Best Decking Brands: Timbertech vs Trex & More

Which Decking Brand Is Best For My Deck?

As deck living continues to become more and more popular, low-maintenance decking options have exploded. Each composite decking brand offers its own unique benefits to your outdoor living - but how do you know which brand fits your lifestyle best? Let us help guide you to the perfect solution for your deck with this handy primer on the best decking brands on the market.

At DecksDirect, we start by handpicking the best and most reliable decking brands - every deck board you find in our selection is a top-quality option that won’t require back-breaking maintenance. And did we mention that we’ve got the biggest selection of decking options you’ll find anywhere? For help navigating our huge selection or planning a full deck project, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316!

The right decking fulfills your specific dream deck, like this welcoming, modern deck in TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage's Weathered Teak

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Which Decking Brand Is Best For My Deck?

Choosing the right brand of deck boards really depends on having a clear vision of your dream deck. If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, check out our inspiration-focused guide on how to pick the right deck boards or give our team a call!

In our experience, two low-maintenance decking brands stand head-and-shoulders above the rest: Trex and TimberTech. Both are long-standing companies that are widely trusted in the decking industry - and each one offers its own unique strengths in its deck board assortment.

Beyond those two, there are a handful of other decking brands that also create high-quality boards we can recommend: Deckorators, Fiberon, Barette Outdoor Living, and Envision.

We'll run through each of our recommended decking brands below in more detail.

The Best Decking Brands On The Market

The two decking brands we'd recommend most highly are Trex and TimberTech.

Trex Decking: Proven & Accessible

Trex is known for reliable, classic decking looks like this Tiki Torch finish

If you know one brand of composite decking, odds are it’s Trex. And that’s for good reason: Trex is the most recognized brand in the industry because they essentially invented composite decking as a category.

Trex was the first brand to market a low-maintenance composite deck board in the 1990s, and they’ve consistently remained the #1 composite decking brand ever since.

That’s what you get with Trex deck boards: proven staying power. Trex decking styles are classic and timeless, creating traditional deck looks that never go out of style. Meanwhile, Trex boards themselves are incredibly high-performance: they hold up well in harsh outdoor elements, and stay structurally strong and aesthetically beautiful without requiring lots of regular maintenance.

Trex’s entrenched position in the decking market means the brand is widely accessible for deck projects across the country. At DecksDirect, for example, we have the largest in-stock selection of Trex decking in the country, with the reach to ship boards anywhere in the United States with incredible speed. 

Trex’s status as a decking giant makes it easy to complete a cohesive deck project from top to bottom. It’s easy to find Trex boards, compatible hidden fasteners, deck railing, deck lighting, and even under deck drainage systems all in one place. Once again, if you’re building a Trex deck, DecksDirect is your best friend: that’s because we’ve got all things Trex in stock and ready to ship, with experienced project planners available by phone to help you plan any and all aspects of your deck project.

Trex Composite Decking Lines

Learn more about the differences between Trex composite decking lines here.

Trex Decking Highlights

  • #1 name in composite decking
  • Proven, traditional styles
  • Accessible anywhere: fully in-stock with nationwide shipping from DecksDirect
  • Lots of same-brand railing, lighting, and underdecking options
The warmth of Trex Transcend's Firepit finish looks amazing in a green outdoor setting
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TimberTech Decking: Desirable & On-Trend

TimberTech is known for trending colors and incredible tone mixes, like this multi-tonal composite decking in Ashwood finish

TimberTech is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the incredibly stylish, trendy, and detailed decking looks it can deliver.

The first thing you’ll notice about TimberTech decking is the sheer number of product lines they carry. TimberTech values the unique style of every individual deck, and it’s fair to say that no matter your deck vision, TimberTech has a deck board to bring it to life.

TimberTech always has a finger on the pulse of color and style trends, giving you lots of modern and contemporary options. For example, with reclaimed wood looks exploding in interior design, TimberTech offers two decking lines (Landmark and Reserve) based on that stylish reclaimed wood vibe.

Among TimberTech’s wide offerings, you’ll find both PVC and composite deck board options, depending on your deck’s needs. Within the PVC category, TimberTech features innovative multi-width deck boards so you can mix and match extra-narrow and extra-wide boards for one-of-a-kind deck board patterns.

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder TimberTech is a favorite of contractors and decking professionals nationwide. TimberTech offers extremely reliable, high-quality products with tons of customization options.

Like Trex, TimberTech is also a giant within the decking industry. That means you can build a project with TimberTech decking, railing, lighting, and hidden fasteners all in one place.

TimberTech Composite and PVC Decking Lines

Learn more about the differences between TimberTech composite decking lines here.

TimberTech Decking Highlights

  • Detailed, on-trend looks
  • A favorite of contractors and decking professionals
  • Huge range of product offerings
  • Multi-width deck board offerings
  • Premium PVC offerings
Multi-width deck boards from TimberTech create amazing and unique deck looks
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Other Recommended Decking Brands:

Deckorators Decking: Premium & Innovative

Premium Deckorators Voyage decking delivers rich, luxurious looks

For incredible, high-quality deck boards, there’s nothing like Deckorators. The Deckorators brand is known for using the newest and best decking technology: mineral-based composite decking.

Mineral-based composite decking is a twist on traditional wood-plastic composite boards. Combining synthetic plastics and durable minerals, this futuristic deck board features the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio. Mineral-based boards are also incredibly stable at any temperature - they hardly expand or contract at all as temperatures change. That keeps your boards from warping, changing shape, or slowly working fasteners loose over time.

Deckorators deck boards have amazing multi-tonal looks, with great, organic color mixes. If you want a deck that looks and feels totally premium, Deckorators is the brand for you.

Deckorators Mineral-Based Composite Decking Lines

Learn more about the differences between Deckorators mineral-based composite decking lines here.

  • Deckorators Voyage (best)
  • Deckorators Vault (better)

Deckorators Decking Highlights

  • Premium, luxurious deck looks
  • The newest and best technology: mineral-based composite
  • On-trend color mixes and multi-tonal looks
Deckorators' Tundra finish looks incredible near bright blue water
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Fiberon Decking: High-Value & Sustainable

Fiberon's warm Burnt Umber finish makes white railings and trim really pop

Fiberon prides itself on efficiency - and that shows through with arguably the best-value composite deck boards in the industry.

Using innovative production processes, Fiberon is able to use an incredible amount of recycled material for each deck board while also producing a high-performance board at a great price point. Forward-thinking methods like Fiberon’s closed-loop water cooling system save on resources, ultimately allowing the brand to produce great boards that give you more proverbial bang for your buck.

Fiberon decking is proudly made in the USA, and the company works with decking professionals to solve the issues deck builders face. That makes the company popular with and trusted by contractors and experts.

Fiberon Composite Decking Lines

  • Fiberon Concordia Horizon (best - exotic wood looks)
  • Fiberon Concordia Symmetry (best - low-gloss looks)
  • Fiberon Sanctuary (better)
  • Fiberon Good Life Escapes (good - multi-tonal)
  • Fiberon Good Life Weekender (good - solid colors)

Fiberon Decking Highlights

  • High-performance boards at a high-value price point
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, efficient production processes
  • Expert-inspired and expert-approved products
Fiberon's classy Earl Grey finish lets your decorations shine
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Barrette Decking: Distinctive & Unique

You can always recognize a Barrette deck board by it's distinctive range of color mixes within each board

Barrette is a one-of-a-kind brand, and if you want your decking to look especially unique, Barrette is a great choice.

The most notable thing about Barrette Outdoor Living composite decking is something you’ll notice immediately in the photos above and below: each board features an incredible range of colors and tones. That creates variation, not just from one board to the next, but from one end of a single board to the other.

For a distinctive, eye-catching look, Barrette deck boards jump out immediately. And that uniqueness isn’t limited to just style. Barrette also offers a one-of-a-kind installation method with its Step-Clip Hidden Fasteners, a system that allows you to install your boards by literally stepping them down onto the fasteners.

Barrette composite decking is also very simple and straightforward to shop for. You can get each of the brand’s seven color options in either flat-bottom profile (the Siesta line) or scalloped-bottom profile (the MVP line).

Barrette Composite Decking Lines

Barrette Decking Highlights

  • Incredibly unique decking looks
  • Unique and innovative “step clip” fastening method
  • Lots of color variation within each board
Barrette's Brazilian Cherry finish creates a bright, warm space
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Envision Decking: Versatile & Cost-Effective

Envision's beautiful Spiced Teak finish delivers amazing natural beauty

Envision combines really beautiful, high-performing composite decking with an attractive price point - that allows you to create bigger decks or more elaborate deck board patterns without breaking your budget. 

Envision decking’s colors are traditional and comforting, with natural, organic tones. Their classic looks are versatile, fitting nicely with a wide range of architectural and decorative styles.

The other big bonus is Envision’s attention to detail. Where wood grain patterns can sometimes repeat on composite deck boards, Envision takes care to never repeat a graining pattern across an entire deck board. That delivers a truly natural, earthy feel for a deck that matches the pristine natural beauty around it. 

Envision Composite Decking Lines

  • Envision Distinction(best)
  • Envision Expression (better)
  • Envision Ridge Premium (good)

Envision Decking Highlights

  • High-quality deck boards at entry-level price points
  • Wood grain patterns never repeat
  • Classic, traditional deck looks
The warmth of Envision Distinction's Shaded Auburn color pairs great with a warm-toned white house
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Learn More About Decking Options

If you’re still not sure where to start your decking search, we’ve got your back!

Give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 for a free consultation. Our deck project planners will get to know you and your vision for a dream deck, then help you narrow down our selection to the composite decking lines that best fit you.

Want to learn more? Check out our inspiration-based How To Choose Your Deck Boards guide to get a taste of some of the factors our deck planners weigh when connecting customers with the perfect decking.

Have a specific look in mind? Check out our decking photo galleries, where you can see what deck owners just like you have created with our help. Find a look you like, then check out the materials they used to spark some inspiration!

Trex Select's distinctive cathedral graining gives your deck texture and movement
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