Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas: Contrast Black & Platinum

Playing with contrasts in shape and color is a great way to make your deck stand out from the neighborhood - and you can do it with a well-placed rod railing.

For a distinctive and bright deck look, check out the setup below. Then see how to create the look for yourself, piece-by-piece.

A platinum white horizontal rod railing on a gray deck

The Look: A Modern, High-Contrast Deck

Black and white Trex Signature Rod Rail with Trex Transcend decking with the specific products tagged

A country-style horizontal rod railing deck with lighting and railing products tagged

Follow each tag to the numbered headings below to learn more about each piece of this look.

  1. Trex Signature Rod Rail
  2. Trex Transcend Island Mist Decking
  3. Flat Top Low Voltage LED Post Cap Light
  4. Wedge Low Voltage LED Rail Light
  5. Trex ADA Aluminum Handrail
  6. BONUS: Recessed Low Voltage LED Riser Light

How To Get This Look

This look is built on the interplay between different colors, shapes, and textures. So achieving the look is about striking the perfect balance when it comes to contrasts.

Rod Railing: Trex Signature Rod Rail

A wide view of the Trex Signature Rod Rail setup

Deck railing is usually defined by vertical lines: sturdy posts run straight up and down, as do traditional wood or metal balusters. Rod railing flips that vertical orientation on its head, using long, horizontal bars instead of rows of vertical balusters between each set of posts.

Trex Signature Rod Rail takes that contrast in orientation and pairs it with another brilliant contrast: platinum white horizontal rods housed within the framework of sleek black posts and rails.

If you prefer, Trex Signature Rod Rail also comes in a few other color options: black rods with black rails (shown below) or platinum rods with bronze rails.. No matter the color, rod railing has an undeniably modern look, and the horizontal rods also open up your deck view.

Trex Signature Horizontal Rod Railing shown in black

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Multi-Tonal Decking: Trex Transcend Island Mist

Trex composite deck boards with distinctive horizontal rod railing

To go with the sharp contrasts in the railing, this deck uses deck boards that contain a multi-color contrast within them. There are tons of composite and PVC decking options that blend multiple tones into a single board - this deck uses Trex's top-quality decking line, Trex Transcend.

Below, you can see a close-up of the Island Mist color used on this deck. Gray is the predominant color, but there are noticeable streaks of black and a subtle blending of grays and tans to create a rich depth of color and tone.

A close-up of Trex's Island Mist decking color

The best part about composite decking is that the look you install is the look you lock in for the long haul. Unlike wood decking, which needs to be regularly repainted or restrained to keep its look, composite decking is low-maintenance and holds both its strength and looks for years to come. Trex Transcend decking, specifically, comes with a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

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Lighted Post Caps: Flat Top Low Voltage Caps

Low voltage lighted post caps on Trex Signature Rod Rail

A deck setup this stylish and modern just isn't complete without great lighting. Fortunately, Trex Signature Rod Rail is easy to light up - that's because Trex has a wealth of great lighting options.

Above, you can see low voltage LED post cap lights illuminating the deck early in the evening. Lighted post caps are low-profile and don't distract from your deck look during the day. Then at night, they bathe your deck in luxurious light.

No matter what color you choose for your horizontal rod railing, there's a post cap to match, with black, white, and bronze finish options:

Lighted post caps for Trex Signature railing shown in black, white, and bronze

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Post Mount Lights: Wedge LED Rail Light

The downward-projecting light of the Wedge Rail light installed on a deck post

Speaking of low-profile, check out the subtle wedge rail lights this deck uses to illuminate walking paths along the railing. The wedge lights project light downwards, brightening up a deck space and making for safe footsteps for all guests.

See how low-profile wedge rail lights are in the daytime photo below:

The inconspicuous look of Trex Wedge Rail Lights during the daytime

Like all low voltage deck lighting, Trex Wedge Lights are incredibly easy to install and wire. The simple plug-and-play system makes the wiring a breeze, and post mount lights like these fasten right onto deck posts:

A view of a disassembled Wedge Rail Light by Trex

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ADA Compliant Handrail: Trex Round ADA Handrail

The last few additions to this deck setup deal with safety. An ADA-compliant handrail makes your deck accessible to all, offering a sturdy grip for your friends, family, and loved ones as they navigate deck stairs.

A Trex Aluminum Round ADA Compliant handrail piece

The end return of a Trex ADA Handrail

The Trex ADA Handrail comes in a few easy-to-assemble parts. If you need help planning your handrail, just give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 and our team will guide you through the checklist of parts you need.

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Stair Lighting: Recessed LED Riser Lights

Recessed lights brighten up footpaths ona  set of deck stairs

The other important key to making your stairs safe for all guests is adding stair lighting. The good news is that's much easier than you'd think! Recessed riser lights install right into riser boards and attach to the same plug-and-play connections used for post cap and deck railing lights.

Below, you can see a recessed light before installation:

A low-profile recessed riser light from Trex

Riser lights are specially designed to project light downwards onto steps so you can have safe footpaths on and off your deck at all hours of the day and night.

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