Stainless Steel & Copper Post Caps

Cedar picket fence has posts topped with pyramid Copper Post Caps

For a standard yet unique look, Stainless Steel and Copper Post Caps help your deck will reflect your personal style. DecksDirect offers expert-picked post caps by top manufacturers that can ship completely fast, direct from our warehouse to your door.

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How Do You Attach Copper Post Caps?

Each Copper Post Cap will have different installation instructions. The Copper Pyramid Post Cap comes with installation screws to attach the caps to your post. Some copper post caps require Silicone adhesive to install.

How Do You Keep Copper Caps from Tarnishing?

If you are concerned about your copper caps tarnishing, before you install your copper post caps you will need to apply a clear lacquer to protect the copper from the elements. You can get a clear lacquer at most hardware stores. This will seal your post caps surface away from the water and oxygen that causes copper to tarnish and form a patina.

Where Can I Buy Copper Post Caps?

Shop DecksDirects for Copper Post Caps to add a touch of elegance to your posts and protect them from rot. We carry many sizes and styles, like Pyramid Post Caps and Flat Top Post Caps.

If you are unsure what size to order, watch this to make sure you get the correct post cap for your post. Or give one of our deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316, we love talking to you about your project!