Baluster Basics - The Very Basics

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Deck Balusters - The Very Basics

Baluster Basic

Before you can plan your deck design, make sure you know all the options available to you! This overview will get you started. From functional lighting to fun accents, the combinations and possibilities are all up to you, and the look you want to create. The experts at can help you sort through all the choices in baluster style, size, layout and more.Balusters are the vertical pieces between the top and bottom rails of a deck. Sometimes called pickets or spindles, their primary function is to protect people from falls.

For a long time, balusters were traditionally made of wood. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technologies and metal finishes, design options have multiplied in keeping with consumer preferences. In tandem with these developments have come a host of manufacturers distributing online and through retail stores—giving consumers more choices in style, design and where to buy balusters, than ever before.

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