How to Install Envision Decking

Featuring a tough EverGrain™ core that stands up against rot, insects, and splitting and a unique outer capstock layer boasting non-repeating wood grain patterns; Envision decking is the durable choice for a beautiful backyard space.

Whether the strong, solid shades of the Envision Expression line are ideal to set your outdoor stage, or perhaps the warm, natural appeal of the Envision Distinction and Ridge Premium lines connect your deck with the gorgeous environment beyond; invest in your outdoor living space with Envision deck boards.

Secure your deck boards in place and keep the surface fastener-free with the EverClip hidden fastening system

Installation with EverClip Hidden Fasteners

Attach the Starter Board

To begin the installation of your deck, face-fasten one edge of the starter board with color-matching composite deck screws. Use one screw at each joist along the “unclipped” edge of the board. This will likely be necessary on the outside edge of the deck and also along the edge abutting the structure.

Set the First Row of Clips in Place

Place the first EverClip hidden fastener firmly in the groove over the center of the joist and partially drive the screw until the head is just above the deck board surface. Do not fully drive the screw.

Repeat Along the First Board

Move down the length of the deck board setting a hidden deck clip at each joist. At butt joints, there is an additional joist that will need to be attached. Fasten with EverClip hidden fasteners over each joist.

Installing the Next Deck Board

Slide the next deck board into place positioning it so that clips are fully inserted into the groove along the entire length of the board. Firmly fasten the EverClip fasteners from the second step into place by fully driving each screw. The starter board and one side of the second board are now secured. Clips will provide uniform automatic ¼ inch spacing.

Repeat these steps until all but one Envision deck board is set in place.

Installing the Last Deck Board

Secure the open edge of the last deck board by fastening with color-matching composite deck screws or the Starborn Pro Plug system.

Using the EverClip Hidden Fastening system can subtly attach your deck boards in place for a clean hold

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