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CableRail Quick-Connect® Expansion Anchor by Feeney is used to attach CableRail to concrete or masonry walls. Its 1/4 threaded expansion anchor includes the washer and nut needed for installation. A typical installation will utilize a standard Quick-Connect® fitting at one end of the cable run and a Tensioning Quick-Connect® fitting at the opposite end. For the Tensioning Quick-Connect®, easily adjust the tension by spinning the swiveling turnbuckle body.

Feeney's patented Quick-Connect® automatic locking system makes installation quick and easy. You no longer need to hassle with crimp tools or time-consuming wedge-type compression fittings. Simply push the end of the cable into the Quick-Connect® fitting, and the spring-loaded jaw automatically locks the cable into place. Don't worry, If you make a mistake and need to remove the cable, the CableRail Release Tool (sold separately) allows you to release cable from any Quick-Connect® fitting.

A typical cable run will include a fixed end Standard Quick-Connect® and a Tensioning Quick-Connect®.
Every cable assembly needs to have at least on tension fitting end. You will need to order both. Standard Quick-Connect®'s are non-adjustable termination fittings that do not tension. Tensioning Quick-Connect®'s tighten the cable by spinning the tubular bodies.

Don't forget to order a Release Tool
Your installation could be delayed if you are unable to disconnect a cable from a Quick-Connect® fitting! We strongly recommend adding a Release Tool to every Feeney CableRail order!


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Stainless Steel Care & Maintenance (88.1 KB) 

CableRail Warranty (53.1 KB) 

ColorStainless steel
Pack SizeEach
Cable Size1/8 in
TypeStandard Quick-Connect® or Tensioning Quick-Connect®
Material TypeStainless steel
Standard QC Anchor Dimensions
CableRailCable SizeThreadTL (no threads exposed)QCØPilot Drill
Tensioning QC Anchor Dimensions
CableRailCable SizeThreadTL closed (open)QCØPilot Drill
1/8"1/4-201-1/2"4-1/4" (5)7/16"1/4"
Package ContentsStandard: (1) Quick-Connect® fitting, (1) washer, (1) nut
Tensioning: (1) Quick-Connect® fitting, (1) washer, (1) anchor nut, (1) lock nut
WarrantyView CableRail Warranty Information
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