Feeney DesignRail® Kits

Feeney CableRail is an ideal solution for adding a steel cable railing system to your deck.

Feeney DesignRail® combines the strength and versatility of powder-coated aluminum with the sleek, transparent view of stainless steel cable infill. All-new DesignRail® Kits allow you to build and customize their beloved cable railing system to fit your deck.

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Choose from the 9/16 in, 3/8 in, or 9/32 in beveled washer sizes to complete your 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch thick Feeney CableRail setup.
Starting at: $7.38
CableRail Stainless Steel End Cap by Feeney
Starting at: $6.53
Quick-Connect® Wrench Wheel by Feeney
Starting at: $14.72
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