Fortress Evolution

Build your dream deck with strength from the ground up with the cutting-edge line of Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing system. Cast from galvanized steel and covered with a protective and rich Black Sand textured powder-coat finish, the Fortress Evolution delivers a better all-around deck frame from the very start.

The Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing and Stair system is the next-level step in deck building. Designed by deck builders, for deck builders; the Evolution Framing line allows you to build safe, stable, and sturdy decks with less effort.

Fortress Evolution Framing

After speaking with professional contractors and researching deck frame materials from around the world, Fortress Building Products realized that the North American deck market was missing a new key element: metal deck framing.

Relying solely on lumber for backyard projects, builders throughout the US are dependent upon availability, climate change, and rising costs. Fortress Building Products chose to get ahead of the issue and revolutionize the deck industry all-in-one with the Fortress Evolution Deck Framing system. A steel framing line that is affordable, easy to install, and incredibly tough.

Designed and engineered to look and install like standard wood, the Fortress Evolution line makes building a deck frame as clear as can be while the consistently uniform pieces eliminate second guesses.

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Fortress Evolution Steel Framing

Find out how Fortress Evolution Framing can turn the deck you've always wanted into the deck you'll always have!

The Fortress Steel Deck Framing line can be cut and mounted to fit any deck design and style

Easy to Plan, Design, and Build

The Evolution system consists of 5 basic components to making assembly quick and straightforward!

  • Ledger- The part of a deck that attaches to a home or structure, Evolution's S-Ledger boasts an interlocking design with the Ledger Bracket that eliminates excessive fasteners and speeds up installation. The S-shaped piece sits securely on its brackets to provide a sturdy, safe deck connection that offers peace of mind.
  • Joists- Evolution Joists run perpendicular to the ledger board and create the outward run of your deck space. The steel joists of the Fortress Evolution system will hold their shape providing a perfectly flat deck surface that will not sag or warp over the life of your deck.
  • Beams- Running parallel to the attached home or structure, beams will create the width of your outdoor space. Fortress Evolution Beams have been engineered to achieve longer spans between supports than wood eliminating excessive support posts and obstructed views.
  • Posts- Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Posts provide the perfect solution to support your deck. The black powder-coated deck posts create a beautiful under-deck look and attach directly to concrete deck footings or piers.
  • Blocking- Blocking is additional support pieces that are attached to minimize movement and keep the frame firmly in place. Fortress Evolution Blocking is required when joist spans are greater than 8 feet long.
  • Brackets- Solid, tough connection points between different components of the Fortress Framing system such as post-to-pier or joist-to-beam attachments.

The straight, uniform steel framing pieces provide a perfectly flat surface without crowning, warping, or cracking over the entire lifespan your deck. Skip scanning lumber for knots, splintering, or rot! Instead, build once and enjoy forever with Fortress Evolution Steel Framing.

Learn more about installation in this quick video below:

Durable and Resistant Material

The Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing line is made from noncombustible material and is resistant to fire damage. The coated steel framing pieces are also invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting, and pesky insect damage for a deck you can truly relax on.

Achieve Longer Spans and Grander Deck Designs

Evolution Steel Deck Framing has been engineered to provide greater spans between supports, resulting in fewer columns for less obstructed views. Create the deck design your backyard craves and build beyond your limitations with the modern strength of steel.

Curved edges and unique floor layouts are a breeze with the Fortress Evolution method. Customize your material list to your home's specific deck design and make your outdoor living space the new favorite room in the house.

Perfect for Any Decking Material

Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing is compatible with any type or brand of decking material to complete your deck aesthetic easily. Install composite decking, PVC deck boards, aluminum flooring, wood deck tiles, tropical hardwoods, and more without worry.

Be sure to choose deck board fasteners that are created for installation on metal deck framing systems such as the CAMO EdgeXMetal Clips, the Pro Plug System for Metal Framing from Starborn, or color-matching Metal Framing Screws.

Build with the strength of steel supporting your home's outdoor space with the Fortress Evolution Steel Framing system

Level and Stair Deck Framing Available

Available for both level and stair deck framing, the Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing line is ideal for any backyard space design. Evolution is the first complete steel stair system in deck framing and offers three different stair bracket options to provide the perfect rise and run for your deck's staircase.

Use the Fortress Evolution Stair Strap, Stair Anchor, and Stair Tray to quickly build the perfect entrance to your deck space.

The Fortress Evolution framing system makes creating a deck staircase easy and simple for a quick deck build

Learn more about the basics of deck framing and building in the Deck Framing Guide and learn the specific deck part names in the Glossary of Deck Terms and Lingo.

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The more you know, the better your deck and backyard projects will be! Whether you're looking at a brand new start or a summertime deck renovation; give our deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at Our deck experts will help you get the information, products, and tools you need for a gorgeous deck that you created and designed!