Deck of the Month: January 2021

Congratulations to David in New York!

Kicking the new year off with a beautiful deck renovation is our January Deck of the Month winner, David from New York with a wonderful deck railing makeover featuring Trex Transcend composite railing.

David shared some awesome photos of the process his backyard deck went through and also how easy it can be to transform a backyard space into something new and different for everyone in the family!

Deck of the Month Winner for January 2021

By adding the strong and clean look of Trex Transcend railing for the deck and outdoor staircase, David added a touch of design detail to his backyard space that had previously been missing. Read more below on the quick steps taken to transform this space and see what a simple deck railing upgrade to do for your family's home or cabin!

David and his friend, Nacho, began this deck project in August and have just now completed the build this January! In spite of the long time-span, however, David has never seen a stronger, more reliable deck. With 12-foot 4x4s cemented directly into the ground and then used as the posts for the Trex Transcend railing, this staircase rail isn't going anywhere!

Step 1: New Deck Railing Posts

Easily customizable, the Trex Transcend composite railing system blends beautifully with nearly every outdoor space

Our Deck of the Month winner chose to build up the deck framing posts into the Trex Transcend railing

The project began by anchoring new wood deck posts in position along the deck railing layout. The Trex Transcend railing line features Trex composite post sleeves which slide over the top of installed wood posts or metal deck posts to deliver a clean look.

New deck posts can be mounted in a few different ways depending upon the DIY deck builder or homeowners budget and material preference. Wood deck posts can be fastened to the wood deck framing below the deck boards or anchored to the deck surface via the Titan Post Anchor.

Metal structural deck posts such as the General Purpose Structual Post Mount or the Trex Composite Railing Surface Post Mount will feature a pre-welded base plate bottom which can be attached to the deck surface with tough structural screws.

Step 2: Slide on Trex Composite Post Sleeves

Slide Trex composite post sleeves over mounted deck posts creates a clean new look

With posts mounted securely in place, slide the coordinating Trex Transcend post cover over the top of the wood deck post. With the Trex post cover set fully over the post, place the Trex Transcend post skirt over the post sleeve. This one-piece composite post trim must be installed before the railing is mounted otherwise it cannot be put in place.

Step 3: Mount Trex Transcend Railing Kits

Including everything needed for a complete railing section, install the Trex Transcend Rail and Baluster Kits

Remember to slide the one-piece Trex Transcend post skirt over the Trex Transcend post sleeves before the railing

Next, measure, trim, and mount the Trex Transcend Rail and Baluster Kits in place between the prepared deck posts. Trex Transcend Rail and Baluster Kits will include everything needed for a 6-foot or 8-foot long railing opening including the top rail, bottom rail, balusters, mounting brackets, and installation hardware.

Trex Transcend Railing Kits are available in both level and stair railing applications to perfectly complete an outdoor deck space.

Complete your home's outdoor living space with the incredible Trex Transcend composite railing system in just a weekend

Choose Trex Transcend stair railing kits to complete your deck's outdoor living space

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your low-maintenance Trex composite railing!

After installing the Trex Transcend railing kits along the entirety of your home's deck, porch, or patio, simply sit back and enjoy the brand new appeal of home's outdoor living space. Low-maintenance and available in premium finishes, the Trex Transcend composite railing requires no more than a basic wipe-down annually for a picture-perfect look you'll love!

Even beneath the snowy drifts, David's deck and Trex railing stands out

The level Trex Transcend composite railing creates a strong, sturdy look on your deck no matter the weather

DecksDirect would like to say, "Congratulations" to David!

You've taken the steps to improve your home's backyard living space and they have definitely paid off! We're proud of the work you and your friend Nacho completed, it looks like the work of two true carpenters! Thank you for sharing your photos and progress with us, we love to see customers taking charge and enhancing their home's outdoor relaxation area. We'll be sending some DecksDirect swag and goodies your way as soon as possible!

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