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Deck Balusters Installation Instructions - Stair Rail




stair railingstair railingStep 1 - Trim the Railings

Lay each stair rail, in its assumed vertical position, atop the stair treads and flush against the stair posts. Using the stair posts as a guide, draw a line on the railings indicating the proper angle, and then cut the stair railings.

Note: most stair connectors are angled between 30°-35°. We recommend reading and following the specific manufactures recommendations for installation.





Measuring Stair RailingStair Railing MeasuringStep 2 - Measure and Mark the Railings

Take one pair of top and bottom railings and lay them next to each other, in their assumed vertical positions. Turn the TOP railing upside down—the ends of the boards will have different angles.

Using a tape measure and pencil, locate and mark the center of each railing.

Working outward from the center, mark and measure every 5½ inches until you reach the end of each railing. Make sure your balusters are no more than 4 inches apart.



Drilling Stair RailingRail ConnectorsStep 3 - Attach Baluster Connectors

Stair baluster connectors are angled to make for easy baluster installation. The connector should be positioned so its angle matches the angle of the railing.

Use a cordless drill to attach a baluster connector at each spot marked on the railings, using the screws that were provided with the connectors.

Begin by screwing the connectors vertically into the railing, just until the screw meets the wood. At that point, re-position the screw and the connector to the correct angle and finish attaching it to the railing. DO NOT over tighten, or the connector may shift to an incorrect angle.


stair railing bottom railconnecting stair railingStep 4 - Assemble the Complete Railing

Starting with the bottom rail, slide a baluster onto each connector.

Attach the top railing one baluster at a time, ensuring that each baluster is properly aligned with and held by a baluster connector.

Place the entire rail assembly between the stair posts and secure.

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