How to Use Aurora Base Adapters

Base Adapter Overview

Every so often you may have a unique size post – one that runs a little larger or smaller, due to the specific design or manufacture of material. That’s why Aurora Deck Lighting provides base adapters for virtually all of its post caps and post cap lights. DecksDirect's selection of Aurora caps are available here. Please visit this page to purchase the base adapter.

Base Adapter

Base Adapter Assembly Instructions

What is a post base adapter? Base Adapters allow you to convert existing Post Caps and Lights to fit various post sizes available. Field assembly is required to remove the existing light base or post cap top. Four Phillips screws will need to be removed and reinstalled. Estimate 1-2 minutes per base. (See Assembly instructions and pdf below.)

How do Aurora post caps and base adapters work? To fit a standard size post cap or post cap light onto a unique size post, you simply switch out the original base on the Aurora post cap for an Aurora base adapter. The base adapter should be slightly larger than the post size.

Determining the post cap size needed: Always measure the actual post that you’re working with. Most standard 4 x 4 deck posts actually measure 3-1/2” x 3-1/2”. As a result, any post caps or post cap lights installed on standard wood deck posts should have a base opening of 3-5/8”. The newer composites add a level of complexity as some 4 x 4 composite posts range from 3-1/2” to 4-1/2”.

Determining if a base adapter is needed: Once a post size is determined, look on to see if the desired light or post cap is available in the size needed. If the light or post cap size you need is listed on the product page, only that product needs to be ordered. If the post cap is not available in the size needed, a post cap adapter may be added to the post cap to convert a post cap to a different size.

Choosing a base adapter size: The base adapter you choose should be slightly larger than your post by 1/8” to 1/4”. This allows the cap to slide over the post during installation, and for the post material to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Choosing a post cap size: Once a base adapter size is determined, use the information below to choose a post cap size:
• Base adapter sizes 3", 3-5/8", 4-1/16", 4-3/8", 4-5/8" or 5-1/16" = choose 3-5/8” size post cap
• Base adapter size 6-1⁄16” = choose 5-9⁄16” size post cap

Base Adapter Assembly Instructions

Be sure to order your Aurora post cap and base adapter at the same time—the post cap will arrive with its original base still attached. All you need to do is remove the original base via the four screws that hold it in place, and reattach the new base adapter. Then, install the post cap with its base adapter on your deck post, according to manufacturer instructions.

Step 1. Gather Materials

aurora base adapter step 1

You will need 1 Aurora compatible light or post cap, 1 base adapter and a screw driver.

Step 2. Remove Existing Base

aurora base adapter step 2

Use your screw driver to remove the existing base from the light or post cap.

Step 3. Remove Lighting Plate

aurora base adapter step 3

Use your screw driver to remove the lighting plate from the base.

Step 4. Gather All Pieces

aurora base adapter step 4

You should now have 1 light top, 1 light plate, 2 base adapters (the original and new).

Step 5. Attach Base to Plate

aurora base adapter step 5

Using your screw driver, attach the new base adapter to the lighting plate.

Step 6. Placing the New Base

aurora base adapter step 6

The easiest way to place the new base adapter is to hold the light or post cap up-side-down. Then, simply alight the new adapter with the light or post cap.

Step 7. Secure the New Base

aurora base adapter step 7

Using your screw driver, attach the new base adapter with the already assembled lighting plate, to the post cap light or post cap.

Step 8. Discard Old Adapter

aurora base adapter step 8

You should now have the desired sized light or post cap. The old adapter is no longer needed and can be discarded.