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Best Deck Board Color Combinations

How To Pick The Perfect Decking Colors For A Stunning Two-Tone Deck

Modern composite and PVC deck boards offer an amazing variety of colors and finish options that hold up for the life of the board, unlike old wood decks which need constant re-painting or -staining. That's opened the door for deck owners to create show-stopping decks that combine two or more different deck board colors for an original two-toned look.

Creating a two-toned deck of your own requires you to pick colors that mesh well together. Our deck project planners help thousands of deck owners every year to create amazing outdoor spaces - and we want to share the best deck board color combinations we recommend to our customers.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Dark Hickory and Coastline deck boards look amazing together for a mixture of cool browns
Dark Hickory and Coastline
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For a rich, warm brown decking color combination, TimberTech Advanced PVC French White Oak looks amazing around teh dark brown of TimberTech Advanced PVC American Walnut decking
French White Oak and American Walnut
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The striking white-and-black look of TimberTech Composite Legacy Whitewash Cedar decking with a frame made from dark brown Espresso boards
Espresso and Whitewash Cedar
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The gorgeous brown deck board color combo of dark brown Trex Spiced Rum decking with the warm brown Havana Gold color
Spiced Rum and Havana Gold
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The high-contrast look of dark brown Trex Vintage Lantern decking around the light tan Rope Swing color
Vintage Lantern and Rope Swing
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The brilliant contrast of Trex Enhance Naturals Foggy Wharf and Rocky Harbor decking
Foggy Wharf and Rocky Harbor
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You can see six of our favorite combinations above. Click on a color combo to jump directly down the page and learn about it, or keep reading to see all the color combos, plus pro tips on how to pick your own shades for a two-toned deck!

A classy modern deck featuring a two-toned color scheme with dark gray and light gray boards

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Tips For Picking Deck Board Color Combinations For Two-Toned Decks

When it comes to picking two different colors of deck boards that will pair well together, there are a few basic principles to follow:

Pick Colors With Similar Undertones For A Unified Look

When you pick deck boards from the same rough color family, you create a unified, consistent look across your space. Using the color wheel is helpful here.

A color wheel showing complementary and analogous colors that go well together

Color Wheel image via aekikuis

The color wheel puts "analogous" colors close to each other - they're shades with similar undertones that pair well together. For example, the deck below uses two different shades of brown. The lighter-colored boards are Trex's Havana Gold, and the warm yellow-orange undertones look great alongside the darker, reddish-orange tints of the darker deck boards (Trex's Spiced Rum).

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A two-toned deck with light brown decking broken up by a darker brown breaker board

You can see another example below. Both of the TimberTech deck boards shown are different shades of gray, though one is extremely light gray and the other very dark.

A deck combining a very light gray board with very dark gray boards for a look that's almost black-and-white

Try Complementary Colors For An Eye-Catching Contrast

You can also look across the color wheel for a complementary color. This will create more of a stark contrast, but will ensure that your two very different shades don't clash, but complement one another.

Here's a great example. Blue and orange sit on opposite ends of the color wheel. They're two very different shades - but they don't clash.

A deck using complementary colors to pair blue-gray boards with brown-orange boards for a striking contrast

You can see a closer look at the deck boards below. One (Trex Select's Saddle shade) is a brownish-orange, while the other (Trex Select's Winchester Gray) is a grayish-blue. The subtlety of similar shades is often great, but if you really want your deck board contrast to stand out (like if you're creating a race-track to mark the edges of your deck, or creating a deck board pattern to highlight footpaths or distinct spaces within your deck), contrasting deck boards is a great way to draw the eye where you want it to go.

Trex Select deck boards combining the orange-brown Saddle color and the blue-gray Winchester Gray tone
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Choose Boards With Lots Of Undertones To Give You More Color Combo Options

If you want to broaden the color combo options available to you, look at deck boards with lots of underlying colors. TimberTech deck boards, for example, are richly multi-tonal, blending together a huge range of different shades into each board.

You can see this in action below - the lighter-colored boards are almost white. But they feature small streaks of dark gray and blue, allowing them to pair well with dark gray or blue-gray boards, as shown on the bottom.

A TimberTech deck with bright gray and dark gray decking combined

When you look at a high-quality deck board up close, you'll see all of the different colors that blend together to create the shade you see from afar. Take a look at this close-up shot of TimberTech Composite's Ashwood color:

A close-up of the many tones within a single TimberTech composite deck board

This same brownish-gray deck board looks much more gray in the deck below, when it's paired with a dark gray board and gray deck furniture:

A beautiful light gray deck with a pattern created in dark gray breaker boards

If you're looking for richly multi-tonal deck boards, here are the decking collections we'd highly recommend for the widest color mixes:

These decking lines also feature multi-tonal color blends:

Match One Or Both Colors To Your House Or Railing For A Polished Look

It also helps to take your deck's surroundings into account. If your home or yard have any distinctive colors, you can create your deck's two-toned color scheme around those undertones.

One great advantage of Trex Transcend decking is that the brand also makes Trex Transcend railing that will match (or pair well with) any board in the Transcend decking line. That allows you to create a two-toned look where your accent deck boards match with your deck railing, like the brown-toned setup below:

A two-level Trex deck pairing dark brown with bright orange-tan boards for a brilliant contrast

The Best Deck Board Color Combinations

In our years of experience planning deck projects across the country, these are the deck board color combos we recommend the most often:

TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Coastline & Dark Hickory

For a really beautiful blend of earthy tones, we love mixing TimberTech's tan-gray Coastline decking with the rich Dark Hickory boards.

TimberTech AZEK Dark Hickory and Coastline deck boards look amazing together for a mixture of cool browns

TimberTech's ability to blend so many colors into each board means this combination straddles the line between the gray and brown color trees. Both boards have grayish and brownish tones within them, meaning you can use this combination with a wide range of house colors and decorations, from warm to cool.

As you can see below, the Coastline boards look a bit more gray when stretched across an entire deck, but they still pair perfectly well with the tan stone of the walkway on the right and the pillar on the left.

A deck featuring the excellent combo of gray-ish Coastline TimberTech decking and the cool brown of TimberTech Dark Hickory decking

TimberTech Vintage deck boards are made from highly-durable PVC, making them a great water-resistant option for decks near a pool or lake.

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TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark French White Oak & American Walnut

For a high-contrast look that's also natural and calming, we love the combination of TimberTech's French White Oak and American Walnut.

For a rich, warm brown decking color combination, TimberTech AZEK French White Oak looks amazing around teh dark brown of TimberTech AZEK American Walnut decking

This two-toned deck look definitely falls more into the brown/tan family, with some warmth to make your space feel cozy and welcoming.

It's an amazing pairing if you love modern farmhouse style. The French White Oak is lighty and airy, a perfect neutral baseline for modern farmhouse decor. Both colors come from TimberTech's Advanced PVC Landmark collection, with a cross-cut grain texture that's designed to look like the reclaimed wood you'll often find in modern farmhouse styled homes.

Like the Vintage collection earlier, these TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark boards are made from top-quality PVC, which makes them durable and water-resistant. That means you can get the timeless, lived-in feel of reclaimed wood without the constant maintenance of staining, painting, or replacing boards.

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TimberTech Composite Legacy Espresso & Whitewash Cedar

If you want an even starker contrast, go with TimberTech's Composite Legacy collection, pairing the brilliant white of the Whitewash Cedar finish with the deep Espresso tone.

The striking white-and-black look of TimberTech PRO Legacy Whitewash Cedar decking with a frame made from dark brown Espresso boards

While the overall look is almost black-and-white, both boards have distinct grayish undertones that make them a beautiful match for one another. Whitewash Cedar is the lightest of TimberTech's huge range of deck board colors, an off-white look with natural grays and even blues blended in. The Espresso boards are a dark brown with a mix of black and grays.

A gorgeous black and white deck board color scheme

Using such light, bright decking across your space lends a very open, expansive feel. Meanwhile the dark border in the deck above clearly defines the boundaries of the deck, while pointing out the precipices of the gradual steps down into the yard.

This combination is another excellent choice for the popular modern farmhouse look, playing up the black-and-white contrasts you often see in modern farmhouse styling.

A high-contrast black-and-white deck goes perfectly with a modern farmhouse style home

It also creates a bright, neutral backdrop that allows your decor to pop, like the bright reds of the patio furniture and flows in the deck above.

These colors come from TimberTech's Composite Legacy collection, the brand's best line of composite deck boards with the authentic look and feel of real wood - minus the maintenance.

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Trex Transcend Spiced Rum & Havana Gold

For a proven, traditional look that will stand the test of time, check out the combination of Spiced Rum and Havana Gold boards from Trex's best decking line, Trex Transcend.

The gorgeous brown deck board color combo of dark brown Trex Spiced Rum decking with the warm brown Havana Gold color

This combo pulls from the multi-tonal boards in the Trex Transcend line. Havana Gold is a customer favorite, fitting nearly any outdoor space with its cheery blend of brown tones from golden yellow-brown to a warm, welcoming orange-brown.

Balance out the vibrancy of that board with the more down-to-earth look of the Spiced Rum boards. Spiced Rum hits the orange-brown side of the spectrum a lot more, with darker boards that still have lighter-colored streaks.

These two boards were simply made for each other - a darker board with lighter streaks and a lighter board with darker streaks, all in tones that match and balance each other.

A Trex deck combining Spiced Rum and Havana Gold deck boards for a beautiful two-toned deck look

Trex is known for traditional, earthy colors - and there's a reason those colors have become the go-to for decks across the nation. They fit extremely well in any setting, tying the deck to the plants, trees, and natural features beyond while also pairing with any wood elements in your home's siding, trim, or decor.

Trex Transcend decking is made from top-quality composite material with a scratch- and fade-resistant cap, meaning the look you install is the look you'll keep for years to come.

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Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern & Rope Swing

For a much more straightforward contrast of light and dark, Trex's Vintage Lantern and Rope Swing tones make a dynamite pairing.

The high-contrast look of dark brown Trex Vintage Lantern decking around the light tan Rope Swing color

Both of these boards come from the same Trex Transcend collection as the pairing above. But these two boards show off the bold, solid-colored offerings of that collection.

Rope Swing is easily the lightest color within the Trex Transcend collection. Vintage Lantern is among the darkest. They're both solid colors, without the multi-tonal streaking of some of the other boards we've looked at. Both fit firmly into the brown/tan color family, and even if they're at opposite ends of the light-dark spectrum, they pair really nicely together.

A stark contrast like this is especially great when you want to draw the eye to specific places on your deck. A picture frame (sometimes called a race track) around the outside of your deck works well with this sharp contrast, clearly defining the space and drawing your guests' eyes any edges where they could step down off the deck. You can also use this pairing to create footpaths, or to cordon off specialized areas of your deck, like a space with separate cooking and eating areas.

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Trex Enhance Naturals Foggy Wharf & Rocky Harbor

If you're looking for a way to get a two-toned deck on a budget, this combination of Trex's Enhance Naturals Foggy Wharf and Rocky Harbor is one we often recommend.

The brilliant contrast of Trex Enhance Naturals Foggy Wharf and Rocky Harbor decking

Both boards are richly multi-tonal. Though Foggy Wharf is gray and Rocky Harbor more on the brown/tan side, they go together extremely well because of the similar gray and black streaking in each board.

Both boards are made of capped composite material. Trex's Enhance Naturals line is an especially good value, too: the boards feature scalloped bottoms, saving on material and lowering both the cost and the weight of the boards.

Because both boards have lighter, more washed-out looks, they'll create a pleasant contrast without overpowering your deck furniture or decor. They also set up enough of a contrast that you can use one of them effectively as a breaker board to differentiate two different spaces on your deck.

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Photo Gallery: More Two-Toned Deck Color Scheme Pictures

In addition to the combinations we recommend above, there are tons of other options you can create to make your space truly unique. Here are a handful of the best two-toned decks we've seen to help you visualize your ideal deck look.

Two-Toned Brown Deck With Picture-Framing Incorporating Railing

A brown Trex deck using a light brown picture frame and lighter brown railing

This deck uses darker brown boards for the main portion of the deck, with a picture frame (or race track) made of lighter, orange-brown boards and a matching composite deck railing.

Get This Look:

Two Colors Randomly Alternated Across A Deck

A classy night view of a deck mixing TimberTech's Pecan and Tigerwood colors

Instead of using different-colored boards as an outline, this deck mixes two different colors of deck boards randomly across the entire surface. The result is an intriguing blend of light and dark that gives the space a casual, natural feel.

A deck surface alternating two different colors of deck boards at random for a uniquely appealing look

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Two-Toned Brown Deck With A Darker Breaker Board

A deck made from TimberTech Tigerwood decking with a darker brown breaker board in the Mocha color

This deck uses multi-tonal TimberTech Tigerwood deck boards in two distinct patterns, broken up by a few darker boards - this is called a "breaker board."

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Three-Toned Deck Combining Gray, Black And Brown

A deck featuring three different colors of deck boards: brown, dark gray, and light gray

This deck takes full advantage of TimberTech's wide color blends to mix not two, but three colors of deck boards together. It's not easys to pair brown, black, and gray, but this deck can do it because all three TimberTech boards have gray and black undertones mixed in.

TimberTech's multitonal decking makes it easy to combine different color boards into one deck, even three different colors

The result is a clearly-defined space - the brown Mahogany boards point out the seating area, arranged in a circular orientation around the fire pit. The gray Coastline boards show the dining area, and the almost-black Dark Hickory boards clearly define the boundary between these two distinct areas.

A top view of a deck using three TimberTech deck board colors: the brown-toned Mahogany, the dark gray Dark Hickory, and the light gray Coastline color

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