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DecksDirect's Top American-Made Deck Products

DecksDirect Carries The Top Deck Products Made In The USA

For more than a decade, deck owners across the United States have trusted DecksDirect for the best-quality deck products made right here in the USA. Decking, railing, lighting, underdecking or decorative outdoor accents - no matter what you need, we've got a quality, reliable American-made brand for you.

Here's our list of the top decking brands and products made in the USA. To see how fast you can get one of these quality options for your deck, give us a call at 1-888-824-5316.

An American flag flies over made-in-the-USA Key-Link cable railing

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The Best Decking Products Made in the USA

A flag made from deck boards

We've got the largest in-stock selection of deck products in the United States, including a huge number of made-in-the-USA brands. Here are our top American-made decking brands:

Trex Decking, Railing, Lighting, Fasteners & Underdecking

A beautiful American-made Trex deck set up for yard games

If you've ever taken on a deck project before, you're likely to know the Trex brand name. A pioneer in low-maintenance decking materials, Trex developed and popularized composite decking as a more durable alternative to wood decking in the 1990s. To this day, Trex remains the best-known brand in decking, so much so that "Trex" is often used interchangeably with "composite decking."

A Trex deck with a view of a neighborhood skyline

Trex manufactures its products out of facilities in Virginia and Nevada, providing American-made products to cover any deck need you can imagine. Deck boards, railing, lighting, under-deck drainage, or hidden fasteners: Trex has it all.

A stunning Trex lighting setup

Trex products are proven and trusted across the United States. They're all designed to endure the outdoor elements without requiring lots of regular maintenance. In fact, Trex has revolutionized outdoor living by allowing people to spend more time enjoying their decks and less time maintaining and rebuilding them.

Because Trex is so established in the industry, they offer American-made options for a ton of different styles. Just look at the different styles you can create with Trex Signature Aluminum Railing alone:

Trex Signature Rod Rail

Trex Signature Rod Rail overlooking an American forest

Trex Signature Glass

Trex Signature Glass Railing looking out over a thick American woodland

Trex Signature Mesh

Trex Signature Mesh railing looks sharp in front of fall leaves

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TimberTech Decking, Railing, Lighting & Fasteners

A cool, modern, gray TimberTech deck

TimberTech has built itself into an industry giant by using innovative technology to create the most beautiful, desirable decks imaginable. With premium, luxurious deck boards, railings, lightings, and fastener systems, TimberTech can fully extend the gorgeous, on-trend looks of your interior decoration into your outdoor living spaces.

An American-made TimberTech deck with a fireplace

The modern TimberTech brand is owned by AZEK Building Products, and TimberTech deck products are made in the USA using manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Beautiful coastal TimberTech deck lighting

Quality American manufacturing shines through in TimberTech's decking, railing, and lighting, which looks luxurious, high-class, and always on-trend. No matter the setting, a TimberTech deck will always deliver showstopping looks that are built to last in the outdoor elements.

A bright oceanside TimberTech deck

TimberTech is also popular for its massive selection of product offerings that makes it incredibly easy to customize your deck into a one-of-a-kind spectacle like nothing else in the neighborhood. With 6 distinct decking lines and the ultra-customizable TimberTech Classic Composite railing system, TimberTech allows you to set your deck apart from anything your guests have experienced before.

Check out a few examples of the totally unique TimberTech deck looks below:

Multi-Width Deck Boards

A deck with deck boards of different widths for a unique custom look

Composite Railing With Cable Runs

A unique-looking black composite deck railing with stainless steel cable runs

Tongue-and-Groove Advanced PVC Porch Boards

A classic American front porch with stylish southern charm

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Key-Link Railing Systems

A sunset over scenic Key-Link Cable Railing

If you're looking for deck railing so intricately crafted that it's practically a work of art, Key-Link is the brand you want. Their high-quality craftsmanship shows through in gorgeous, detailed railings that create stunning deck settings.

Key-Link ensures total quality in its manufacturing by handling the entire process from its facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From fabricating to powder-coating, Key-Link's attention to detail makes every piece it produces a made-in-the-USA sensation.

An American flag flies over a lakeside deck with American-made Key-Link railing

True to its name, Key-Link's American Series top rail is a gorgeous, modern piece that melds together different styles like the historic American melting pot of culture. Perfectly modern, yet sleek and classic, the American Series top rail is ornate without being gaudy, functionally graspable without being drab and lifeless.

The beautiful detail of made-in-the-USA Key-Link American Series Railing

That same top rail pairs brilliantly with a range of different looks - and Key-Link offers high-quality railing systems for all of them. Above, you can see a metal railing system complete with sturdy vertical aluminum balusters. Below are Key-Link's stunning cable railing options:

Key-Link Horizontal Cable Railing

A flag over a Key-Link railing setup

Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing

A Key-Link Vertical Cable system

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AFCO Railing Systems & Columns

AFCO manufactures high-quality aluminum deck railings and load-bearing porch columns that are extremely durable and effortlessly stylish.

AFCO is an American success story that started out of a Louisiana facility and has expanded to several manufacturing centers across the south. With quality-control of the manufacturing process, AFCO is known and trusted nationwide for durable, well-made deck products with classic style.

AFCO Pro Aluminum Railing on deck stairs

Its railing offerings come with two distinct top rails. The rounded-off Pro top rail (shown above) blends a traditional shape with modern materials for a compelling and timeless look. Meanwhile the Flat Top profile is one of the best options on the market for mounting a deck board as a stylish and functional drink rail.

AFCO Cable Railing is made in the USA

AFCO also offers trusted, American-made options for a variety of railing styles, including full glass panel railing and modern cable railing. You can see some of AFCO's many style options below:

AFCO Glass Panel Railing

The light reflects off of luxury AFCO full glass panel railing

AFCO Pro Cable Railing

AFCO's round top rail combined with sleek cable runs

AFCO Metal Railing In A Stunning White

The sharp white profile of AFCO Pro Aluminum Railing on a grand house

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Other Top American-Made Deck Products & Brands

We carry a huge selection of American-made deck products and U.S. brands. Here are a few more of our top Made In The USA decking brands:

LMT Mercer Lighting

Lighted post caps by LMT Mercer brighten up a deck at night

LMT Mercer creates beautiful American-made lighting to add to your deck, from lighted post caps to small recessed lights you can install right into your deck stairs or deck surface.

FastenMaster Screws & Fastening Systems

A bucket of FastenMaster structural wood screws

Get a strong, secure connection for your deck boards with U.S.-made FastenMaster screws and fasteners, including plugs made to perfectly match the color and texture of the most popular deck board brands.

FastenMaster Cortex Plugs made to match the color and texture of deck boards

UpSide Deck Ceiling By Color Guard

A beautiful, dry underdeck space created by UpSide Deck Ceiling

Make your underdeck space into a beautiful outdoor room with UpSide Deck Ceiling. Made in Wisconsin, UpSide Deck Ceiling by Color Guard is a Made-in-the-USA way to get the trendy modern farmhouse beadboard look while funneling rainwater away from the space underneath your deck.

Dekor Lighting & Balusters

A beautiful lighting setup by Dekor lighting

Use your deck until all hours of the night with gorgeous American-made deck lighting from Dekor that's easy to plan and install in any deck setting.

ZipUP Underdeck Ceiling

ZipUP Underdeck ceiling

You can create a dry, usable space underneath your deck with ZipUP Underdeck Drainage - an American-made underdecking system that's easy to install and looks great, too.

Westbury Railing Systems

Westbury Veranda Glass Railing, made in the USA

For beautiful, versatile railings to fit any deck, check out American brand Westbury Railing Systems, which features metal and glass railing options.

A patriotic deck chair and table showing off the red, white, and blue

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