Coolest Drink Rail Designs of 2020

Upgrade your outdoor living space and move the party outside in the fresh air with a hip drink rail design to liven up your deck railing layout and entertaining area. With tons of customizable drink rail material options and flat top rail designs to choose for your deck space, find the coolest drink rail designs of 2020 that will transform your outdoor living space.

Creating a flat level space right at the standard deck railing height, drink rails can change your top deck rail into a stable food or drink ledge in an afternoon. Perfect for all deck railing materials including metal railing, composite deck railing, cable railing, glass rail systems and more; drink rails will spice up your outdoor entertaining area for more get-togethers out on the deck!

Top Drink Rail Designs of 2020

Browse through the coolest drink rail designs of 2020 and see which flat top rail style best completes your home's outdoor living space. Once you choose the deck rail look that's right for you, reach out to a deck designer for a full material list to get the look you're searching for!

Popular Drink Rail Designs of 2020

Want a movable drink rail option that provides a large flat area for friends and guests to enjoy meals and drinks outside in a relaxing way, check out Deckorators Drink Rail Tables

Metal Drink Rail Tables

Innovative, comfortable, and commitment-free; attaching metal deck rail tables to the top rail of your deck railing allows you to expand your entertaining area. Top deck brands such as Deckorators, Hold It Mate, and BWC deliver stylish and functional railing tables to perfect your outdoor living space.

Sturdy and sleek, deck railing tables feature easy to clean surfaces ideal for outdoor dining and gathering that attach directly to deck rails to keep floor space open. Choose from powder-coated aluminum deck rail tables, tempered glass railing tables, and a DIY deck shelf kit to complete your outdoor entertaining area and fulfill your deck style.

Done entertaining guests on the deck for the day? Simply loosen the through-bolt and remove the drink rail tables for easy cleaning!

Adding a continuous drink rail atop your deck railing layout creates a wider looking outdoor space inviting guests to come and relax

Continuous Drink Rail

Designing a continuous flat top rail along your entire deck or porch space can attract visitors' eyes horizontally along the area giving the illusion of a larger cohesive space.

Continuous drink rails cross over installed deck posts to deliver a single long run across all deck railing sections. For larger outdoor areas, it's recommended to stick with more natural or organic-toned drink rail materials such as natural lumbers or softly shaded composite deck boards.

Installing a drink rail on on your deck railing between the post allows you to highlight decorative post caps and create individual areas within your one deck

Post to Post Drink Rail

For outdoor living spaces where homeowners and DIY deck builders seek to create a sense of space that is separated into different sections. A wonderful choice for deck and patio areas with owners that love to host parties and have large groups of visitors, post to post drink rails allow people to split up into small crews for quiet conversation.

Another reason that post to post drink rails are one of the most popular drink rail designs for 2020 is that it allows decorative fence post caps and post cap lights to be showcased and illuminate the way. Highlight your space with solar post cap lights or strong low-voltage post lights to increase the safety of the outdoor walkways and create a magical atmosphere.

One of the most popular deck design options of 2020 is creating your own one-of-a-kind epoxy resin drink rail board to add art and creativity to your outdoor living space - photo via

Epoxy Resin Board Top Rail

Photo via Resin-Expert

Homeowners and DIY deck builders with some creativity and artistic skills on hand that are seeking to truly set their deck railing apart from the rest, check out the incredible and unique drink rail designs made with Epoxy Resin!

Perfect your fun backyard space with the endlessly cool appeal of epoxy resin boards installed atop deck railing setups. Create any color, pattern, or material resin infill that you want for your deck railing to attach a eye-catching drink rail design everyone will ask you about!

Simply attach your epoxy resin drink rail board via drink rail connectors from top brands such as Westbury, Fortress, or Deckorators.

Attach a composite deck board on your deck railing top rail for a cool, outdoor space to relax and enjoy a nice cold drink

Composite Deck Boards

The classic choice for DIY deck builders looking to blend the modern style of low-maintenance drink rail materials with the standard appearance of natural lumber, attaching a composite deck board to your top rail will create a stunning and long-lasting drink rail option.

Combining natural wood fibers with recycled plastic materials and capped with a polyurethane capstock, a composite board as a drink rail will hold up for decades to the everyday weather elements while also being highly resistant to fading and staining. Spills no longer need be a worry with the enduring strength of a composite drink rail board.

You can attach deck boards from popular brands like Trex decking and TimberTech decking via color-matching composite deck screws for a beautiful drink rail!

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