually the easiest way to install tempered glass railing, and also the least expensive. That's why all four DecksDirect railing systems compatible with custom glass use the easy-to-install dado method.

Custom Glass Railing Systems

Fortress AL13 Pure View Glass Railing

Fortress AL13 Pure View Glass Deck Railing holds custom glass panels securely between top and bottom rails

Fortress AL13 Pure View Railing is also made from aluminum. In contrast to Century Scenic, the top and bottom rails feature dadoes to hold the tempered glass in place, with a small gap between the glass and the posts.

Shop Fortress Glass Railing

Westbury Veranda Glass Railing

Westbury Veranda Metal Railing uses crossover posts to deliver a beautiful, modern, continuous top rail that pairs beautifully with glass panel infill

Westbury Veranda Glass Railing follows a similar format, with each glass panel installed into dadoes in aluminum top and bottom rails. Westbury Veranda features more color options for your railing finish, and lots of customization options, from a drink rail system to handrails to post and post cap lights.

Westbury Veranda Glass Railing suspends glass panels between stylish metal rails
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Trex Signature Glass Railing

You can also pair Trex Signature Glass Railing with Trex Mesh infill, as shown in the stair panel here

Trex Signature Glass Railing is another aluminum railing option that suspends glass between grooved top and bottom rails. Trex is one of the best-known and most-trusted brands in deck materials, and the classic style of Trex Signature Aluminum is a beautiful contrast with sleek, modern glass infill. Trex has two railing systems that work with DecksDirect’s custom-cut glass panel options.

Shop Trex Signature Glass

Trex Transcend Full Glass Panel Railing

Combine the natural wood look of composite material with the modern shine of glass panel infill with Trex Transcend Glass Deck Railing

Trex Transcend Full Glass Panel Railing is made from composite material rather than metal. The Transcend line features seven color options, including some red and brown tones not typically found in metal railing lines. Otherwise, Trex Transcend railing installs in a similar way to the Fortress AL13 and Westbury Veranda systems, with the glass panel suspended in grooves in the top and bottom rails.

Shop Trex Transcend Glass

How To Get Custom Glass

To make sure we get you the exact dimensions you need, we’ve got a team of decking professionals available by phone to set up your custom glass order. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Pick your glass railing system - or call our design team to talk through your needs and figure out the best option for you
  2. Measure out your deck to find out what size tempered glass panel(s) you’ll need. Our team can guide you through the process on the phone.
  3. Place your order with our sales team.
  4. We’ll send you installation instructions - and we remain available to talk you through them on the phone.

No Extra Waiting For Custom Glass

Just because you need custom-sized panels for your tempered glass railing doesn’t mean you should have to endure a lengthy wait - or pay an exorbitant fee. DecksDirect ships our custom glass panels with the same lead time and same rates as our standard panels.

Fast Shipping With Care

Getting all your glass railing parts fast is great - but getting damaged glass will only slow everything down.

That’s why we’ve perfected the art of shipping you complete glass panels with the utmost care, to make sure everything arrives in perfect condition. Our team build custom pallets to fit the specific pieces in your order. With years of experience shipping large railing and decking projects, we’ve figured out the best way to pack everything in and pad everything out - and we take pride in our consistency. Every single order we ship follows our very detailed instructions to make sure your deck project arrives to your doorstep just as sparkling and flawless as it was when it left our warehouse.

Real People, Real Service - DecksDirect

We hope you can see why we’re so excited about DecksDirect’s new custom glass option! If you’ve been considering adding a tempered glass railing to your deck, there’s never been a better time to order. If you’re just starting the deck-shopping process, we’d love to connect with you to help you explore all the options available. 

Either way, give our team a call - at DecksDirect, we’re committed to our guarantee of Real People, Real Service. That means when you call 1-888-824-5316, you’ll connect with a real, live decking professional who is ready to learn about you and your project to match you with the best options for your vision and your needs. 

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