How to Build a Privacy Wall with Panels

As we're all spending more time at home, and stay-cations on the rise around the world, why not take the time to create a little slice of paradise right in your own backyard?!

Whether you're hoping to create individual spaces throughout your outdoor space so that all the family and household members can relax alone from time to time, or if you're hoping to block out the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby to help your yard feel like it's just for you; building a DIY privacy wall or privacy fence can help you create the outdoor living space you need.

How to Build a Privacy Wall On Your Deck

One of the most comforting things about learning how to build a privacy wall in your own backyard, aside from the relaxing feeling of preventing unwanted viewers, is that there are so many ways to design and build a privacy fence!

Create a backyard privacy fence with nearly any wood, railing, or decking material you have on hand for a quick way to add a touch of solitude easily. Even luckier than how easy it is to build a privacy fence, is how simple and straightforward privacy panel systems have been designed for DIY builders to use!

Increase the happiness of your outdoor space by learning how to build a privacy wall and reduce the noise of the neighborhood beyond

How to Build a Privacy Wall Step by Step

Laying out and building a DIY privacy fence or wall on your deck or patio area allows you to reimagine the building plans of your outdoor space. Privacy walls can be as decorative or as plain as you like to blend in with the aesthetic of your home.

Choose from an unadorned wood material such as Cedar or Ipe for a clean, subtle backyard design, or choose rich and detailed Privacy Panels from top deck railing brands RDI HideAway Privacy Rail Panels and Barrette Privacy Screen Panels.

Choosing to build with privacy wall panels such as RDI HideAway and Barrette Privacy Screen Panels will offer the homeowner a backyard privacy wall that lasts longer and remains beautiful longer. Choose aluminum deck posts and rail kits then complete your privacy wall design with either powder-coated aluminum privacy panels or thick vinyl Privacy Infill Panels.

Working with a full privacy fence system will be more convenient, attractive, and durable than standard wood fences and railing. Let's walk through a tutorial on how to build a DIY privacy wall with an innovative setup so you can create yours this weekend and increase the privacy of your backyard!

1. Sketch Out Your Yard Space

With a spare notepad and a pencil, sketch out the basics of your outdoor living space. This sketch by no means should be perfect, however it can truly help you visualize your entire backyard area as one cohesive space.

By envisioning your deck, porch, and patio all as one outdoor room for yourself and your family and guests, you can truly expand your reach outward evening when building a privacy wall on the cheap! You can add as few or as many privacy fence panels or privacy walls you like to create the atmosphere you want for your backyard.

With all of the sides of your property drawn down, consider where the most foot-traffic or action occurs outside of your yard.

Is your front sidewalk a popular walking route for others in the neighborhood? Do you have an opening through which the noisy dog next door yaps at you? Is Carol next door a little snoopy sometimes?

Plan for it!

2. Choose Your Privacy Wall Design

Now that you know the height, length, and quantity of the privacy panels or privacy walls you're working with; begin considering the overall style and appearance of your backyard area.

Keep your backyard design simple, natural, and in warm neutral tones that will help increase your relaxation and peace. Work with organic-looking patterns to keep your vibe consistent throughout your entire home.

Choose unique, one-of-a-kind privacy panel designs that highlight the creativity and enjoyment surrounding your home. Futuristic designs can highlight certain areas of the backyard area while delivering a fun garden playground for family and guests.

Create taller privacy panel walls to keep the outdoor space protected from the prying eyes of neighbors. It's recommended to work with an impermeable and waterproof material such as vinyl to prevent splashes or spills from sticking around.

Simple and natural-looking privacy railing panels, such as HideAway Privacy Panels by RDI deliver a classic wood-grain texture, enjoyable basic shades, and a lasting weather-resistant vinyl material, this will keep your outdoor living room looking clean and feeling removed from the outside world.

Build a backyard privacy wall to block out nosy neighbors and be able to enjoy your backyard space

3. Position and Mount Privacy Fence Posts

Next you'll simply want to anchor your fence posts in place to start the foundation of your backyard privacy wall. If mounting your privacy wall posts directly into the fresh ground below, you'll want to learn more about your region's climate and how to build a structural footing. Read more in the How to Frame a Deck guide.

Installing a privacy wall on a deck is a snap though! Simply position and attach your deck rail posts in place with 4 fasteners. Drive all 4 fasteners halfway in place, stop and use a level to ensure that your post is plumb against the ground, and then drive the deck post screws in fully.

You'll want at least 4 inches of blocking or substructure underneath for a strong deck post foundation. For installation on wood or composite material, DecksDirect recommends using the GRK RSS fastener line.

When mounting your privacy panel posts on stone or concrete patios, simply position in place, and attach via concrete structural screws much like installing on wood. Pre-drill the fastener openings to prevent the concrete below from cracking, check that your post is plumb, and then fully drive your GRK Caliburn XL Concrete Screws in place!

4. Attach Rails and Privacy Panels

With the posts for your backyard privacy wall or fence in place, simply attach the privacy rail kits or fastener kits to the installed posts, add the panels of your choosing, and it's complete!

For the RDI HideAway Privacy Rail system, you'll be working with the Privacy Rail Kit to create a secure hold for your home's privacy panels. RDI HideAway Privacy Rail Kits are crafted from durable powder-coated aluminum for a secure hold in gusts of wind as well as a lasting look throughout the changing seasons.

Complete your deck or patio design with the decorative HideAway Privacy Vinyl Panels from RDI which lock securely in place via their patented ClickConnect™ technology. The RDI HideAway Privacy Rail system is both IBC and IRC building code compliant for a sturdy and stylish look.

Other privacy panel lines such as the Barrette Privacy Screen Panel brand will include mounting rails and hardware to fit your privacy fence design! Post Kits for the Barrette Privacy Screen Panel are available in a Frame Post, Line Post, or Corner Post kit profile to complete your backyard space all-in-one!

Create a privacy fence with easy to use privacy panels for an afternoon project that protects your family's space

5. Relax in Your Secluded Backyard Oasis!

Now that your outdoor living space is more secluded and peaceful, make the most of your time outdoors and truly start feeling free in your own backyard. From hosting dinner parties to enjoying romantic campfires with your loved one, expand your home's entertaining area into the nature beyond with your own DIY privacy wall build.

Sit back, relax, and let your guard down in your private backyard space!

Create an even more expansive outdoor living room with a DIY pergola build from top pergola brands Wild Hog Products and Simpson Strong-Tie! DIY pergola builds such as the LINX Simplified Pergola system allow you to add a beautiful backyard shade structure that supports a relaxing backyard hammock.

Learn more about the basics of deck framing and building in the Deck Framing Guide and learn the specific deck part names in the Glossary of Deck Terms and Lingo. Here you can read more about backyard designs and landscaping that can your home's outdoor area become the most popular destination in the neighborhood!

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The more you know, the better your deck and backyard projects will be! Whether you're looking at a brand new start or a summertime deck renovation; give our deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at Our deck experts will help you get the information, products, and tools you need for a gorgeous deck that you created and designed!