HEADCOTE 316 Stainless Steel Deck Screws by Starborn

HEADCOTE 316 Stainless Steel Deck Screws by Starborn

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HEADCOTE 316 Stainless Steel Deck Screws by Starborn

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Starborn Industries Inc

 Industry Leader   Popular  Durable  

Starborn Industries offers innovative deck screws, fasteners, and hardwood plugs designed to express individual style. Learn More



HEADCOTE's Grade 316 stainless steel is the optimal choice for superior quality and excellent holding power for face-fastening applications.

Key Features
• Wide variety of head colors: Find a match to blend with a wide range of hardwood and plastic/composite deck board colors. Click Here to find the best color for your deck.
• Auger Point: Provides faster entry and splitting prevention.
• Star Recess: Allows for better torquing and less stripping.
• Special Head Design: Achieve better countersinking thanks to the nibs built in to both head types. Flat heads have greater strength at the reinforced neck and the trim head's diameter is so small that the head is hardly noticeable.
• ACQ-Rated: Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber.

Important Notes
• Color Selection: Consider deck maintenance and weather exposure when choosing your head color. Variations in grain and color exist within all wood species. PVC or composite decking may fade significantly over time; check with the manufacturer for specifics. Flat head screws are recommended with treated lumber, and the suggested color is Tan-Gray (#31). Please note that while the head coating is specially formulated for durability, it is subject to normal wear and tear from foot traffic and weather exposure.
• Pre-Drilling: For softwoods, pre-drilling is generally not necessary. For best results in hardwoods and to avoid "mushrooming" in composite deck boards, the Starborn Smart-Bit Tool is recommended for pre-drilling and countersinking. Regardless of decking type, pre-drilling at the end of boards is recommended to avoid splitting.

Product Specifications

Drive TypeStar/Torx
Head TypeTrim
Screw Length1-5/8" or 2-1/2"
Screw Size#7 or #8
ColorsBrown #34, White #39, Ivory #45, Olive-Gray #51, Warm Gray #54 and Sand #64 (note: not all colors available in all sizes).
Click Here to find the best color for your deck.
Material Type316 Stainless Steel with painted head
Pack Size100 (Accessory Pack), 350 (Deck Pack), 1050 (Contractor Pack) and 1750 (Pro Pack)
Coverage Estimate100 pack: starter-boards, end-boards and stairs
350 pack: 100 square feet
1050 pack: 300 square feet
1750 pack: 500 square feet
Package Contents100 pack: (100) Screws
100 pack: (100) Screws and (1) Smart-Bit Tool
350 pack: (350) Screws
1050 pack: (1050) Screws
1750 pack: (1750) Screws
1750 pack: (1750) Screws and (1) Smart-Bit Tool
Compatible Bit2" T-20 Starborn Tough Pack or GRK 2-pack
WarrantyView Starborn Warranty Information
OtherSmart Bit Tool available for pre-drilling and countersinking

Additional Information

Additional Information

DecksDirect Item # 6554
Manufacturer Starborn Industries Inc

Starborn Industries logo

authorized retailer

Starborn Industries has been offering idea-driven deck screws and fasteners since 1961. Their Headcote line was the first to feature color-coated stainless steel fasteners designed specifically to match popular shades of composite, wood, and PVC deck boards. Their proprietary products are in wide demand across the United States and throughout the world.


Starborn was one of the first companies to recognize that decks are an expression of individual style and that the quality of a deck fastener is vital for stability, finish, and longevity. In addition to their Headcote line, their innovative Smart-Bit and Pro Plug products are available. Smart-Bit is the first pre-drilling and countersinking tool designed to matched specific fasteners. The Pro Plug system enables builders and woodworkers to keep hardware out of sight while maintaining the benefits of traditional face-down fastening.


Starborn Industries offers innovative deck screws, fasteners, and hardwood plugs, available here at DecksDirect.

Features and Benefits
  Industry Leader This brand is known globally as a leader in premium decking products.
  Popular Product This brand is a customer favorite whose products are among our best-sellers!
  Durable Quality This brand offers products that are built to last and withstand the elements.
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