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Deck2Wall Spacers are designed to easily and efficiently provide airspace between buildings and deck ledgers, stair stringers, shade structures, railing posts, fence posts, etc. Proper airspace and sound construction details should prevent rot from occurring at these connections. Multiple washers are often specified by architects and engineers to achieve this airspace, and the result is usually a slow and tedious installation.

Deck2Wall Spacers are easy to install, simply fasten the spacer to the ledger with properly sized screws or nails through the attachment holes prior to bolting the ledger to the structure. The large diameter of the Deck2Wall Spacers will provide greater bearing surface than standard washers.

Deck 2 Wall Spacer Installation Instructions
1. Cut ledger board to length and lay out joists. Temporarily attach the ledger in its desired location.
2. Drill holes as specified by your designer. Avoid joist locations or vertical grooves in siding if applicable.
3. Remove ledger, center Deck2Wall Spacers over bolt holes and attach with corrosion-resistant screws or nails to the building side of the ledger.
4. On the house, apply silicone sealant in and around the bolt hole to prevent moisture intrusion.
5. Position ledger, making sure to line-up the bolts holes. Secure the ledger with appropriate fasteners. For fastener options, please visit our structural screw page.
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Deck2Wall Brochure (160 KB) 

Pack SizeEach
Material TypeFiberglass reinforced polypropylene
Overall Dimensions
(Width x Depth x Height)
2-1/2" x 5/8" x 2-1/2"
Included AccessoriesNone

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