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Afco Aluminum RailingAfco Railing Logo

Afco Aluminum Railing is available in three high-gloss finishes and four textured finishes in multiple lengths and heights. Afco provides superior value as well unique design features. The 200 Series has a flat top rail commonly referred to as a “beer rail” and the 125 Series offers a number of decorative mid-rail options.



Afco Aluminum Price: $$$$$





Tags: Aluminum, textured finishes, mix-and-match colors, beer rail, mid-rail, flat rail, gates




Deckorators CXT RailingDeckorators Logo

DecKorators was one of the first companies to produce several styles of balusters and accessories, which are now consistent best-sellers. Most recently, DecKorators introduced two full rail systems (one aluminum and one composite) with complementary and compatible items that can be combined in countless ways.




Deckorators Aluminum Price: $$$$$
Deckorators CXT Price: $$$$$




 Tags: Aluminum, composite, cap stock, gloss finishes, mix-and-match colors, glass baluster options, metal




Manufacturer Evolve Aluminum RailingEvolve Railing Logo

Evolve Aluminum Railing is an excellent complement for wood rails with its low maintenance design. Installation is easy, as all it entails is inserting panelized sections between your wood top and bottom rail. These simple, adjustable, clean and contemporary panels are available for level and stair configurations.




Evolve Aluminum Price: $$$$$





 Tags: Aluminum, wood, gloss finishes, square balusters




Manufacturer Feeney CableRailFeeney Makes it Easy Logo

Feeney is a name you can trust, since they’ve been producing outstanding architectural products for over sixty years. Installation can be as simple as combining pre-packaged kits with standard wood posts or as elaborate as a totally custom DesignRail system using a wide variety of fittings and powder-coated aluminum rail.




Feeney CableRail Price: $$$$$
Feeney DesignRail Price:




 Tags: Aluminum, cable rail, stainless steel, contemporary



Manufacturer Fortress Railing Products Fortress Railing Logo

Fortress Railing Products brings four outstanding railing systems to the marketplace, each with a unique style and benefits. Sturdy steel pre-welded panels allow for quick installation of the FE26 system, while Pure View glass balusters won’t block your view. Find additional variety with aluminum and top rail options.



Fortress AL13 Aluminum Price: $$$$$
Fortress FE26 Panels Aluminum Price:
Fortress Pure-View Price:
Fortress FE26 Steel with Round Balusters:

 Tags: Aluminum, steel, iron, pre-assembled, glass balusters, panels, top rail, metal, adjustable stairs, gates




Manufacturer Solutions Aluminum RailingSolutions Aluminum Railing Logo

Solutions has a long-standing tradition of providing durable powder-coated aluminum rail systems to homeowners and contractors across the country. Multiple rail heights make the system suitable for residential or commercial applications, and over-the-post and fascia mount options make it very versatile.



Solutions Aluminum Price: $$$$$






 Tags: Aluminum, gloss finishes, glass balusters, fascia mount, metal, ADA compliant, handrail




Manufacturer TimberTechTimberTech Railing Logo

TimberTech, an industry leader known for quality, innovation, and performance, has elevated consumer expectations for composite rail systems with outstanding products and coordinating low voltage lighting. A variety of products accommodate multiple price points and experience levels.


TimberTech Builder Rail Price: $$$$$

TimberTech RadianceRail Price: $$$$$

TimberTech RadianceRail Express Price: $$$$$

TimberTech CableRail Price: $$$$$



Tags: Composite, mix-and-match colors, matching lighting, cap stock, cable railing



Manufacturer Trex RailingTrex Railing Logo

Trex pioneered the wood-alternative decking industry, and now its product line has expanded to include a plethora of railing options made with the same precision and care. Composite options can coordinate or contrast with Trex’s high-end decking finishes, or the Aluminum Reveal line can be used to preserve a beautiful view.



Trex Reveal Price: $$$$$
Trex Transcend Price:





 Tags: Composite, mix-and-match colors, matching lighting, aluminum, metal



Manufacturer Westbury RailingWestbury Railing Logo

Westbury Aluminum Railing combines beauty, strength, and engineering. The outcome is a durable, easy to install railing system that enhances the visual appeal of your deck or porch. Westbury offers a variety of high-quality powder-coated aluminum finishes to provide the perfect finishing touch.



Westbury Aluminum Price: $$$$$






 Tags: Aluminum, textured finishes, continuous handrail, curved rail, glass rail, gates, metal


$$$$$ = $0-30 lineal foot
$$$$$ = $31-50 lineal foot
$$$$$ = $51-70 lineal foot
$$$$$ = $71-90 lineal foot
$$$$$ = $91+ lineal foot

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