Horizontal Cable Railing Systems

Horizontal cable railing on a deck is overlooking a beautiful blue and orange sunrise

Modern railing looks and unobstructed deck views. Horizontal cable railing delivers safety and style, while stainless steel cable runs effectively disappear into your stunning deck view. For unforgettably modern deck railing, go horizontal.

The most premium horizontal cable railing options anywhere. DecksDirect carries the most in-stock cable railing options you’ll find anywhere - and we’ve got the expertise to help you plan your project down to the smallest details.

General Horizontal Cable Railing FAQs

How Does Horizontal Cable Railing Improve My View?

Cable Railing was designed specifically to open up your deck view based on a fascinating combination of the size, color, and texture of the cable.

  • Size: cable infill is smaller than typical metal or wood balusters, to block less of your view.
  • Color: the gray color of stainless steel cable is subtle and organic, allowing your cable infill to effectively blend into the view beyond.
  • Texture: cable infill is made of highly-polished metal. But because each length of cable features so many strands of metal wrapped together, the polished surfaces don’t reflect the light. This non-flashy texture means your cable basically assumes the colors of its environment, like a chameleon in railing form.

Do Horizontal Cable Railings Meet Building Codes?

In most areas, cable railings meet and exceed building and safety codes. Cable railing is a reliable and widely-used railing option, and when installed properly, it’s very safe and effective. Building codes can vary by location, so we always recommend checking with your local authorities before starting a project. If you’re not sure whether cable railing is the right choice for your project, give us a call at 1-888-824-5316. Our team would love to learn more about your project, your needs, and your local climate to connect you with the perfect railing system for you.

Choosing Your Horizontal or Cable Deck Railing

What If I Like The Look Of Cable Railing, But Want To Explore Similar Options?

If you love the look above but want more options, DecksDirect offers a few railing systems with similar profiles.

Vertical Cable Railing offers the same unobstructed views, but with cable runs from top-to-bottom instead of side-to-side. Vertical Cable Railing systems look more like a modern version of typical baluster railing. They're also a good, safe option if you have small children who might want to climb horizontal cables or balusters.

For a similar look without the cable runs, try Trex Signature Rod Rail, a distinctive metal railing with horizontal infill.

Installing Horizontal Cable Deck Railing

How Do I Install Horizontal Cable Railing Around Corners?

If you’re installing a new cable railing system, there are usually options for corner posts or corner kits. If not, there are two other options: you can use two posts at each deck corner (called double-posting) or off-set your cable runs. Offsetting cables means that the cables one one side of the corner will be a half-inch lower than the cable runs on the other side - this allows you to attach both sets of cables through the post without weakening its structural integrity.

Here’s a helpful guide to installing cable railing around corners. You can always call our team at 1-888-824-5316 for help planning your railing.