EZ Waterproof Remote LED Dimmer by Dekor

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Get the highest level of control over your low voltage deck lighting system with the EZ Waterproof Remote LED Dimmer from Dekor. Designed to adjust the brightness level and determine the set period of running time for your LED deck lighting setup, This outdoor LED light dimmer may be installed in any new or existing DC LED light design and can be used to control either all or just a portion of the outdoor deck light design. Connect the EZ Waterproof Remote Dimmer directly after the LED DC Transformer and directly to the first LED deck light in your layout; a quick and easy way to create the lighting look you want, or install multiple Remote Dimmers to control multiple outdoor lighting locations and zones with just one remote.

Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, this LED light dimmer is designed for long-lasting power and is waterproof-rated to hold up to the strongest weather elements. Replacing the remote can easily be done if yours is lost or damaged and the replacement remote will need to be re-programmed by pressing the UP and the POWER buttons on the remote at the same time and then wait for the indicator light to blink rapidly. Able to work for up to a 70 foot range, this remote control can easily be near the backdoor for quick mood setting the moment you need it.


  • Waterproof housing

  • Lower energy usage

  • Increases the life of your LED lights

  • Can be controlled up to 70 feet away

  • Remote Battery included
  • The EZ Waterproof Remote Dimmer by Dekor includes the dimmer, a remote control, and a remote battery.

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    DecksDirect # 5421

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