What Can I Use For Privacy In My Backyard?

These days everyone is definitely spending more time at home, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean spending time inside. With summertime sunshine and warm temperatures here to greet us, let's switch off the TV and enjoy some fresh outdoor air! Turn your family's backyard space into a private little oasis all your own!

There are tons of inexpensive and easy DIY privacy ideas to add a touch of secrecy to your yard while keeping the area looking fresh! Read on to see which backyard privacy ideas fit your family's energy level, home's style, and backyard aesthetic, all-in-one.

Then get outside!

5 Inexpensive Backyard Privacy Ideas

Add more privacy and relaxation to your home's yard with the DIY-friendly LINX Pergola System from Wild Hog Railing

Build a relaxing pergola space with a sunscreen and hammock

Beyond just crafting a structure that provides cool shade, extra seating areas, and bonus architectural details, a pergola is a space that allows you to bring the comfort of the indoors outside! Feel free to decorate as you like and hang tapestries or mesh screens from the pergola posts to increase the solitude.

The innovative new LINX Simplified Pergola system from Wild Hog Railing Products makes building your personal oasis a snap! The possibilities are endless, limited only to your imagination. Featuring hardware crafted from high-grade steel tubing and perfectly ready to accommodate nominal 4x4 or 6x6 wood posts, the LINX Pergola system will last for years to come and requires zero sanding or planing.

With simple, clear, and easy to follow instructions; you can complete your dream privacy pergola project in about an hour! The rich, matte black powder-coating makes the LINX Pergola Hardware pieces you'll want to showcase while the included Sunscreen and Hammock keep the sunshine out of your eyes for an afternoon snooze.

Add style and substance all in one DIY deck project with the Privacy Screen Panels from Barrette on your deck

Design a decorative privacy wall in your space

Eye-catching enough to enhance the overall feel of your outdoor area while still preventing prying eyes, Privacy Screen Panel Walls help make a statement and up the seclusion. Ideal for outlining patios, highlighting gardens, and creating separate nooks thoughout the yard, Privacy Screen Panels allow you to make your backyard exactly as you like.

Privacy Screen Panels, such as those offered from Barrette, are available in several different designs and colors to complement your home's style. The Boardwalk Privacy Screen profile resembles the classic lattice pattern to prevent neighbors or passersby from getting a glance. Or choose the intricate Sprig model to include a touch of glamour and art to your outdoor area while creating a cozy retreat for yourself and guests.

Privacy Screen Panels are typically mounted via aluminum post kits which allow for the custom configuration you want to see. Attach your Privacy Screen Panels on top of each other up to three panels high for a uniquely eye-catching look, or use the Barrette Frame Kits as an end or midway point between varying designs! The options are limitless and the powder-coated aluminum Frame Kits are guaranteed to withstand the toughest of weather elements.

Create a stunning and private pergola in your own backyard easily and securely with a pergola project planned by DecksDirect

Build an ever-growing arbor or pavilion structure for an earthy place to sneak away

One of the most gorgeous and eco-friendly privacy additions you'll see is a strong DIY shade structure covered with glowing greenery. Bringing back memories of The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables, lovely backyard arbors covered in ivy can act as gateway entrance for increased seclusion in your outdoor space. While strong pavilions with garden vines and flowers can provide a quiet, cozy place for family meals and gatherings al fresco.

Ornamental Wood Ties are a perfect tool to help DIY builders achieve their construction dreams. DIY arbor and pavilion project kits can be built with either 6x6 or 4x4 wood posts and lumber to fit the backyard design you desire.

When a little seclusion isn't enough, protect and enjoy your outdoor space more with a Privacy Pergola

Simplify and separate from smaller, close-together patios with a Privacy Pergola

For smaller outdoor living spaces, constructing a complete shade structure or an ornate wall can overpower the look and feel of your backyard area. In these instances, a brilliant choice is to set up a L-shaped Privacy Pergola along the perimeter of your outdoor space.

These two-sided lumber structures can help create an intimate little nook, clean up a seasonal storage space, or help pools and hot tubs feel a bit more hidden. Ideal for townhome and apartment buildings, Privacy Pergolas can help keep your patio clear of leaves and debris while also separating the neighboring areas for more seclusion.

HideAway Privacy Rail Panels can install as tall and long as you like for a decorative safety wall

Absolutely no peeking or snooping with Privacy Rail Panels

Whether you're a famous celebrity or simply a serious introvert; sometimes all you really want is to block everyone out and have a space all your own. When total confidentiality is what you seek, build a wall without the high costs, mess, and noise of full construction with pretty Privacy Rail Panels.

Decorative Vinyl Infill Panels deliver incredible backyard looks for your entertaining area, while keeping your outdoor space private and secluded. Skip the hassle of hiring a construction crew or sawing lumber, simply mount the HideAway Privacy Rail Posts, attach the panels of your choosing, and it's finished!

Privacy Rail Panels are offered in both solid neutral tones as well as wood-grain finishes to create the perfect backyard design to fit your home. HideAway Privacy Rail installs in no time and provides years of comfort and relief. This durable and weather-resistant privacy option can help take your family's peace of mind to a whole new level while adding value and depth to your outdoor space.

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