Deck Decor Styles From Modern Farmhouse To Coastal To Scandinavian

As decking materials, accessories, and decorations continue to explode with options, your deck has never had so much style potential. But how do you get the look that you want?

Whether you're extending the decor style of your home outwards to the deck or creating an outdoor living spectacle all its own, here are 6 popular deck decor styles and how to get them.

A Scandinavian styled deck with multi-width boards and soft, textured furniture

Deck Styles & How To Get Them:

Deck Styles & How To Get Them

A gorgeous modern farmhouse front porch with curtains

From farmhouse charm to ornate Mediterranean luxury, there's a huge range of styles you can create with your deck, porch, or patio. With the right deck project partner, you can give your deck a unique personality that suits you, your home, and your family.

Let's break down 6 popular deck decor styles, along with some pro tips on how to achieve the look.

Scandinavian Style Deck

A top view of a Scandinavian-style patio with furniture

The Scandinavian style is based on neutral colors: whites, tans, grays, and off-whites. This originated as a functional choice to brighten up living spaces in northern regions of low light and short days, but the look itself has become wildly popular across the country for its simplicity and comfort.

The key, though, is to mix in different textures to give the space depth and charm. The deck you see above is a great example, with light tan decking and bright white accents, paired with a range of textured furniture, throw pillows, and round textured decor.

As with all styles, there are no hard and fast lines, and blending two or more styles together can create a one-of-a-kind look. You can add a dash of the modern to your Scandinavian-style deck by mixing in black paint or industrial elements like cable railing, as you can see in the deck below:

A Scandinavian deck with modern black accents

Scandinavian Style Deck Starter Pack

For a Scandinavian deck, we love the neutral tan of TimberTech's Weathered Teak decking. RDI Privacy Panels are a great way to add texture while also making your space feel cozier.

Keep your furniture and decor neutral, and mix in as many wood tones as you can, like the beautiful LINX-and-STIX pergola below:

A close-up of TimberTech's Scandinavian-toned Weathered Teak decking The subtle texture of an RDI Privacy Panel
The neutral tones of a Canvas TimberTech Adirondack chair, fitting the neutral Scandinavian theme A woodsy LINX pergola perfect for a Scandinavian-styled setting

Coastal Style Deck

A picturesque deck in classic coastal style overlooking a lake at sunset

The coastal style doesn't require much explanation: when you see it, you can just about hear the water lapping on a dock and feel the marine breeze on your face.

Coastal styling adopts the wide-open feel of a lake or ocean through design. Expansive spaces, roomy seating areas, uncrowded traffic paths and unobstructed views - it all combines to match the freedom of the water.

Color schemes match the look of the water and sky, too. Coastal themes tend to use crisp white railings and accents with blue or green decor to evoke the contrasts of blue water and sky against white foam and clouds.

Cable railing, as seen below, is both functional (in maximizing a deck view of water) and stylistic (matching the openness of the coastal style). The same goes for light gray or light tan decking, which allows the blue water and blue decor to be the star, while staying cooler in direct sunlight than dark-colored boards.

A white cable deck railing rises high above Coastline fascia boards and an inviting lake

Coastal Style Deck Starter Pack

TimberTech's Coastline color decking is tailor-made for a coastal style - hence the name. Same goes for the Island Post Cap, which comes in a lighted and unlighted version.

There's no railing quite as coastal as cable, especially cable railing between the traditional composite look of TimberTech Classic Composite. Finish off your space with a Seaform deck chair, or a crisp white deck chair topped with blue or green pillows or blankets.

A close-up of TimberTech's Nautically-themed Coastline decking Cable deck railing, perfect for seaside decks or coastal decor themes
TimberTech's Island lighted post caps, perfectly suited for a nautical-looking deck The coastal teal of NewTechWood's Seafoam-colored deck chair

Modern Farmhouse Style Deck

An inviting modern farmhouse porch door in black with white trim, plus farmhouse-style deck boards

There's no design trend more in-vogue right now than modern farmhouse - so much so that the style has expanded dramatically to include a huge range of looks. "Modern" and "farmhouse" are distinct styles of their own, and "modern farmhouse" exists in the push and pull between those two styles.

In general, all modern farmhouse decor swings toward one end of the spectrum or the other. With more black and metal components, the design gets more modern (as seen above); with more earthy colors and reclaimed wood looks, the style trends toward farmhouse (see below).

A reclaimed wood planter with off-white deck chair creates a perfect farmhouse style on a deck

What's this mean for your deck? You can spin "modern farmhouse" into a very personalized look that's trendy without looking "cookie-cutter." The contrast of bright whites with darker colors is key - and so is incorporating uniquely country elements, like the farmhouse shutters below or the reclaimed wood planter above.

A blue house with white farmhouse-style shutters and trim and a modern farmhouse deck vibe

Modern Farmhouse Style Deck Starter Pack

TimberTech's AZEK Landmark Collection of decking is uniquely suited for the farmhouse look. It's made of durable PVC, but is designed with a cross-cut grain that looks just like reclaimed wood - with no reclamation work required. We highlight the light, airy French White Oak finish below.

You can get a classic farmhouse beadboard look with UpSide Deck Ceiling, which funnels water away from your underdeck space and creates a cozy outdoor room to decorate with your best modern farmhouse furniture, like a crisp, white modern Adirondack deck chair.

Trex Signature Mesh railing delivers a completely unique look that will set your deck apart from the neighborhood without clashing with the rest of your modern farmhouse style.

A close-up of TimberTech's Modern Farmhouse-toned French White Oak decking The beadboard look of UpSide Deck Ceiling by Color Guard
A crisp white Adirondack deck chair from TimberTech A modern farmhouse mesh railing from Trex

Mid-Century Modern Style Deck

A classy mid-century modern covered deck mixing wood, stone, and metal looks

The mid-century modern look is defined by clean lines and functional design. You'll see plenty of geometric shapes like the clean rectangles in the chimney above.

Unlike the styles above, which trend toward lighter, washed-out looks, mid-century modern calls for deep, rich tones, like deep brown decking or the classy ceiling planks above. Those deep tones look especially good paired with natural textures like stone, wood, or greenery for contrast.

A rich mid-century modern deck with warm lighting and cable railing

Mid-Century Modern Style Deck Starter Pack

For that textural contrast, check out TimberTech English Walnut decking, which features the natural look and feel of wood in a durable PVC package. NextStone Post Covers can add the contrasting look of cultured stone, and a good cable railing like Key-Link Horizontal Cable adds two more distinct textures: aluminum rails and stainless steel cables.

In any modern setting, lighting is a must, so we love sleek recessed lighting that blends in during the day and lights up a space at night, like the Dekor recessed stair light below.

A close-up of TimberTech's English Walnut decking for a modern feel The authentic stone look of a NextStone Post Cover
A recessed light fixture with plug-and-play wiring A matte black metal railing with cable runs and lighting

Mediterranean Style Deck

A textured Mediterranean deck with warm lighting

In sharp contrast to the modern look above, Mediterranean design is all about lived-in, old-world charm. Mediterranean spaces are warm, inviting and brimming with personality.

Like the mid-century modern style, Mediterranean decks combine lots of natural textures and colors. In a Mediterranean design, stucco siding, wood accents, and ornate stonework are right at home.

Choosing a Mediterranean look also allows you to pick more ornate, detailed decorations, like the charming metal deck chairs above or the eye-catching fireplace and metal pergola below.

A soft Mediterannean gray deck off a stucco house with a metal pergola

Mediterranean Style Deck Starter Pack

For a Mediterranean style, choose a deck board with lots of organic colors and a natural texture you can see and feel. TimberTech PRO Reserve decking in Antique Leather fits the bill perfectly.

Ornate details go great in a Mediterranean setting. Some great options: the distinctive Sprig privacy panel from Barrette Outdoor Living, stylish pergola hardware from Simpson Strong-Tie, or a traditional-looking lantern post cap like the Sirius Post Cap from Aurora Deck Lighting.

A close-up of TimberTech's textured Antique Leather decking An ornate Sprig Privacy Panel from Barrette
A decorative pergola accent from Simpson Strong-Tie An ornate lighted post cap with a lantern look for a Mediterranean deck

Modern Style Deck

A chic, modern deck with two different deck board colors and glass railing

Many styles blend the modern with more traditional aesthetics. But if you want to go full-on modern, you have plenty of decking options, too. Modern decks tend to stick with cool grays and sleek black trim with lots of polished-looking metal elements.

The two-toned deck above is surrounded by classy glass railing - there's really no better choice for a luxurious modern deck than a full glass panel deck railing, especially one framed by smooth metal posts and rails.

The sheen and sparkle of glass is so modern that some decks even seek out more glass decorating options, like the transparent end table below.

The stylish gray of a modern deck with a glass table and a hot tub

Modern Style Deck Starter Pack

TimberTech's cool gray Ashwood decking is a brilliant modern choice. It also looks smashing with shiny black accents like a Fortress Steel Pergola or a chic black deck chair.

A metal and glass deck railing is the perfect finishing touch - the one pictured is AFCO Pro Glass Railing.

A close-up of TimberTech's modern Ashwood gray decking The sleek elegance of a steel pergola from Fortress
A sleek black Adirondack chair from TimberTech Stylish glass deck railing with metal posts and rails

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