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Baluster Characteristics - An Overview of Style and Design Choices


Baluster SizeBaluster Size / Width

Wide balusters complement homes with a sturdy structure and look and create more privacy by shielding deck activity from outside viewers. By comparison, narrow balusters enhance the elegance or modern appeal of more contemporary homes, creating openness and welcoming the surrounding view.







Baluster ShapeBaluster Shape

The conventional opinion holds that round shape balusters complement every kind of deck, whereas square balusters are reminiscent of old world styles, wrought iron gates, and fences.

But those aren’t the only shapes out there. Take a closer look and you’ll see a variety of twists built into steel balusters, “Belly” styles that bend outwards, and other styles that sway to one side or the other. Additionally, glass panels are offered in straight cut and contoured shapes.





Baluster ColorBaluster Color

While baluster colors range from wood tones to metallic finishes, the precise hues always vary with the specific manufacturer. The most common color palettes will include bronzes, blacks, bronzes and whites. Custom colors are also available from some manufacturers.

For free color and finish samples, or advise on selecting the right product, take advantage of the experts at DecksDirect.com by calling 1-888-824-5316.





Baluster FinishBaluster Texture / Finish

Powder coatings are the most common finish on metal balusters, as they virtually eliminate the need for time consuming or costly maintenance. This baked-on color doesn’t require harsh chemicals for application and stands up to the elements for years to come. However, some manufacturers also add gloss coatings or textured finishes that enhance the visual appeal of your balusters.






Baluster Mounting MethodsBaluster Mounting Methods

Design dictates if balusters mount on the outside of a deck railing or inside the rail system itself, via a channel or baluster connectors (more details on baluster connectors in the “Extras” section). Some balusters, like glass panels, mount either way but require special connectors to do so.

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