Design a Deck Garden

Love watching plants grow day by day but don't have a big backyard area to start your harvest? No problem! Learn how to design a deck garden that will become the envy of the neighborhood while you eat healthier and enjoy the gorgeous green glow of your hardwork.

While many people may feel that planting vegetables and growing herbs without a large backyard would be difficult, growing food on a sunny deck, patio, or balcony, can be as just as fruitful and effective as planting a full backyard garden. In some ways, designing a deck garden can be even easier!

Planting and growing fresh produce in a container garden or planter box right outside your deck or patio door makes ingredient gathering a breeze for home-cooked recipes. Stop dragging a dirty hose across the yard to water your plants and avoid pesky garden pests all-in-one by keeping your vegetables, herbs, and plants up off the ground with a deck garden!

An added bonus, gain a porch or deck flowing with beautiful organic edibles and flowers to create the perfect place to relax.

Design Your Deck Garden

Planter Boxes on Deck Railing

One of the easiest ways to start designing your deck garden is with simple planter boxes on your deck or balcony railings. Planter boxes can be positioned along your installed deck railing system via Bracket Bundles by Hold It Mate in just minutes.

Attaching to deck railing systems of any material including metal deck railing, wood deck railing, vinyl and composite railing lines; Hold It Mate Bracket Bundles are movable and cause zero damage to your railing.

Create the perfect deck growing space for many herbs and vegetables, such as mint, rosemary, spinach, and more. Add blooming flowers, such as pansies or marigolds, and you’ve created both a lovely addition to your outdoor living space and a perfect start to your food-growing journey.

Learn how to grow a backyard garden out on your deck by designing a deck garden to grow your family's vegetables and herbs

Design a DIY Deck Garden

Deck Trellis Gardening

A garden trellis is a functional and adorable way to grow a DIY deck garden in nearly any backyard location. DIY garden trellises are simple backyard structures that can give vining veggies a stable space to wind upward but they can also be larger and more elaborate to create a centerpiece of the backyard garden.

Studier garden trellis designs can even lend shape and beauty to back patios, decks, and pathways. DIY trellises, while undeniably romantic, are a safe choice for expanding your great garden with style. But it’s not necessary to pay a fortune for a beautiful, functional trellis. Choose to use a Wild Hog Railing Level Hog Wire Panel to create a deck garden trellis!

Build your favorite DIY trellis ideas in just an afternoon with the incredibly strong and customizable Wild Hog Railing Panels. Simply mount or lean the Hog Wire panel wherever you need for quick-growing garden spot!

Use garden lattices and trellises to grow a garden out on your deck and expand your space to work for your gardening hobbies

Deck flower garden ideas

Hanging flower baskets

No matter how small your garden, there's always room for hanging plants. Hanging baskets can be complete with colorful flowers, short-growing herbs, or vining vegetables to expand your patio and deck garden while keeping your deck surface clear.

Securely mount your hanging flower basket either toward your home or angled out into the yard via a Extension Hook Bundle from Hold It Mate! Attaching directly to your deck railing, the Extension Hook Bundle can extend outward either 18 inches or 32 inches to create a safe growing space off your deck.

Plan and lay out a deck garden outside your home to create a growing green space as well as healthy organic food for your family

deck garden ideas

Wall mounted growing spaces

Mount your growing flowers and plants directly on to the wall of your home with Hold It Mate Wall Mounted bracket. An incredible way to gain gardening space for your deck without sacrificing area or open views, the Wall Mounted Rail Kit allows you to enhance your deck experience no matter what style of deck railing you have.

Simply mount the wall mounted rail from directly to your wall, snap the Hold It Mate brackets, hooks, or rings directly onto the rail, and you've created an open and solid area suitable for the vegetable and herb gardening you like. Position flowers and planter boxes out in the sunshine, the Wall Mounted Rail Kit by Hold It Mate expands your deck gardening possibilities.

Grow the garden space you've always dreamt of out on your deck or porch with deck garden design ideas

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