Feeney CableRail

Feeney Cable Railing System

Feeney Cable Railing System

As a pioneer in the cable railing industry, Feeney has incorporated a mix of innovation, simplification, and quality to make them one of the strongest companies on the market today. In response to growing interest for an unobtrusive railing, Feeney turned their experience in nautical rigging towards the railing industry. Since its first introduction, Feeney cable has continued to improve and make its cable even more accessible.

Feeney introduced the QuickConnect fitting fastener that has automatic-locking jaws to securely grip the cable and speed up installation. After developing an entire infill system, Feeney focused on simplifying and streamlining. They created Standard Assembly kits using the QuickConnect fittings available in lengths from 5ft to 70ft long.

Feeney cable has limitless possibilities as its sleek design makes for an obstruction-free view with customizable options. For more personalization, Feeney also offers the DesignRail system. It is a pre-engineered cable railing system that is completely designed by you. Including over 200 custom colors, DesignRail can help complete the style you want easily.

How to Install Feeney Cable Rail Cable Railing Line

Feeney CableRail, a standard in the cable railing industry, has made planning and ordering your cable system as simple as ever. You can have a flawless railing system in four steps.

Feeney Cable deck railing system creates a strong deck railing system with open views of steel cable runs

Step 1: Determine what materials you will be using for your posts and rails.

Feeney CableRail is a cable railing infill system, meaning that your frame will have to be purchased or created separately. Feeney CableRail may be installed on new or existing wood and metal railings for an easy deck railing installation or deck railing makeover. With strong 1/8 inch thick stainless steel wires as the deck railing infill, Feeney CableRail delivers a strong deck railing style that connects your outdoor space to the nature around you.

Step 2: Once you have your post and rail materials, divide your frame into sections by determining the post layout of your project.

Decide which corner and end posts will be used as cable termination posts. It’s important to note that straight runs should not exceed 70 feet, and any cable runs that have bends may only have 2 corner bends at most and may not exceed 40 feet. Once you’ve laid out your plans, mount your posts onto the deck’s surface or fascia board and install any post skirts or trim that you want.

The Feeney CableRail cable railing system can create clean cut deck railing corners

Step 3: Determine the cable size and lengths of cable you will need.

Feeney CableRail is available in three cable sizes: 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4”. Next, measure the dimensions of each of your sections and select the cable assembly lengths that will fit each run. Feeney CableRail Level Assembly Kits are offered in 5ft increments from 5 to 70 feet long. CableRail Stair Assembly Kits are available in 20 foot lengths. You will want your assemblies to extend at least one foot longer than the length of your section for an accurate installation.

Feeney offers a pre-drilled intermediate picket very section spanning more than 3 feet requires an intermediate picket to support the cables. Feeney offers a pre-drilled intermediate picket made to accommodate a 42” high railing but can be trimmed on site as needed.

Feeney CableRail cable deck railing system installed along the deck perimeter

Step 4: Calculate the number of cable runs you will need.

The number of Feeney CableRail Assembly Kits you will order depends on your railing height and design. Remember each horizontal cable is a separate Assembly Kit, and you will be ordering as many kits as cable runs you have. Cables should not be spaced more than 3 inches apart to pass building codes and regulations.

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CableRail Stainless Protector Sleeves by Feeney

CableRail Stainless Protector Sleeves by Feeney

The CableRail Stainless Protector Sleeves by Feeney protects the drill holes on corner and stairway transition from cable abrasion. Works with both 1/8" and 3/16" diameter cable sizes on wood posts. This protector sleeve is easy to install into a 1/4" diameter hole with just the tap of a hammer. The 1/2" diameter outer flange provides solid grip and adds an attractive finished look.

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Cable Tensioning Tool By Feeney

CableRail Cable Tensioning Tool By Feeney

An improperly tensioned cable can cause unsightly distractions from an otherwise beautiful rail system. It can also make or break the rail passing code inspection. Avoid these mistakes with the Cable Tensioning Tool By Feeney! With a built-in tension indicator and a 6x gear ratio to ensure correct tension and installation is a breeze, much like that nice breeze you'll enjoy on your deck with your new cable rail.

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CableRail Stainless Steel End Cap By Feeney

CableRail Stainless Steel End Cap By Feeney

CableRail Stainless Steel End Caps by Feeney add a decorative finish to the CableRail cable assemblies. The stainless steel offers durable protection for all sizes of CableRail assemblies. Choose from three styles: Dome, Chamfer and Crown, all sold individually.

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