Farmhouse Porch Ideas To Inspire

Modern farmhouse styling is exploding right now. But achieving it requires a delicate balance of traditional country elements and clean, bright, contemporary lines.

If you're looking for modern farmhouse front porch ideas, look no further: we'll break down how this porch is achieving a timeless blend of the traditional and the modern.

A modern farmhouse front porch with each component labeled

A cozy porch with breakfast and coffee served

A cozy modern farmhouse front porch with white railing and soft brown and blue decor

The Look: Cozy Farmhouse Porch

A modern farmhouse front porch with each component labeled

Follow each tag to the numbered headings below to learn more about each piece of this look.

  1. Mahogany TimberTech Porch Boards
  2. White Porch Railing With TimberTech Premier Rail
  3. Aluminum Porch Columns By AFCO
  4. Blues and Browns For Classic Farmhouse Porch Decor

How To Get This Look

This front porch is cozy, yet not crowded, classic without looking dated. The key is a combination of rich decking with crisp, white railings and columns - all tied together with a soft blue traditional decor.

Let's take it piece by piece.

#1 Mahogany Porch Boards by TimberTech

This porch looks classic without looking dated - that's because of the gorgeous, high-quality porch boards used to make up the deck's surface. This porch uses PVC porch boards from TimberTech - they're similar to PVC deck boards, but designed specifically for porches with an easy tongue-and groove design.

A beautifully-textured AZEK porch board with its tongue and groove sides showing

TimberTech Porch Boards feature the same stunning color and texture as TimberTech Advanced PVC decking. TimberTech has become wildly popular for creating the desirable and gorgeous decking on the planet.

You can see the rich color blends and wire-brushed texture below - that's what creates the totally classic porch look by combining traditional wood looks with that 'new deck' feel. TimberTech Porch Boards are incredibly durable, meaning the look you install will last for years to come.

Tongue-and-groove AZEK porch boards in the Mahogany finish
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#2 White Porch Railing With TimberTech Premier Rail

With darker wood tones on the deck surface, this deck needs bright white railing to elevate the space and invite the light. Traditional farmhouse styling might use wood railing painted white - but that can go from classy to unkempt in a hurry as paint begins to peel and wood begins to crack or warp.

This deck's solution is a composite railing setup. Composite railing delivers the same traditional style as wood railings, with substantial posts and sturdy rails. But the capped composite material doesn't need painting or staining, and holds up to all kinds of weather without losing its shape or color.

A traditional white porch railing using TimberTech's Premier Rail

Plus, with composite railing, you can customize your top rail without requiring custom woodwork. This porch uses TimberTech Classic Composite railing, which features four different top rail profiles. The obvious choice for this modern farmhouse vibe is the Premier Rail, a timeless top rail that transcends eras of deck decor.

The timeless look of TimberTech's premier rail
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#3 Aluminum Porch Columns By AFCO

Porch columns are an iconic look that add grandeur to a porch. A modern farmhouse porch can work great with simple, unadorned square or round columns, but this porch uses a slightly more distinctive look with recessed panels on each column surface.

An AFCO Acadian Column will deliver a look like the one shown - but AFCO has plenty of other column styles, too, from the versatile Natchez to the distinctive Craftsman.

All of these column options are load-bearing and made from strong aluminum that's easy to clean and maintain.

White columns create a cozy modern farmhouse porch look
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#4 Blues and Browns For Classic Farmhouse Porch Decor

The porch boards provide the earthy, downhome feel. The white railing and columns brighten the space and bring the clean, contemporary vibes. But the finishing touch is in the porch decor.

This porch uses natural wood furniture to emphasize the farmhouse styling - then tops it all off with an eye-catching blue floral pattern, as you can see in the plate below:

A cozy porch with breakfast and coffee served

Echoing that blue pattern in the vase below ties the space together and adds a much-needed pop of color to make the space feel personal and inviting.

An inviting farmhouse porch with drinks ready and waiting

The result is a gorgeous modern farmhouse porch. Low-maintenance materials mean the space won't require lots of regular chores, and the timeless styling won't need redecorating or modernizing as the years pass. That's what we're all about at DecksDirect: creating a porch that you can spend your time enjoying - not maintaining or updating!

A low-maintenance modern farmhouse porch ready for enjoyment

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