Deck Screen Breakdown

Different Deck Screen Systems

Choosing the best deck screen system for your home's outdoor living space can be a difficult step in your backyard planning process. Expanding your home's usable space outward is a great investment, however, choosing and installing a screen system can feel intimidating.

Read below to find out the different deck screen systems available at DecksDirect and help pick out the perfect finishing touch to add a three-season porch or screened-in porch design!

With different materials and designs available, deck screen options can make the most of your outdoor space

Westbury ScreenRail

The Westbury ScreenRail system takes the traditional screened-in deck, porch or patio to the next level of customization and style. So if you wanted a Railing Component that adds a level of safety to your screen project, you can do that. Combine the strength of aluminum railing with the breezy touch of screen using the Westbury ScreenRail system.

If you want a Kick Panel that will stop kids and smaller animals from ripping and tearing your screen, you can do that. There is even an option for a Mid-Rail that provides extra horizontal support without blocking your beautiful view!;

The SCREENEZE system creates a beautiful screened-in porch area


SCREENEZE® is a screen system that offers great durability and ease of installation. SCREENEZE® screen frame kits and caps make it extremely easy to install screen on any porch. The innovative cap system is perfect for installing fiberglass or specialty screen. DIY-friendly and customizable, SCREENEZE® can transform any backyard space into a multi-seasonal area to entertain and relax.

The system can be installed on the inside, outside or center of your porch posts and stretches the screen for you. The SCREENEZE® frame kits make it easy to install porch screen and enjoy outdoor living without worrying about bugs or debris.

Types of Screen Available


SuperScreen was developed to provide unmatched quality and durability, plus the longest warranty available for an exterior screen product. Unlike fiberglass screens which can become weak and brittle, even flaking off after prolonged sun exposure, SuperScreen is made of a polyester core yarn with a PVC coating for superior performance.

BetterVue Screen

As a premium alternative to fiberglass screen, BetterVue is made from permanent glass yarn that has been coated with vinyl for extra durability and long-lasting color. It is woven into a distinctive square mesh pattern that provides a sharp view as well as insect protection. Be assured that BetterVue screen will last, since it has passed two accelerated weathering tests, plus it won't stain, corrode, or rust.

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