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Fortress Pure View Glass Balusters & Rails

Fortress Pure View Glass Balusters & Rails

Why Angelene likes this product: Glass balusters look amazing and don't block your view. The Fortress Pure View Glass Rails make it easy to install glass balusters and look clean and modern.

This system is completely customizable. You can add these rails and balusters to existing post or columns or use FE26 Iron Handrail Posts by Fortress.

Special product notes: Rails are 6 feet on center or 69.5" total and take 8 balusters per section. Also, rail brackets and posts are sold separately.

Key product features:

  • Rails available in Gloss Black and Antique Bronze
  • Rails are sold in 2 packs
  • Package Size: 1 Baluster
  • Balusters available in clear and smoke
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Vertical LED Post Light by Fortress Accents

Vertical LED Post Light by Fortress Accents

Why Angelene likes this product: With the multitude of options for deck lighting, it can be hard to choose – you can never go wrong with the Fortress Accents line of deck lighting.

One of the issues with many rail lights is that they measure 3-1/2 inch wide or larger, making it awkward to put these on a wood 4x4. The Vertical LED Post Light by Fortress Accents measures only 1-7/8” wide, which means it fits on any metal, wood, vinyl, or composite post measuring 2" and up.

Another feature that makes this fixture unique is that is has a built-in thermal management system. This ensures that the LED will have a super long life with a consistent warm white color temperature. Did you say warm white? Yes, this light emits warm white light, making it look more like an incandescent light than a string of Christmas tree lights.

Special product notes:Similar to many LED products on the market, Fortress Accents LED lights are compatible with a 12 volt DC style transformer.

Key product features:

  • Available in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Black Sand, and Antique Bronze
  • Sold individually or in packs of 2 fixtures
  • Compatible with DC style transformer
  • 80% less energy than a traditional incandescent fixture
  • Color temperature is 2600-2800K (warm white)
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Ipe Post Caps by Acorn

Ipe Post Caps by Acorn

Why Angelene likes this product: One reason these post caps are so great is because they are handcrafted in America. These Acorn caps are made from a single piece of IPE, a beautiful and durable hardwood. Even if you don't have an IPE deck, these caps accent other types of wood perfectly. The Boulevard design has a flat top which is perfect for resting a drink!

Special product notes: Although IPE can be left to weather naturally, I prefer to finish these caps with Penofin Exterior Hardwood Formula. This wood finish protects and maintains the beautiful dark color of the IPE caps. All Acorn IPE caps come pre-treated with Penofin Hardwood Formula. Also, when installing these caps, nails and screws are not needed...simply use an exterior grade adhesive.

Key product features:

  • Styles Available: Amherst, Tucson, Yellowstone and Boulevard
  • Sizes Available: 3-5/8" and 5-5/8"
  • Material: Solid IPE
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Penofin Ultra Premium Exterior Red Label Formula

Penofin Ultra Premium Exterior Red Label Formula

Why Angelene likes this product: Wow! This penetrating oil finish protects and beautifies wood like no other. Why is it different from other stains and sealers on the marker? For one, it's a low-solid formula which allows it to penetrate the wood, while other coatings sit on the surface and wear off in a short period of time. Penofin also uses high quality ingredients, like Brazilian Rosewood Oil (the only stain that contains this unique oil) and they use the highest grade of mildew-cide and UV protecting pigments.

Special product notes: "Don't forget to wipe." Follow the instructions on the can and don't forget to wipe off the excess oil about 20 minutes after application. Also, note that the clear/natural finish does not offer 99% UV protection; this color works best indoors where there is not a lot of sun exposure.

Key product features:

  • Sizes Available: Quart and Gallon
  • Colors Available: Clear, Transparent Cedar, Transparent Sierra, Transparent Chestnut, Transparent Sable, Transparent Mission Brown, Transparent Redwood, Transparent Western Red Cedar, Transparent Bark, and Transparent Hickory
  • Gallon Coverage: Smooth surfaces = 175-300 square feet; Rough surfaces = 125-175 square feet
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