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Accessories typically come in one of two configurations: built right into the baluster (and permanently fixed in place) or as add-ons that affix by screws and can be mounted exactly where you want them. This is where true customization comes in, as the accessories can be mixed or matched in color, paired two to a baluster, alternating with singles, or a variety of other displays – whatever suits your pleasure! 

Deck Baluster LightingDeck Baluster Lighting

One of the most popular ways to spice up a deck is with lighting, and some Dekor balusters are available with lighting built right into the design. Attractive LED lights in designer baskets enhance your deck’s atmosphere – alternate balusters featuring single and double illuminated baskets, or mix in some balusters with unlit baskets for a twist.

Deckorators makes a Solar Baluster Light that slide around a 3/4" baluster to add a subtle accent to the railing.





Baluster ConnectorsBaluster Connectors

Baluster connectors make for easy installation and typically come in two styles: level for rail (standard) assemblies and angled for stair configurations. Connectors are ordered separately from the baluster but are typically interchangeable among brands of baluster manufacturers. Choose from clean looking concealed connectors or exposed decorative connectors to match the style and look that you desire.






Baluster BasketsBaluster Baskets

Decorative spheres with open, airy designs located on the baluster; Dekor gives you the option of choosing built-in lighting with theirs. Baskets are built into the baluster or added during installation







Baluster Knuckles & CollarsBaluster Knuckles & Collars

Baluster Knuckles & Collars are decorative square or round pieces that are either built into the baluster or added during installation.








Baluster CenterpiecesBaluster Centerpieces

Typically wider, baluster ornamental centerpieces attach with screws and can be added to balusters at anytime.

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