Country Backyard Ideas From Pergolas To Hog Wire Fencing

If you want to create an inviting, cozy backyard, country styling can be your best friend. There's something warm and calming about the rustic simplicity of a country or farmhouse style - and it's easy to bring those emotions into your backyard setting.

Let's explore an earthy, natural backyard complete with a rustic pergola - breaking everything down so you can learn how to get the look for yourself.

A rustic pergola with gorgeous outdoor lighting

The Look: Rustic Pergola Patio

A country backyard setup with outdoor products tagged

Follow each tag to the numbered headings below to learn more about each piece of this look.

  1. STIX Timber Beams
  2. LINX Pergola Connections
  3. LINX Pergola Sunshade
  4. Pergola Lighting
  5. Wild Hog Fence
  6. Bonus: LINX Pergola Hammock

How To Get This Look

Done right, a country-style backyard will feel warm and inviting, day or night. For this backyard, the key is in the warm, natural wood tones consistent between the pergola, the railing, and even some of the furniture. Thoughtful lighting allows that bright wood to shine even as the sun sets.

Here are each of the components working together to create this look:

A beautiful pergola covers an outdoor seating and cooking area

#1 STIX Timber Beams

The structure of this rustic pergola is made from STIX Timber - beautiful wood beams that make for easy-to-assemble pergolas that are built to last.

STIX Engineered Structural Timber is made from kiln-dried cypress wood that looks amazing and holds tough through the outdoor elements without warping, twisting, or splitting. Plus, STIX beams are hollow, making them easy to assemble and allowing you to run lighting wires out of sight:

A hollow-core STIX Timber pergola piece
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#2 LINX Pergola Connectors

A beautiful sitting area under a pergola and sunshade

Each STIX Timber piece is connected by a sleek metal pergola connection made by LINX Pergola. LINX Pergola connectors are made from powder-coated steel that adds a brilliant black accent to the woodsy tones of the pergola beams and posts.

The great part about assembling your pergola from LINX and STIX is that you can mix and match pieces to perfectly fit your space. STIX beams come in multiple lengths, and LINX offers multiple joint connections to open up your options.

For example, the standard corners in the image above use LINX's TRIFIT connections to link three sections of STIX Timber:

A LINX TRIFIT pergola connector

For simpler connections or entryway arches, LINX offers a two-pronged L/FIT:

A LINX L/FIT Pergola connector

You can also protect the bottom of each STIX Timber post with the UNIFIT post base:

A LINX UNIFIT creates a sturdy pergola base

The result is always a gorgeous rustic pergola blending natural wood with sleek black accents.

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#3 LINX Pergola Sunshade

Now come the accent pieces, which really ramp up the country styling - as well as the usefulness of the backyard space.

A sun shade provides much-needed relief from the sun during the daytime. But more than that, it gives your outdoor space the feeling of a complete room - as if your backyard is an extension of your cozy indoor living spaces.

A sun shade that attaches to a LINX Pergola

Sunshades are easy to set up, spanning across the top of your LINX pergola setup. The cozy backyard above adds a slightly more modern accent by using a charcoal gray sunshade to tie in with the steel pergola connectors. But you can also double down on the warm wood look by using a beige pergola sunshade, as shown below:

A pergola with a sunshade
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#4 Pergola Lighting

The pergola looks amazing by itself, but it's a thoughtful lighting plan that really brings the space to life. It's what takes the space from this…

A Rustic backyard pergola during the day

... to this:

A glowing backyard pergola at night

This yard uses classic string lights with some old-school charm. That's a great choice, especially in a very rustic setting.

For a slightly more modern-farmhouse backyard look, you could check out DEKOR's pergola lights, which are cleverly designed to attach directly to pergola beams.

An innovative DEKOR Empyrean LED Pergola Light

DEKOR Pergola lights are L-shaped, with a long-lasting LED light on one surface and holes on the other surface so you can screw the lights directly into your pergola beams.

The L-shaped DEKOR Pergola Light can attach directly to pergola beams

The clever design means you can direct your light wherever you want it. You can use uplighting to turn your pergola into a spectacle, or direct your lighting inwards to spotlight a table or seating area.

Each DEKOR Pergola Light is a long-lasting LED
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#5 Wild Hog Railing

Adding to the rustic farmhouse charm of this backyard is the distinctive look of Wild Hog railing, used to fence in the seating area.

Wild Hog panels are a pre-welded metal mesh that can fit between wood, metal, or composite-sleeve posts. The look of classic hog wire fencing is timeless and gives any space a huge amount of character.

The hog wire fence look of Wild Hog railing

Hog wire panels look especially good inside of wood posts for a rustic farmhouse style. You can drill holes or create a groove directly in the wood, or use easy-to-install Hog Tracks channels, as shown below:

Hog Tracks Channels house Wild Hog Panels in a wood railing
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#6 LINX Pergola Hammock

One bonus element not pictured above: a relaxing hammock that installs directly into your LINX Pergola.

A LINX Pergola Hammock attaches directly to your LINX Pergola

Pergola hammocks make a perfect addition to a cozy, welcoming space - plus, they add seating for when furry family members take over your patio furniture as shown below.

A pergola with a hammock attached
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