Fortress AL13 Aluminum Railing System

For the look of steel in a lightweight aluminum panelized system, Fortress AL13 Aluminum Railing is your go to. This high-quality aluminum railing is an excellent choice for patios, porches, and decks alike. The finishes in this railing system match perfectly with Fortress Accents' Deck Lighting components and offer the choice to add a decorative top rail for a distinctive touch.

Fortress AL13 metal Deck Railing System

Key Features

  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum
  • Customizable Top Rail
  • Glass Infill Options Available
  • Three Color Options (Gloss Black, Gloss White, & Black Sand)

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The Basics

The Fortress AL13 Railing System is a simple 4-part railing system with the option to add additional accessories and decorative additions. Our AL13 Aluminum Rail Installation Guide will help you install your railing correct the first time.

Fortress AL13 Aluminum Deck Railing System Componnets

Step 1 - AL13 Aluminum Deck Post

AL13 Aluminum Post by FortressThe AL13 Aluminum Post by Fortress is a 3 x 3 inch aluminum post with a solid welded base. These posts are available in a 39-1/2 inch and 45-1/2 inch heights and three powder-coated finishes, Gloss Black, Gloss White, and Black Sand. Each AL13 aluminum post purchase includes the post, one post base cover, and one base plate barrier (placed between post base and deck surface)

Step 2 - Post Cap

Flat Pyramid Post Cap by Fortress AccentsStep 2 is where you will make a decision on what style of post cap you want to use. In order to stay within the Fortress line of products, DecksDirect offers the Flat Pyramid Post Cap by Fortress Accents and the AL13 Aluminum Post Cap by Fortress. Both of these post caps are available in the same color finishes as the rest of the Fortress AL13 products and will also fit the 3 x 3 inch AL13 aluminum post. Both of these post caps include two set screws and an allen wrench for installation. DecksDirect also has a wide variety of post caps in different material types in both lit and unlit varieties, so definitely feel free to go with something completely your own as well.

Step 3 - Fortress AL13 Traditional Prefabricated Aluminum Panels

AL13 Traditinoal Prefabricated Aluminum PanelNow you decide if you want to use the AL13 Traditional Prefabricated Aluminum Panel by Fortress for level railing, the AL13 Traditional Adjustable Aluminum Stair Panel by Fortress for stair railing, or both if you're installing both level and stair railing. Both level and stair railings are available in gloss black, gloss white, and black sand with rail height choices of 34-inches or 40-inches. With level railing, you have the choice of 6-foot or 8-foot railing lengths (nominal - on center measurements) but with stair railing, you only have the option for 8-foot sections.

Step 4A - Fortress AL13 Evolve External Rail Bracket

AL13 Evolve External Rail Bracket by FortressStep 4 is where you will decide the style of railing bracket you want to use with your railing system. The AL13 Evolve External Rail Brackets are available in packs of four in your choice of three different colors, gloss black, black sand, or gloss white. Each pack includes the four brackets, eight 2-1/2-inch wood screws, and twelve 3/4-inch thread cutting metal screws. You also have the choice of a standard bracket, adjustable stair bracket (up/down) that accommodates 0-45°, or angle brackets that accommodate angles from 0° to 45°.

Step 4B - Fortress AL13 Evolve Internal Rail Bracket

AL13 Evolve External Rail Bracket by FortressThe AL13 Evolve Internal Rail Bracket by Fortress is the simplest way to install level sections of AL13 rail panels. Just like the AL13 evolve external rail brackets above, the internal rail brackets are available in gloss black, gloss white, and black sand and come in packs of four. The internal rail brackets only include the one bracket and are only for use with level, straight AL13 rail panels.

Customizations & Additional Deck Railing Options

The Fortress AL13 Aluminum Panel Railing System has a few additional customization options that are available.

Step 5A - AL13 Accent Top Panel

AL13 Accent Top Panel by FortressFortress' AL13 Accent Top Panels are a fantastic way to accessorize your AL13 panel. You have your choice of four top rail styles - the colonial flat accent top to add an architectural design, the ring top, circle top, or 3 rail accent. The ring top, circle top, and 3 rail accent top panel require 45-1/2 inch posts, 34-inch rail panel height, and the AL13 Evolve Large External Rail Brackets for Accent Panels. This would make your total installed railing height 42-1/2 inches (This includes a 3-1/2 inch space between deck surface and bottom edge of bottom rail).

Step 5A - AL13 Evolve Large External Rail Brackets For Accent Panels

AL13 Evolve Large External Rail Bracket for Accent PanelsAL13 Evolve Large External Rail Brackets for Accent Panels are what connects your accent top panel and prefabricated aluminum panel to your post. Installing a top accent panel is not possible without these brackets. These brackets come in four packs and only include the bracket with purchase.

Step 5B - AL13 Cap Rail Clip

AL13 Cap Rail Clip by FortressIn order to incorporate a wood or composite top cap rail into your aluminum railing system, you will need the AL13 Cap Rail Clip by Fortress. Installation is fast and easy as each purchase includes four rail clips and eight color-matched installation screws. You need one clip for every four feet in order to ensure a secure installation. These cap rail clips are available in gloss black, black sand, and gloss white.

Step 6A - AL13 Support Block

AL13 Support Block by FortressIf you're worried that your railing won't have enough support or if you notice your railing is sagging then we recommend purchasing the AL13 Support Blocks by Fortress.They're available in the same finishes as the rest of the AL13 system and include one support block and four installation screws.

Step 6B - AL13 Aluminum Gate Uprights

AL13 Aluminum Gate UprightsLast but not least are the AL13 Aluminum Gate Uprights. They allow you to create a custom-sized gate, for a distinctive addition to your AL13 railing. All you need to do is install the uprights on each side of a cut-down AL13 prefabricated panel. Every purchase includes two uprights and the self-tapping screws that are needed in order to attach the panel. These gate uprights are available in the same colors as the rest of the AL13 system. Keep in mind that your Gate Hardware is sold separately.

The Fortress AL13 Aluminum Deck Railing System is an excellent choice for high-quality aluminum deck railing. To make things even better, DecksDirect is offering free shipping on Fortress AL13 purchases of $999 or more (up to a $199 value!). If you would like us to get you a quote for your AL13 railing project just head on over to our Get A Quote page and fill out our simple form. 

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